May 6th, 2019

Last updated on May 17th, 2019 at 09:26 am

As the year comes to an end, we sit and reminisce about the year that just passed. We think of the happy times, some sad (unfortunately) and the uncontrollable laughs we had. One thing that probably came to your mind was what was the best dry herb vape pen of 2019 under $100?

Well you probably couldn’t have come to a better place than this. As the years go on, vaporizers become a bigger market than the year before. Just in 2016, vaporizers passed $2 billion in global sales and it’s only getting bigger.

With that in mind, there will be more and more weed vaporizers coming out in all shapes. From portable to desktop vaporizers, from conduction or convection vaporizers. More factors will speed up the outcome of this like the legalization of marijuana in certain states.

What’s a Dry Herb Vape Pen?

A dry herb vape is a vaporizer which is specifically made for solid herbs. It consists of a battery or butane device, a chamber and some form of heating method. They generally tend to be battery powered and turn on by a power button. You fill the herbal chamber up with herbs about a quarter of the way usually. Make sure your herbs are ground up before you vaporize them so you can get an even heat distribution.

There are different features vaporizers can have from changing the temperature at which the chamber heats up at to an auto shut off switch. The quality can also vary from different vaporizers since they have different coils and the chambers are made up of different materials from titanium to ceramic. The way your grind your herbs can make a difference also. You want to make sure your herbs are ground up well to get an even heat distribution. If not, you will have a clump of herbs that have not been heated up while the other side is nicely vaped.

Vaping vs. Smoking

Vaping and smoking have a lot of differences. The act of vaporizing your herbs is where you heat the chamber enough that only the active ingredient gets warm enough and turns into vapor particles. This means that no smoke is created during vaping whereas smoking is made by combusting the materials. This can combustion creates smoke which contains toxins and carcinogens. This is a large part to why scientists say vaping is safer.

Benefits of Vaping

The benefits of vaping far outweigh smoking. First of all as we mentioned, no smoke is created from a vaporizer. The vaporizer puts out just enough heat to vaporize your material and release the active ingredient. This can result into healthier and improved lungs. Many ex-smokers who have turned to vapes have express how much cleaner they feel with mucous build up and less out of breathe.

Vaporizing is a way more discreet option for those who want to stay low-key. Contrary to popular belief, a vape pen will definitely still smell once you vape but the difference in how strong the smell is almost night and day. Vapor does not smell as strong, does not stink up your clothes and doesn’t make your breathe smell bad. It can also save up on herbs. A dry herb vaporizer only vaporizes and does not char your herbs like smoking does. It also helps with the fact that it is a slow process so one chamber can last a few rounds.

7. Ago G5

The Ago G5 is one of the simplest yet reliable dry herb vape pens. The reason for this is for it is almost exactly in the shape and size of a pen but something so little is very powerful at getting its job done. Being really small can aid in its discreetness when you are out and about. It also has a 510 thread connector which simply means it’s almost universal to many other herbal chambers out there.


The quality of the Ago G5 is pretty good. It is a durable and reliable vape pen that is small enough to fit just about any pocket or purse. The battery is 900mAh which can last about 7 continuous hours on a 2-4 hour full charge. These new updated Ago G5 batteries come with a LCD screen that shows how much battery is left and how many hits you have taken. Using the honeycomb glass screen you can improve the vapor by placing it on the coil in the chamber. When filling up the chamber, your herbs sits on the screen rather than the coil.

Pros and Cons

Pros: The Ago G5 is a great herbal vape pen. Right out of the box, it performs wonderful. With an easy start and learning curve, you can take it out the box and be confident in using it without the instruction manual. It is pretty small and fits just about anywhere on you. It is fairly quick to load up. Just unscrew the mouthpiece, pack your ground herbs, and screw the mouthpiece and vape away.
Cons: Every vaporizer is going to have something bad about them and the Ago G5’s bad part is that the coil is damage proof. The coil can be damaged if you clean too hard or if you pack too much. Putting a lot of stress on the coil can damage it. Another bad part is that the herbs sit directly on the coil however that be easily solved by the glass screen we mentioned.

How to Use the Ago G5

Click the power button 5 times quick which will turn the Ago G5 on. The screen will read on then show you the battery life and 000 which is how many times you’ve taken a puff from it. Unscrew the mouthpiece, ground your herbs and pack about a quarter of it in. Screw the mouthpiece in, hold your finger on the button for about 5 seconds then take a slow hit while your finger is still on the button.

Ago G5 Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizer

6. Pulsar APX V2 Vaporizer

The Pulsar APX was one of the bestselling portable herbal vapes in the market. Then the second generation, Pulsar APX V2 came out and sold even more! With new designs, an updated vapor path, and longer battery life, this is easily the better option for the same price. The designs include basic colors plus skulls, wood grain, tie-die and a THC molecular structure design. They come with a 6-month warranty.


The quality on all Pulsar vapes are top notch. The APX V2 is very lightweight and stands at 4 inches. It is also a pocket friendly vape so you can conceal it with no problem. It takes about 30 seconds to heat up to your desired temperature which is very quick for a convection unit. Many of the best convection vaporizers don’t cost less than a $100 to begin with so this is way ahead of the curve. It also has a battery indicator to see how much battery life it has left before your next charge.

