February 5th, 2019

As a brand, Grenco Science has been known to be somewhat on the pricier side of the spectrum given the number of features that each of their devices offers at their specific price point. Given the mass influx of options and competition, it’s not a total surprise that the company would be motivated to release a competitively priced budget option. Enter the G Pen Nova; a slimmer and more compact iteration of its bigger, bulkier, and more pricey siblings. Just like most vape pens, the G Pen Nova was designed to be used with wax concentrates, but is also compatible with dry herbs should the need arise. Let’s delve in a little closer into the details of the device and see if it’s a vape pen that’s truly worth its cost.

nova vaporizer box


While the G Pen Nova doesn’t really offer much in terms of features especially when compared to the majority of more powerful and complex devices available in the market these days, as a vape pen, it does manage to stand out well enough. The ceramic quartz bowl which your wax or dry herb is loaded into can hold a decent amount of material, not to mention yields pretty satisfying and full flavored hits when used properly

Despite the integrated 300mAh battery which most users might consider to be small or lacking by today’s standards, the G Pen Nova manages to keep up with its competition thanks to its efficient heat output, giving you, the user, pretty lengthy and consistent vape sessions especially on the go when it matters most. The small battery capacity also means that the device charges up almost instantly, under an hour in most scenarios which is pretty darn convenient for a device that’s meant to be taken on the go.

What most avid vapers might find to be missing with the G Pen Nova is the lack of any sort of temperature control which has almost become a standard with vaporizers today. In contrast, the G Pen Nova looks like its trying to keep everything simple which can be advantageous for first-time vapers. Vapers who are used to experimenting or fiddling with a whole gamut of temperature settings and presets will definitely find the G Pen Nova sorely lacking in this regard


  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Relatively strong battery life
  • Compact and discreet aesthetics
  • More than decent flavor and vapor production


  • Takes longer to heat up than most
  • Requires regular cleaning to perform optimally
  • Device tolerances aren’t the best

g pen nova vaporizer open exploded view


It’s in this regard however where the G Pen Nova manages to stand out. The simple sleek and black aesthetic manages to capture the essence of the device in the sense that it’s a pretty easy to use vape that even the most neophyte of vapers should have little to no problem figuring out on their first try. The singular firing button is evidence of that in the sense that there’s not much else to fiddle around or to get confused with when using the G Pen Nova.

The G Pen Nova feels well built enough, but there are a few missteps in the construction of the device that makes itself pretty obvious when handling the G Pen Nova on a daily basis. For starters, the mouthpiece while comfortable does have the annoying tendency to slip off unintentionally. Another issue is how the chamber doesn’t do an efficient job of vaporing the entire contents in one sitting. Heat distribution is lacking and apparent result is that a lot of reclaim or slightly vaped concentrate is leftover in the chamber after each vaping session. Thankfully, the G Pen Nova is easy to disassemble and clean, which should help alleviate this problem.


A surprisingly strong point of the G Pen Nova is its overall vapor and flavor quality when set up properly. Despite the relatively weak output, the device does a respectable job of providing satisfying and consistent hits when needed, at least as far as vaping with wax concentrates was concerned. Our experience with the device and vaping dry herb was average at most as the chamber doesn’t do a spectacular job of distributing heat throughout the chamber to evenly heat up all the herb.

G Pen Nova

How to Use the G Pen Nova 

1) Via the onboard micro USB port, charge the G Pen Nova with the included charging cable by hooking it up to any powered USB port. An LED indicator located at the bottom will flash red to indicate that the device is in the process of charging.

2) When the LED indicator shines green, this means that the G Pen Nova is now fully charged and ready for use. Give the mouthpiece on the top of the device a good pull to reveal the ceramic loading chamber underneath and use the loading tool integrated into the mouthpiece to easily load the chamber with your choice of concentrates or dry herb.

3) Power on the device with a quick five clicks on the power button.

4) Regulate vaping output by switching between the 3 available presets. Press the power button 3 times to cycle between presets using the LED color indicator to determine your preferred output. (Blue: 3.2V / Green: 3.5V / Red: 3.9 V)

5) Once you’ve determined your preferred voltage output, press and hold the power button to vape at your selected output for a max duration of 15 seconds.

6) Alternatively, pressing the power button twice overrides your preset selection and will instead automatically heat up the device to its maximum setting for a duration of 15 seconds ( for a relatively hands-free session)

7) When done, turn the G Pen Nova off by pressing the power button 5 times, effectively shutting it off for safekeeping or storage.


1 x G Pen Nova Battery (510 Thread Compatible)

1 x G Pen Nova Tank with integrated loading tool/stirrer

1 x USB Charging Cable.