August 23rd, 2018

The KandyPens Mini Wax vaporizer brings both colorful design and quality performance to the table with this amazing portable dab pen. If you have been in the market for a quality small dab pen and you’ve seen this model pop up in your sights, here is what you’ll be getting when you purchase the KandyPens Mini Wax.


Key Features of the Kandypens Mini:

The KandyPens Mini Wax vape pen comes with quite a few notable key features. Here are a few that you should know about.

  • Variable temperature control with three preset temperature settings.
  • An auto-shutoff feature that prevents the device from overheating and kicks in within 10 seconds.
  • Pass-through charging so that you can continue using your device even while you are charging it.
  • An elevated air flow design that reduces draw resistance to none and allows you to take bigger hits consistently.
  • Coilless ceramic atomizer that maintains the flavor of your wax while also making sure that you waste as little wax as possible.


kandypens mini pink


Pros and Cons:

As with every vaporizer, there are advantages and disadvantages to using this device. Here are some of the pros and cons that come to using the KandyPens Mini Wax.


  • There are very few pieces to the device, which makes it easier to use and clean.
  • You don’t have to worry about a ruined vapor taste since the Mini uses a ceramic dish.
  • The elevated air flow system make sure that you get the most out of your vaping sessions each time.
  • The variable temperature settings allow you to experience the different flavor profiles of your wax concentrates at different temperatures.


  • If you should decide that you want to modify your device or if there ends up being a problem with your coilless ceramic atomizer, you are going to have to replace the entire dish in order to fix or change it.


kandypens mini all colors




Speaking to the aesthetic of the KandyPens Mini Wax, the entire piece is an attractive pen. It even has a retro, acrylic look that comes in a variety of different colors. As far as its build goes, the Mini was designed with ease-of-use and performance in mind. Built with a powerful battery, a coilless atomizer, and a raised air flow design. This dab pen delivers a high quality vaping experience without making it difficult to use.


Ceramic Disc Slowburn

The ceramic atomizer that comes with your device features SloBurn technology. This means that whatever wax concentrate you use will keep its flavor at every temperature setting. Whereas some wax pens will burn wax at the higher temperature settings, the SloBurn technology with the KandyPens Mini Wax will keep your concentrates safe and flavorful.


Battery/Temperature Settings

The battery featured inside the Mini is a 950 mAh battery that lasts approximately four days on a full charge. When it comes to the temperature settings, the Mini comes with three preset temperature settings. The first setting is 350°F or 177°C. The second setting is 390°F or 199°C. The third and final setting is 430°F or 221°C. The Mini also comes with an auto-shutoff feature to make sure that your device never overheats.


kandypens mini apart


Air Flow System

KandyPens know that it can be difficult to deal with dab pens that have a huge draw resistance. Therefore, they created the Mini with this in mind by making sure that the chamber is deeper into the device. This allows for more room above the wax and provides users with plenty of airflow. This also make sure that no wax drips out while you are using the device!


Cleaning and Maintenance

Because the coilless design manages to burn up most of your wax concentrates and because the atomizer doesn’t have to be removed, there is very little cleaning that you have to do to keep your device running properly. To maintain your device, all you have to do is use alcohol wipes to remove any built up concentrates from the sides of the coilless atomizer. That’s it!


Technical Specs:

  • The dimensions for this device are 1.25”x3.25”x5.5”
  • The weight of this device is approximately 0.46 pounds
  • The power in voltage for this device is 110v


Sub Ohm Wax Vaping

The Sub Ohm wax vaping method that this pen uses packs quite a punch. If a quick heat-up time is something that you enjoy, you are definitely going to like the Mini since the Sub Ohm manages to heat up the ceramic dish in as little as two seconds. In addition, this methods also produces large clouds and hits, delivering a flavorful and intense vaping session with each use.


kandypens mini atomizer


How to Use the G Pen Pro:

To begin using your KandyPens Mini Wax vaporizer, make sure that you fully charge it first. Once you have fully charged your device, screw the ceramic chamber onto the battery and begin loading your wax into the chamber using the loading tool that came with your dab pen. Then, screw the mouthpiece on and activate your device by clicking on the power button five times. You are ready to go! To change temperatures, simply press the power button three times. The LED will display the different color options on the front. Red is the lightest while blue indicates the highest.


Although the KandyPens Mini Wax does not feature a vast array of cool features and additional technology, it does offer an awesome vaping experience that will give you high-quality vapor and flavor each time that you use it. It also looks great, works great, and offers a lifetime warranty on its battery so that you can continue to use it long after the battery has finally given up. If you’re looking for a new dab pen and you have the money to spend, you should definitely consider giving the KandyPens Mini Wax vaporizer a try!