Pros and Cons

Pros: The Pulsar APX V2 Vaporizer is a great dry herb vaporizer to start with. It doesn’t cost a bunch like other top quality units and its very efficiency. It has a convection heating method and the ability to control the temperature. The 5 preset temperatures range from 356°F- 428°F. This is plenty if you’re using it for medical marijuana or even most herbs. The battery is also a 1600mAh which is more than double the size of the Snoop Dogg G Pen. This means it has double the battery life without being charged. You can also pack a good amount of herbs in here with its .35gram ceramic chamber.

Cons: For the most part, the Pulsar APX V2 is excellent. The shape is kind of odd but it still fits in your palm. It is not circular or cylindrical like most herb pens. However, this shape makes for a good mouthpiece.

How to Use the Pulsar APX V2:

The easiest part to using this device is that it only has one button. This button controls the power along with the changing the temperature. To start, press the power button 5 times. You will want to set your temperature first. Hold the button for 3 seconds and it will toggle between the five temperature settings. When you pick your desired temperature, start loading up the chamber with your ground up herbs. Close the mouthpiece and wait for 30 seconds until it produces vapor.

pulsar apx v2 vaporizer all colors

5. Atmos Jump

The Atmos Jump is another great, wonderful and very and simple to use dry herb vaporizer for its price point. It has a carbon fiber design that comes in black and gold. As you can tell from the carbon fiber design, this dry herb vape pen is really light. If you like your vaporizer feeling heavy, this is not one for you. It’s great for people who carry many things on them because you won’t even feel this in your pocket. It also has the USB port on the bottom that allows you to vape and charge at the same time.


A true dry herb vape pen under $100 that gives off good and fresh tasting vapor is hard to come by. This definitely makes the cut. The quality of its vapor is clean because it’s anodized stainless steel. This also makes it easier for cleaner with less gunk and residue sticking to it. The chamber can fill up about .4 grams of herbs. The battery is 1200mAh which gives it a good 4 hours of continuous usage before you need to fully charge it.

Pros and Cons

Pros: The design is great to begin with along with its anodized heating chamber. That itself has many benefits like good vapor quality and less residue. The long lasting battery while being lightweight is another perk. You can also vape while charging.

Cons: There aren’t many bad sides to this portable herbal vape but one thing we wish it had was a temperature control setting.

How to Use the Atmos Jump:

Turn on the Atmos Jump by clicking on the power button 5 times quickly. Once the light turns on, it will start heating up so you can start packing your ground herbs in the herbal chamber. There is no direct heat touching the herbs. Close the mouthpiece, wait about 10-15 seconds and slowly take a vape hit.

Atmos Jump Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen

4. G Pen Pro Herbal Vaporizer

Grenco Science has never been shy to show off their quality vapes. They first started off in the wax vaporizer market then realized their reach in herbal market too. They perfected one of their first dry herb vapes and introduced us to the G Pen Pro Vaporizer. This new version comes with a LED display and a much larger ceramic heating chamber. You can pack more into it and even heat it up quicker. The G Pen Pro comes with three pre-set temperature selections like its predecessor. The G Pen Pro herbal vape was also considered the Best Weed Vaporizer Under $100.


The G Pen Pro herbal vape comes with a ceramic chamber which is one of the best materials for high heat resistance. It won’t crack or release any unwanted toxins. The heating method is convection but it has a quick heat up time. The battery is 1300mAh and takes about 2 hours to charge. It lasts the whole day on a single charge. The exterior is made from aluminum so it is very light yet durable.

Pros and Cons

Pros: There are a lot of good things to boast about the G Pen Pro Vaporizer. The large chamber lets you pack a good amount of herbs without having to reload it often. It also has the perfect ergonomic shape and grip. Your fingers slide into the grooves perfectly. It also has a very easy use model. Just a few clicks and you’ll be vaping.

Cons: Even though it comes with a LED display, it does not have a LCD screen. This is good to monitor your battery level or the temperature setting. Another thing that we didn’t like much is the pre-set temperatures. It should have come with a wider range.

How to Use the G Pen Pro:

The G Pen Pro portable vape is another easy to use vape. It doesn’t come with incremental temperature settings so all you need to do is check which color is showing on the LED display. Open the mouthpiece and load up your chamber with ground up herbs. Snap the mouthpiece back in and turn the vape on by clicking it five times. It will instantly start heating up. The blue light is for low heat, the green light is for medium heat and the red is for high heat. Start with the blue color and work your way up to get a feel for how it works. If you don’t use it for more than three minutes, it will automatically shut off to preserve battery life.

g pen pro vaporizer side

3. X Max V2 Pro

The X Max V2 Pro is a newer triple use vaporizer that beats a lot of dry herb vape pens out the ball park. It can be used with dry herbs, concentrates or oils and liquids. It has a great shape that fits into your palm. It even has the ability to change temperature and it cycles from 356°F to 374°F to 392°F to 410°F to 428°F. This gives you more customization that can differ from herb to herb. It changes temperatures by leaving your finger on the button for 2 seconds. It takes about 45 seconds to get to the hottest temperature. The battery is a replaceable 18650 lithium ion which can last for one continuous hour if its vaped on the hottest temperature.


