September 9th, 2018

Puffco Pro 2 is one of the products of Puffco, a renowned producer of vaporizers. The Pro 2 is an upgrade of the original Puffco Pro. The Puffco Pro 2 is a stainless steel vape pen, with a sleek body structure. It is charged via USB and has a good battery life. This unit comes with some cool features which give it an edge over other vape pens in the same range. The Puffco Pro 2 is perfect for all level of vapers out there; it is portable, easy to clean and maintain.



The Puffco Pro 2 is a very tiny vaporizer – a perfect size that keeps you under the radar. But take caution while in public – always make sure that you use the vaporizer on it lowest temperature setting (usually green) for less visible clouds. And take draws at short intervals. This product is very discreet and ideal for outdoor use. It can also fit perfectly well inside the pocket.

puffco pro 2 in hand



  • Easy to use
  • Single control button
  • Decent vapor
  • Awesome Sesh mode
  • Good battery life
  • Good chamber size


  • None


Vapor Quality

The size of the Pro 2 has nothing to do with its vapor quality. Small as it looks, the unit has an unmatched advantage as it produces a thick cloud. Its all-ceramic chamber helps to produce pure and tasteful vapor. The Puffco Pro 2 has a confined airflow which provides more space for the cloud. You would get thin and flavorful vapors at a lower temperature.


puffco pro 2 heating coil



You don’t need to worry about the inconvenience as the Pro 2 is designed to look like a regular pen. Its sleek design and beautiful stainless steel body makes it easy to combine with several pens while working on your table. The unit has a length of about 4.5’’ and a width of 0.5’’. It has three main parts – a chamber, a mouthpiece, and a 430mAh battery. Unlike most other vape pens in the market that come with the traditional 510 threading, the parts of the Puffco Pro 2 are connected through a magnet.

The unit has a dab tool which you can use to load your concentrates. The manufacturer used a silicon material to coat the bottom of the unit to prevent it from any form of damage when it drops on the floor or any hard surface.


The Puffco Pro 2 is quite easy to use, as it comes with a user-friendly interface. The manufacturer of the unit designed the product in such a way that it becomes nearly impossible to encounter difficulties while using it. The Pro 2 is simplicity at its peak. The unit comes with a single button used to control all its functions.

Battery Life

The Puffco Pro 2 pen boasts of a 430mAh battery. A battery powerful enough to withstand both high and low temperatures for a long time.

The manufacturer claims that a fully charged Puffco Pro 2 can last for 100 vaping sessions. Even if it doesn’t exactly last up to 100 sessions, you are sure of getting close to that figure. After all, the device doesn’t come with power consuming features like a big LED light. The unit features a standard USB charging port which makes it easy and convenient when it’s time for charging. It takes about an hour to get to a full charge.


How to Use the Puffco Pro 2 Vaporizer

The Pro 2 is straightforward to use. Give it a full charge before use.

If you want to load the chamber, take out the mouthpiece, scoop the concentrate to the coil with the dap tool, and put the mouthpiece back to its position.

Click the single button five times quickly to turn on the unit, and click the button four times quickly to cycle through the temperatures – low, medium, and high.

The unit also comes with an interesting feature called the “Sesh” mode. This mode helps to produce heat for 12 seconds straight. A simple double tap on the button will activate this mode..

Temperature Flexibility

The Puffco Pro 2 has three simple temperature settings – low, medium and high, indicated by different colors. The green color represents the low temperature at 580°F, blue represents medium at 650°F, and the white color represents the highest temperature at 720°F. You can easily regulate the temperature by simply clicking on the button four times in quick succession.

Cleaning and Maintenance

A consistent cleaning is important to keep your unit in good shape. Cleaning and maintaining your device preserves its high performance over time. Good news is the Pro 2 s cleaning-made-easy. When it’s time for cleaning, simply turn on the device and allow to heat for about 15 seconds, and use a cotton swab to wipe.

Puffco Pro 2 carry case

Overall Experience

The Puffco Pro 2 is an amazing product. It is small and can be comfortably carried anywhere just like you would take your writing pen with you when on the go. The battery life is great, and you are sure of quality vapors at different temperature settings. This device offers a vaping experience that is above average. So, enjoy quality vaping!