February 1st, 2016

Last updated on August 6th, 2017 at 06:57 pm

Vaporizing is healthier than smoking, we hear it all the time. But did you know that it can be far more fun as well? There are some awesome tricks that you can do with your e-cigarette or vape mod that are quite fun once you can pull them off. Use them to show off to your friends and even learn how to blow a Valentine’s Day vaporizer heart. In this article we’ve compiled three of the best vaporizer tricks that can be easily mastered with a bit of practice.

Fill Up Your Cup

This one requires a couple of props but the effect is totally worth the preparation. The first step is to get a CD or anything rounded with a hole in the middle that will fit into a large cup or goblet. Take a large drag from your vaporizer and blow the vapor into the cup. Quickly place the CD or other object into the cup over the vapor. The vapor will slowly come out of the hole and appear as a cup with magically seeping out of it.

Popping Vapor Bubbles

Childhood nostalgia is only one of the reasons that this vapor trick is super fun. Grab some bubbles, it doesn’t matter what size or type. The bigger the bubble wand, the more vapor you should fill it with. Simply blow the bubbles like you usually would, but before dipping the wand into the vapor bubbles you need to take a huge draw of vapor and blow it through the bubble wand. The appearance of the bubble will be eerie and filled with vapor, which warps the rainbow color in an awesome way. Once you pop the bubble the vapor will leak out for another fun effect and rise into the air.

Vapor Rings

Any smoker is familiar with smoke rings, but did you know that you could also blow vapor rings with your vape pen? The technique is about the same for the normal smoke rings, but you can also blow different types of rings once you’ve got the technique down for the basic ring. The easiest technique is to fill your mouth with vapor, open your mouth into an ‘O’ shape and the tap the outside of your cheek. This should blow an ‘O’ shape of vapor out of your mouth.

Some variations of this can make the act of blowing smoke rings even more fun. First you could blow two rings quickly back to back, they will appear as a double ring. If you blow a normal smoke ring and then make a snap motion at the top of the circle the top of the circle will move down into the shape of a heart. Make a game out of the art of blowing smoke rings, blow one ring and then use it as a target and try to blow your next ring right through the first one. It’s a great way to pass the time when it’s just you and your vaporizer.