August 31st, 2018

The Vivant DaBox vaporizer (Haha! We Want Da Box!) is an excellent palm-sized portable wax vaporizer for those who love power and portability. Here is a review of the product and what you can expect to receive when you purchase the DaBox.


Key Features of the Vivant Dabox:

Don’t let the plain exterior of the Vivant DaBox vaporizer fool you! This wax dab vape is packed with tons of amazing features that make it stand out from the crowd. Here are a few that most enthusiasts will appreciate.

  • Has a door at the bottom of the device that flips open for easy and convenient loading of your wax concentrates.
  • Contains an all glass chamber that doubles as a mouthpiece to ensure high-quality vapor flavor during use.
  • Two extra thick coils provide an excellent heat-up time and producing large, flavorful vapor clouds with ease.
  • Comes with a two year warranty that covers the device.
  • Uses a battery that charges quickly, typically within one hour of plugging it in.
  • Uses one button for operation and contains an LED display that shows your current battery levels.
  • Has interchangeable coils to customize your dabbing experience.


vivant dabox vaporizer


Pros and Cons:

To kick off this section, the DaBox is an excellent device that has minimal disadvantages. For those of you who are looking into purchasing this unit, here are the pros and cons of using it.


  • Extremely portable and discreet.
  • The flip door feature makes it easy to reload and clean no matter where you may be.
  • Simple single button controls makes it easy-to-use for vape enthusiasts of any level.
  • Dual coils and large wattage makes for powerful, flavorful vape pulls.
  • Glass chamber and mouthpiece protects the flavor of your wax concentrates.
  • The battery of the DaBox is quick to charge so that you don’t have to wait too long to get back to your vaping sessions after your battery dies.
  • The DaBox comes with a two year warranty.
  • Considering all of the features that are packed into this device, the DaBox is an extremely affordable option for those who use wax concentrates.


  • The Vivant DaBox vaporizer is made with power in mind. This means that it may be too much for those who aren’t used to vaping wax concentrates.



The Vivant DaBox vaporizer contains a single 1500 mAh battery that is capable of lasting several days of continuous use throughout the day. In addition to the power that it brings to the table, the battery in the Dabox also charges quickly. It ensures that you are able to get back to vaping shortly after the battery dies. The battery of this vaporizer provides 40 watts of power to the device at all times.


vivant dabox chamber door open



This vaporizer is definitely one of the few palm-sized wax vaporizers built with convenience and ease-of-use in mind. There is a loading chamber that flips open at the bottom of the device. It also has a single button that operates the entire vaporizer. The glass chamber that works as a mouthpiece All in all, the Vivant DaBox is perfect for anyone of any experience level in the vaping world.


Flip Door

Rather than having to remove the mouthpiece and load the inner chamber as you would have to with many vaporizers, the DaBox contains a door at the bottom of the device. You can click open to reveal the atomizer, which attaches to the chamber inside of the device when replaced. All you have to do load your device is click open the door. Then fill the atomizer and put the door back in its place to start vaping. It’s that simple.


Interchangeable Coils

The DaBox also features a unique interchangeable coil system that gives you the option to try out your wax concentrates with two different coils. The first coil offered with this device is a dual quartz rod atomizer that produces vapors focused on smoothness and flavor. The second coil is a dual quartz clapton coil that focuses on producing powerful and intense vapor clouds.


Borosilicate Chamber

The Vivant Dabox features a borosilicate glass chamber that doubles as a mouthpiece for the device. Besides protecting the flavors of your vapors, the chamber also makes sure that the vapor has time to cool off before reaching your mouth. This device is built with greater power than most vaporizers. Also, DaBox features a splash guard that keeps any wax concentrates from getting into the chamber.


vivant dabox vaporizer dual quartz clapton coil


Technical Specs:

  • The dimensions of the Vivant DaBox are 2.75” x 2.75” x 4.5”
  • The weight for this device is 0.80 pounds.
  • The power of this device in volts is 110v.


How to Use the Vivant Dabox Vaporizer:

As we stated earlier on in the article, the Vivant DaBox vaporizer is a portable vaporizer that is extremely easy to use. To begin using the device, press the power button five times to activate it. Once it has turned on, flip open the door at the bottom of the device to reveal the loading chamber. Your device will come with a loading tool when you purchase it. Use this loading tool to load the open chamber with wax concentrates. You will be able to fill your chamber with a maximum of 0.2 grams but you should aim for a little less. Once your chamber is loaded with wax, click the door back into place to connect the coil with the chamber. To being taking draws, press the power button and take slow hits for the best vaping experience. That’s all you need to do.


Besides having a hilarious name, the Vivant DaBox is a very simple, affordable, powerful dabbing device that is great for any user who enjoys vaping wax concentrates. If you are trying to find something that will give you high-quality vaping sessions at a budget-friendly price, the Vivant DaBox vaporizer is the way to go.