The quality build is wonderful. It is made with aluminum which is why it’s so light and it helps keep the heat away. The ceramic chamber doesn’t give off toxins or bad taste and is big enough for 0.2 grams. Changing temperature settings is fairly easy by leaving your finger on the button for 2 seconds. You can put your own battery and replace it with the stock 2200mAh 18650 li-ion battery which takes about 2 hours to charge.

Pros and Cons:

Pros: The X Max V2 Pro is wonderful because it can change through 5 different temperature levels ranging from 356°F to 428°F. It is a triple use vaporizer that can vaporize herbs, concentrates and oils. It has a removable battery to make sure you never are without a vaporizer.

Cons: We don’t have any negative downside to this 3 in 1 vape pen.

How to Use the X Max V2 Pro:

Turn on the X Max V2 Pro by clicking the power button 3 times quickly. The 5 LED lights representing the temperature levels. You can pack your ground herbs until it reaches to your desired temperature setting. Once you have packed it, close the mouthpiece then take a hit really slowly.

X Max V2 Pro

2. Boundless CFC Vaporizer

Boundless has been one of the quieter companies in the marijuana vape space but they build one of the best devices. The Boundless CFC Vaporizer has a unique design which shapes the mouthpiece to fit perfectly on your lips. The whole thing has a classy look to it, something James Bond would use. It also fits into your hand like a glove. The buttons and LCD screen are on the side to help blend in and make it subtler. The temperature control settings have a wider range on this, starting at 140°F and going all the way to 446°F. Boundless includes a 3-year warranty on the CFC.


Boundless always has elegance and craftsmanship in mind with all of their vaporizers. The battery is 1900mAh which isn’t so bulky but good enough to last you a long time. The chamber is made from high quality ceramic which is one of the best heats resistant materials. The temperature precision is perfect and even includes a wide range. Many expensive vapes don’t even have this wide of a temperature spectrum. You can heat it up to your favorite temperature within 30 seconds. The vapor path that the vapor travels through is also isolated to keep the vapor from building moist around the electrical components.

Pros and Cons

Pros: One thing we loved about the Boundless CFC is the fact that you can change the temperature up or down by 1 degree increments. Most vapes have either pre-set temperatures or go up and down in bigger increments. This gives you complete control of your vaping experience. It is also very discreet whether it’s on your desk or in your hand.

Cons: This is a very good portable vape that does not combust your herbs. However, the lines and grooves of this unit may become annoying. It’s a very miniscule part and you may not even notice it since they’re so small but if you hold it long enough, you just might. If you take a hit and put it back down, you’ll be fine. It does make for some great grip though.

How to Use the Boundless CFC:

The Boundless CFC turns on by pressing the power button five times. It will start heating up right away to the last temperature you had it on. If you want to change the temperature, click the two button right next to the screen. You can also change from Fahrenheit to Celsius, simply click the up and down temperature buttons down together and hold for 3 seconds. After 10 minutes of not using the device, it will turn off to preserve battery.

boundless cfc 2.0 display screen

1. Yocan iShred

The Yocan iShred is one of the first dry herb vapes from Yocan since they’re known for their dab pens. It became a quick hot seller because of its portability and features. Two features that make this stand out are the built in stir tool and built in grinder. This makes it easy to use and get efficient vapor from. The shape and size of this vape are also perfect. Whether you have small hands or big hands, you can easily grip this vape. The LCD display on the front makes it easy to read your temperature selection and battery life.


The construction quality of this unit is second to none. Even down to the teeth of the grinder is very sturdy. It’s not cheap plastic that can break or melt under high heat. The temperature range selection on this starts from 200°F (93°C) – 460°F (238°C). Adjusting the temperature is as easy as clicking the up and down button.  You can also toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit. The battery life is also not terrible on this as it comes with a 18650 battery. The quality of the vapor is also better if you can use the stir tool optimally. Every hit or two, stir the herbs in the chamber around to make sure it is getting an even heat distribution all around.

Pros and Cons

Pros: The iShred vape pen produces very flavorful vapor. It’s tasty because of its precise temperature mode. Due to this, it also does not waste any vapor. The temperature can also be changed by one degree intervals which makes it super flexible. The fact that it comes with a built in grinder and stir tool makes it very good to use.

Cons: Although the battery is 18650, it can deplete quickly if used on the highest temperature. This is pretty normal for most vapes since they’re not supposed to be used on high temperatures too much. Not all herbs can vaporize on high temperatures.

How to Use the Yocan iShred

Using the Yocan iShred is super easy. First start by grinding your herbs using the built in grinder. Load your herbs in the ceramic oven chamber. Turn on your unit and select your temperature you want to vape at. It takes about 45-60 seconds to reach the peak temperature. After this you should be good to go. When inhaling the vapor, do it very slowly and lightly. This helps the herbs stay heated and continue producing vapor.

Yocan iShred vaporizer angled