Dry Herb Vaporizers

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What is a Dry Herb Vaporizer?


A dry herb vaporizer or as many call it, a weed vaporizer is the healthiest way you can get the same feeling of smoking your herbs, tobacco or medical marijuana without all the toxins that smoking brings. A dry herb vape is a vaporizer that is used to heat up your herbs to the right temperature so it does not burn it but instead releases only the active ingredients while keeping your herbs from turning into char. If you do have problems with your throat, go with a convection vaporizer rather than a conduction vape. Whether you prefer being on the go with a discreet portable vaporizer or relaxing at home with a desktop vaporizer, dry herbal vapes are the way to go.

Benefits of a herbal vape

  • No smoke – Vaporizers produce vapor since it does not burn your herbs
  • Healthier lungs – Since there is no smoke, almost 95% of the toxins that will affect your lungs are gone.
  • Conserve your dry herbs – Putting a lighter to your bowl of herbs is going burn it but vaping only applies heat to the surface.
  • Discreet – You can use a portable vape or dry herb vaporizer pen when you are outside.

Different Dry Herb Vaporizers

Weed Vape Pen

Vape pens for weed are great when it comes to being discreet with no time on hand and it’s really easy to use. You usually turn it on by clicking the power button 5 times on the battery. Open the mouthpiece and drop your ground up herbs in there but not more than ½ of the chamber. You want proper air flow to be able to get a proper hit through your mouthpiece. Press the power button, wait 3-5 seconds and slowly inhale from the mouthpiece. Dry herb vaporizer pens can range in prices from $30 to $120.

Portable Herbal Vape

These can vary vastly but for the most part, the core design of action is the same. Turn it on and set the temperature to your desired heat. Some of them aren’t temperature controlled which might be something you will want to look into. Open the chamber and add your ground up bud in there. Do not throw nugs in there as it will be hard to evenly heat it up and it will not get the proper airflow. Close the chamber and slowly inhale. There will residue vapor so keep inhaling slowly. Herbal Vaporizers can range in price from $50 to 400

Desktop Herbal Vaporizer

Desktop vaporizers are the big bad boys but they can get pricey. They will all be temperature controlled and ready to share with your friends. They can come in Balloon or Whip form which is just a preference matter. Plug in your desktop vaporizer into the outlet and set it to your desired temperature. Add your ground up dry herbs to the bowl and attach your balloon attachment if necessary. Give it about two minutes and you are ready to vape. These can range in price from $130 to $700