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flytlab lift vaporizer

Flytlab Lift Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

When it comes to choosing a portable vaporizer there are so many options with so many special features on the market these days that it
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How Do I Know When to Change My Vaporizer Atomizer?

How Do I Know When to Change My Vaporizer Atomizer?

When it comes to vaping there are a few things you should really stay on top of. One of the most frequently asked questions we
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Vivant Dabox Vaporizer Review

We are seeing a very large increase in the popularity of wax vaporizers. The 2 main reasons for this are the increase in quality of
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ago g5 accessories names

What are the Components of an Herb Pen?

First we will answer the question “What are dry herb pens?” An herb pen or herbal vape pen is the smallest device that allows you
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Customer Feedback

I woke up this morning to an anxious, demanding doorbell. To my surprise, much sooner than I expected, my beautifully designed, sturdy, beaker shaped bubbler had arrived. It came with a nicely functional skillet and a well fitting attachment that holds the bubbler to the pen. The bubbler stands easily on a table when pen is attached, it's about 5 inches tall, defusing stripes on the down spout and the mouthpiece is large enough so that your lips rest upon the edge of it rather than having to put the mouthpiece 'in' your mouth. (More sanitary!)

-Lisa R.

Been ordering more and more from this site, have never been disappointed. Never experienced any lag in shipping and everything arrives as advertised. Have recommended this site and would recommend again.

-Michael C.

good customer service

-Rafael B.
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Vaporizer of the Month

Kandypens RUBI Vaporizer

KingPenVapes Featured Vaporizer of the Month

The Kandypens RUBI Vaporizer is an ultralight and ultra-portable vaporizer designed to handle nicotine salts, e-liquids,
and oils. Unlike other handheld vaporizers, the RUBI focuses on ease of use and personalization with its unique build
and removable sections. As of the moment, it is considered one of the best vaporizers available.

Features of the RUBI Vaporizer

The RUBI has made quite a splash in the e-cigarette industry since its release last year.

  • The RUBI has a compact, lightweight body that is approximately 4-inches in length and weighs in at less than a quarter of a pound.
  • There is no power button on the RUBI. In order to use it, all you have to do is inhale and the device will do the rest.
  • The device has a removable one-milliliter pod cartridge that allows you to refill it with a variety of flavored oils.
  • The RUBI is leak-proof and prevents any liquids from escaping while you are vaping.
  • This vaporizer regulates its own temperature and there is no need or option to adjust it yourself.
  • There is an auto-shutoff feature that saves battery and turns off the device after eight seconds of not being in use.
  • The time that it takes to charge the RUBI is fairly short and the battery itself lasts for at least 30 to 50 inhales
    before you need to recharge it again.
  • The RUBI uses ceramic coil technology that is wrapped in Japanese cotton, allowing it to perform better than other vaporizers and give its users an improved vaping experience.
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