July 29th, 2018

Arizer is a Canadian vaporizer company that specializes in producing high-quality vaporizer pieces. Today, we are going to review their Arizer Go, otherwise known as the ArGo Vaporizer. It is the company’s fifth product release and a more compact and portable model than the other vaporizers that Arizer is known for.


Key Features of the Arizer Argo

Here are some of the key features that come with your Arizer ArGo:

  • Has a medium-sized LED display on the front side of the device along with simple control buttons.
  • Has precision temperature control with easy-to-use plus and minus buttons that are capable of reaching temperatures as low as 112°F (45°C) to temperatures as high 418°F (215°C).
  • Uses a convection/conduction heating method to create a more enjoyable vaping experience through better vapor quality and strong flavors.
  • Uses glass aroma tubes to maintain the flavor of your vape juices by eliminating the flavors that are often absorbed by plastic pieces.
  • Has an interchangeable, rechargeable Lithium Ion battery so that you can replace the batteries when it eventually fails.
  • Uses pass-through charging so that you can use your Arizer Go while you are charging your device at the same time.
  • Has a large amount of room for airflow so you don’t have to struggle to draw vapor out of the vaporizer.
  • Has a preheat feature, which takes only a minute to heat your device up before you start taking pulls from the device.
  • Comes with a belt clip accessory so that you can carry your vaporizer no matter where you go.


arizer argo battery slot replaceable battery



To put it simply, Arizer is a company that is known for producing well-built vaporizers and this is no exception when it comes to the Arizer Go.

This sleek, rectangular body of this device is constructed out of rubberized plastic and anodized aluminum to help protect your device from breaking from falls. It also helps from pressure if it is carried in a bag that is overfilled or a pocket that is too tight. This device is quite compact and should not present this problem at all. The front of the device contains the LED screen as well as the control buttons and the top contains a place for the glass mouthpiece while the bottom houses the entrance for the battery.

In addition, the top of the Arizer is spring-loaded. It comes off so that way you can store the borosilicate glass mouthpiece when you are not using it. The only thing that people pointed out about the device is that it does have a lot of moving pieces. This usually means that things are more likely to break if the device is shifted too much or if it falls the wrong way. Overall, both the design and the overall presentation of the Arizer Go is quite impressive.


Heating Method of the Arizer Argo

The Arizer Go uses a convection/conduction hybrid heating method to vaporize your herbs. What does this mean? Conduction heating occurs when the heating element makes direct contact with your herbs. This makes for faster vaporization but also presents the possibility of combustion. Convection heating takes place when a device separates the heating source from the substances you are trying to heat and relies on the hot air produced by the heating source to vaporize your substance. The Arizer Go uses the best of both methods to deliver a high-quality vaping experience.



Much like the build of this device, the quality of vapor produced by the Arizer Go is also impressive. Because this portable vaporizer utilizes a glass mouthpiece rather than a plastic or rubber mouthpiece, you lose no flavor in the process of taking draws. You would with a plastic mouthpiece since the flavors of the plastic pieces often mix with the vapor itself.

As far as the thickness of the vapor produced by the Arizer Go, the clouds are fairly impressive but the device will still give you a weak vapor on occasion, usually during the first and last hits when using the device.


arizer argo vaporizer complete content


Temperature Options

As stated in the “feature” section of this review, this vaporizer uses precision control to give you complete control over your vape sessions. The ArGo vape is capable of reaching temperatures as low as 112°F (45°C) to temperatures as high 418°F (215°C). These temperatures are controlled by the plus and minus buttons on the front of the device. Once you’ve reached your desired temperature, it takes the vaporizer about a minute to reach the highest temperature setting.


Herbal Chamber

The herbal chamber of the Arizer Go is capable of holding up to .15 grams of the herb of your choice. The only thing that people should know about the herbal chamber is that it is prone to blockage if it is not cleaned constantly to prevent buildup. If you do not clean this chamber out after mostly every session, you will have to deal with resistance when taking draws in the future.



Compared to most other portable vaporizers we have reviewed in the past, this one has a distinct advantage. The Arizer Go uses rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries that are removable and that last for at least 90 minutes before they must be removed and recharged again. The best part about this feature is that you can have multiple batteries charged at once. When one battery dies, you no longer have to wait for your vape to recharge before you use it again. All you have to do is grab one of your charged batteries and replace the dead one.



  • The device is extremely small, which makes it super easy to carry around and makes for discreet vaping sessions.
  • Uses a glass piece so that you get the most flavor out of each of your pulls.
  • Uses interchangeable, rechargeable batteries that can be easily replaced so you never have to quit vaping.
  • Has precision temperature controls so that you can experiment with your herbs and find the best vaporization temperature for you.
  • Has an LED display so you can keep track of your temperatures and other device information.



There are very few cons to using the Arizer Go but there are a few issues that people do have with this device.

The first issue that users have is that this device can be a little difficult to clean. Because the glass tube mouthpiece is so long, it can be difficult to reach the chamber’s bottom to remove the residue. There is also the issue of residue from the herbal smoke sticking to and building up on the glass tube. However, this issue is easily fixed if you clean your device regularly and make sure that residue doesn’t have the opportunity to stick to the inside of your device.

The second issue is that the top protecting the glass tubing while you’re not using it is known to be a little flimsy. Many users wish that Arizer had produced a larger device so that it had more height to protect the tube rather than having to rely on a rubber top. However, the top performs fairly well and is another issue that doesn’t affect the performance of the Arizer overall.


arizer argo vaporizer side


SHould You Consider the Arizer Argo Vaporizer?

Overall, the Arizer Go is an impressive vape for its size and meets all of the requirements a vape enthusiast can want. With interchangeable, rechargeable batteries and compartments within the device itself to house all of your extra parts, you can vape anywhere with this vaporizer without having to worry about running out of juice or losing track of your mouthpieces and accessories. Anyone who has the money to afford a portable vaporizer such as this one should definitely invest in the Arizer Go.