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pax 3 accessories

PAX 3 Vaporizer Review

When it comes to choosing a portable vaporizer for dry herbs as well as concentrates, many people don’t know where to start. People often get
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king pen vapes top 3 wax vaporizers

Top 3 Wax Vaporizers of 2017 – First Timers on Our List

**Use “Wax17” for 10% Off Your Next Order From King Pen Vapes**   As wax vaporizers become more popular, there are more options out in the market
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Benefits of Using a Dry Herb Vaporizer

Health Benefits of Using Vaporizers Instead of Smoking

Health Benefits of Using Vaporizers Instead of Smoking. For years we have been hearing that it is much healthier to use a vape instead of smoking.
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g pen pro vaporizer kit

G Pen Pro Vaporizer Review – When Perfection is Improved

The new G Pen Pro Vaporizer is the coolest new dry herb vape released by Grenco Science. Because it is so new, there is not
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Customer Feedback

I woke up this morning to an anxious, demanding doorbell. To my surprise, much sooner than I expected, my beautifully designed, sturdy, beaker shaped bubbler had arrived. It came with a nicely functional skillet and a well fitting attachment that holds the bubbler to the pen. The bubbler stands easily on a table when pen is attached, it's about 5 inches tall, defusing stripes on the down spout and the mouthpiece is large enough so that your lips rest upon the edge of it rather than having to put the mouthpiece 'in' your mouth. (More sanitary!)

-Lisa R.

Been ordering more and more from this site, have never been disappointed. Never experienced any lag in shipping and everything arrives as advertised. Have recommended this site and would recommend again.

-Michael C.

good customer service

-Rafael B.
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G Slim Herbal Vaporizer

g pen pro vaporizer kit


The G Pen Pro from Grenco Science is a portable dry herb vaporizer that boasts a sleeker, stronger from the previous version but still compact built. This vaping device has color-coded LED display and large ceramic heating chamber for user’s ultimate vaping experience.

The G Pen Pro Vaporizer has many distinct features that make it a top performing portable vaporizer.

One of the distinguishing features of the G Pen Pro is its ergonomic design that depicts elegance all throughout from its built, material and functioning capability. This is why users who have already tried this vaping tool have regarded it as the ideal vaporizer for people on the go. Why/ The G Pen Pro’s mouthpiece is made from top graded rubberized material that is smaller and flatter with improved airflow.

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