January 20th, 2015

Recent numbers from Organicx LLC, highlight the benefits of using a vaporizer compared with smoking through traditional means. With more opposition coming from political and anti-smoking activists, vaporizers have recently been the focus of a barrage of negative campaigns. The aforementioned study is the result of those attacks.

In their recent study and corresponding infograph, Organicx LLC highlighted what we already know about smoking and used it to their advantage. Take, for example, the toxins released from cigarettes. Because of combustion, smoke is directly introduced to the delicate linings of the throat, mouth, and esophagus. This causes tiny tears on the inside of the body and allows carcinogens inside of the smoke to seep into these lesions. This process can, and often does result in cancer.

The ammonia, ash, tar and carbon monoxide released by cigarette smoke also has negative consequences on the body. By causing and creating free radicals to be released, which are well known for causing cancer, these harmful toxins cause a host of health problems.

However, the alternative presented by Organicx, is vaping. Vaping, unlike traditional smoking, doesn’t use combustion to heat the organic leafy herbs. Instead, a milder heat is used to create vapor that contains all the good stuff without all the bad stuff. The study also goes on to show how vaporization also improves lungs health, as was noted by the University of New York at Albany. Additionally, vaping also conserves the products being inhaled. No excess blend is lost when vaping which stands in direct opposition to smoking.

What is an electronic cigaretteInhalation and heat

Basically, the difference between vaping and smoking comes down to inhalation and heat. Vaping consistently beats out smoking by offering users a healthier alternative to more damaging habits. The risk associated with smoking really makes no sense when you compare the benefits of vaping the same all natural ingredients. The cost associated with one over the other is also significant, considering how expensive cigarettes can be along with product loss during combustion.

As the masses become more aware of the benefits of smoking from a vaporizer as opposed to smoking through traditional means, the tables are turning on the entire industry. Instead of focusing solely on selling herbal based products or tobacco, companies now need to change their marketing strategy to target the method consumers prefer. From table top vaporizers to e-pens, the variety of products available is virtually endless.

The Organix LLC company who released the study we referred to earlier, also just so happens to be the producer of the DaVinci vaporizer. They are currently manufacturing the second, improved version of the original DaVinci and plan on hitting users hard over the coming year. Their powerful new infographic and marketing methods will likely work, as users already favor their products over most others currently on the market.

In conclusion, then, vaping is far safer, healthier, and more affordable method than smoking. As the effects of smoke become painfully obvious, consumers will have no choice but to trade in their cigarettes for a vaporizer that not only eliminates toxins but also improves respiratory functions.