May 8th, 2018

Last updated on May 15th, 2018 at 11:36 am

The G Pen Pro is the latest offering from Grenco Science, the minds who brought you the original G Pen Herbal. This particular vape is what is known as a session vape. This means the device reaches the ideal vaping temperature and remains there until it is turned off. This particular category of vapes is great for those likely to use their vapes in a group setting. Those who are more likely to indulge in individual hits may find this particular piece of equipment does not serve their needs. Interested in a low price pen vape that can handle a group session? The G Vape may be just what you’re looking for.


Design and Function

g pen pro vaporizer herbal chamberThis herbal G Vape is slim and discrete, with a rugged build and an attractive exterior. It has a rapid heat time, making it more useful than the models that came before it. Unfortunately the G Vape Pro leaves much to be desired in the way of upgrades and improvements. Many of the components are plastic, making for an unsafe and (eventually) unpleasant vaping experience. I found that the vape quality produced was out a reasonable quality, but the taste left much to be desired. The first draw off the freshly-filled vape had the fresh taste I desired, but the quality quickly went downhill. The plastic mouthpiece heated up very quickly, manning the whole experience fairly unpleasant. I found it necessary to allow the unit to fully cool in between sessions in order to maintain peak value quality.



The G Pen Pro suffers from several unfortunate utility flaws, the most notable being the short battery life. Ease is one of the main selling points of a dry here vape, but the constant charging required for the G Pen Dry Herb Vaporizer will quickly make your question your purchase. The device is charged via micro USB. This highly portable cable will come in handy if you intend to use this piece as your daily driver, as it will require multiple charges throughout the day. The G Vape has a fairly standard charge time at three hours. Unlike many similar devices, the LED indicator light turns a specific color when charging in order to indicate completion.


How to Use the G Pen Pro

The G Pen Pro is easy to fill. Before you start, make sure your herb is ground smooth. Avoid grinding your herb down to a fine powder, as it will burn too quickly.  Remove the plastic mouthpiece, taking care not to lose the flexible washer beneath. Pour your herb into the chamber and tamp down lightly. Avoid tightly packing the herb, as it will burn poorly. Return the flexible washer to the mouthpiece and secure them to the vape as one piece.


The G Vape pretty standard as far as vapes go. The device has three temperature settings, these are indicated by the LED lights viable at the base. Blue indicates a temperature of 375°. A green light indicates a temperature of 400°. A red light indicates a temperature of 428°. I achieved the smoothest, best tasting vapor at a temperature of 400°.


Using the G Pen Herbal is simple and intuitive. Select your ideal temperature and hold the leaf button until the LEDs begin to change color. Toggle through the temperature options until the LED indicate the desired temperature setting. When the LEDs begin to pulse, the G Pen Pro herb chamber has initiated preheating to the desired temperature. When the LEDs stop blinking, the unit is ready for you to begin taking draws from the mouth piece. Always check the temperature of the mouthpiece before putting the device to your lips.

Cleaning is fairly easy with this particular vape, but maintenance is a nightmare. The included brush does an excellent job removing burnt particulate matter from the screen. Unfortunately, this had to be done repeatedly. I also found that the herb material required stirring on a regular basis. Taking breaks to stir in between two minute smoke sessions is neither discrete nor enjoyable.


What’s in the Box?

The G Pen Pro comes in a small, disposable box which is not designed for extended storage. In the box, you will find:

  • 1 x G Pen Pro vaporizer
  • 1 x USB/Mini-USB charging cord
  • 1 x Cleaning brush
  • 1 x G Pro tool
  • 1 x Instruction manual


Overall Experience

The G Pen Pro is a moderately improved version of a substandard vape. Is it functional? Certainly. The G Pen hits all the specifications you’d expect from a vaporizer at this price point. Unfortunately, it does very little else. The cheap plastic components prevent this piece from delivering consistently excellent vapor. Conduction heating and a stainless steel chamber create a very high maintenance piece which must be thoroughly cleaned at least once per every two minute session. On-the-go indulgers seeking an easy, discreet vape will find better options at this price point.