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aspire breeze king pen vapes

Aspire Breeze Review

The newest and yet most compact all in one electronic cigarette starter kit is the Aspire Breeze Vaporizer. It is pretty small and thin but not
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what is a vape mod

KPV Guide to Vape Mods: What You Need to Know

Up until the mid-2000s, people did not think twice to quit smoking. Most people knew it wasn’t good for you but they just kept smoking.
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arizer solo 1 vs arizer solo 2

Arizer Solo 1 vs. Arizer Solo 2 Review

If you are familiar with vaping, then you definitely know about Arizer. Arizer is a canadian dry herb vaporizer company that makes nothing but top
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arizer solo 2 box

Arizer Solo 2 Review: The Successor of the Successful Herbal Vape

You tend to not try to fix something that’s not broken but When a company gets something right, they tend to keep hitting that mark.
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I woke up this morning to an anxious, demanding doorbell. To my surprise, much sooner than I expected, my beautifully designed, sturdy, beaker shaped bubbler had arrived. It came with a nicely functional skillet and a well fitting attachment that holds the bubbler to the pen. The bubbler stands easily on a table when pen is attached, it's about 5 inches tall, defusing stripes on the down spout and the mouthpiece is large enough so that your lips rest upon the edge of it rather than having to put the mouthpiece 'in' your mouth. (More sanitary!)

-Lisa R.

Been ordering more and more from this site, have never been disappointed. Never experienced any lag in shipping and everything arrives as advertised. Have recommended this site and would recommend again.

-Michael C.

good customer service

-Rafael B.
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Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer

Puffco Pro 2

When a vaporizer does really well, they tend to make a sequel of it just like movies. The better it does, the more anticipated it is. When it is backed by a wonderful company, it only makes it that much better. The Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer is the second model of the Solo line from Arizer, a Canadian dry herb vaporizer based company. The second model even comes with the all glass vapor path like the first one did.

The way this herbal vape will vaporize your herbs is by far better than its predecessor. It has a far wider temperature range from 122°F to 428°F and it even shows what your temperature selection you’re on. In case you purchase this and use it in a country where you use Celsius, you have the option of switching temperature metrics. The heating element heats up the herbs in the oven chamber three times faster than the first Arizer Solo. Many reviewers have claimed to have gotten up to the final temperature of 428°F in less than 30 seconds. This is due to the dual heating technology that mixes convection and conduction heating. A new technology called recessed heat jets bowl design opens the chamber up for more air flow which gives you a nicer pull without feeling clogged.

One of the most boasted features on the Arizer Solo II vaporizer is the quality of vapor you get when vaporizing your herbs. This is due to several things. First and foremost is the borosilicate glass that the vapor path is made up of. That preserves most of the taste rather than having the vapor go through heated plastic. Another reason for great vapor quality is the herbal chamber that is now called the recessed heat jets.


Arizer Solo II Vaporizer Review

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