July 25th, 2019

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Shopping around for the perfect vape for you can be difficult but it can be even harder when you’re torn between two great products that belong to the same manufacturer. While limiting your own choices, you may end up taking a look at some great products by CCell, especially the Silo and the Palm, which may end up bringing you to the major choice between the two vaporizers. If you are hung up on the CCell Silo and CCell Palm, we’ll help you compare the two so that you can make the best decision for your needs. 


While they may not seem like the same product at a glance, the CCell Sio and the CCell Palm share many of the same features, which is why it is often so hard for people to choose between the two. Some of the similarities that the two devices share include:

ccell silo box

510 Thread Compatibility

While CCell is always committed to providing you with excellent products in terms of both vaporizers as well as cartridges, these two products are both 510 thread compatible to ensure that you are not restricted to one cartridge. Although the CCell products are said to be superior, you always have the ability to use a regular cartridge in the event that you don’t have a CCell on hand. 

Various Colors

Most vape products can be rather restrictive when it comes to customization but this is not true in the case of these two CCell products. Both the Silo and the Palm come in a variety of colors so that you can find one that works best for you. Since these products don’t have too many design elements that get in the way of the body of the device, this is also beneficial as you can experience more of your color when using your vape!


The battery power in both of these devices is also one of the most notable qualities favored by CCell users. The batteries in these products last notably longer than most portable vape batteries so that you can have longer vape sessions on the go. If you are someone who vapes throughout the day, a more reliable device like the Silo or the Palm is going to be very useful for you. 


In terms of differences, here are how the Silo and the Palm stack up against each other! 


While the Palm and the Silo are pretty much evenly matched when it comes to functionality, the size is one of the more noticeable differences when you are comparing the two. The Silo is the smaller of the two and is something that you would expect from a handheld device as it has a long, ovular body that fits right in the palm. Meanwhile, the Palm is wider but is thinner than the Silo, which may be better for those who want to grip their device between their fingers. 

ccell palm back



As we said above, the only difference in the design that is noticeable is the body of the vape itself. This doesn’t really have a major impact on the performance overall but there is one more feature we will mention below that may seem helpful to some individuals. 

Oil Level Window – Silo

The only design difference between the Silo and the Palm is that the Silo features a window that will allow you to keep track of the concentrate level of your cartridge as you go through each vape session. This is somewhat easily seen on the Palm as well but this may be a feature that would tip the scales in favor of the Silo for some users.

ccell silo vapes


The question remains, should I choose the Silo or the Palm? The answer to this question depends entirely on your needs. If you want a product that fits the palm easily and you truly enjoy the added oil level window, you should go for the silo. If you want a thin, sleek model that you can carry around in any way you like and don’t need the window, you should choose the Palm. 

Silo vs. Palm: Battle of the Ccell's
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Silo vs. Palm: Battle of the Ccell's
Ccell is one of the newest brands in vaping from their atomizer to their vaporizers but what is the difference between the Palm and Silo?
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