July 21st, 2016

Last updated on May 15th, 2018 at 09:09 am

Smoking dry herbs has been a cultural phenomenon for many years starting with the benefits of cigarettes being advertised as “cool” with commercials of doctors smoking. Now we have a cultural phenomenon with recreational cannabis and it is becoming reality across the United States which gives a new emergence of a healthy stoner culture. The crux of this cultural shift is the rise of the dry herb vaporizers. There are tons of dry herb vapes on the market at variously ranging prices and different sizes with different power sources. The more inexpensive vapes tend to be combustion which will still give off some harmful side effects like smoking would. For truly healthy vaping spend a little extra for the true vaporizer that doesn’t apply direct heat to the dried flowers. The problem with combustion is that it gives off toxic byproducts instead of the beneficial cannabinoids only like a real vaporizer should.

Cannabis is preferably vaped at 356°F, which is the sweet spot where all of the cannabinoids and terpenes are perfectly baked. After reaching 392°F the cannabinoids begin to burn off and at 420°F, it starts to burn the THC. A butane lighter can burn up to 2012°F which can cause lung cancer and tons of respiratory disorders. Up to 88% of smoke that is combusted is non-cannabinoids and instead is made up of up to 111 different components including carbon monoxide, toluene and naphthalene. Alternatively, vapors emitted from vaping cannabis are up to 95% cannabinoids and only 5% other natural plant terpenes. So that’s the science, but what are the basic benefits from switching over from traditional smoking to vaporizing?


Using an herbal vape vs. smoking

Smoking herbs is a practice that has been performed as far back as recorded history can recount. It has a rich history that spans across multiple and diverse cultures. The process of smoking dry herbs entails heating up your dry herb to a hot 1000 degrees Fahrenheit which can be easily achieved with any household match or lighter. The high-temperature results in combustion of the dry herb in which then the resulting smoke is then inhaled.

Vaping, on the other hand, is not a relatively new technology as it has been performed many years back.  Vapor is created through indirect heat, which is called conduction. Vaporizers let you heat the dry herb to a specific temperature, just enough to heat the active ingredient into vapor. The result of this is dry material that is not burnt to ash.



While conventional smoking of cannabis is a lot cheaper and more accessible than vaping it with the use of portable electronic vaporizers, vaping your material potentially has a whole lot more benefits over simple combustion. You’re not inhaling any smoke which is a giant reason to switch over. You also don’t smell as much.


Eliminate harmful toxins

Smoking is mainly the same thing overall, meaning using different material will still have adverse effects. When the same dry herb is vaporized, however, carbon monoxide levels are drastically reduced if not totally eliminated. This served as a good indicator that many other toxins which are released as a result of dry herb combustion were absent as well.


Doesn’t smell as much

Another great benefit of switching over to vaping your dry herb instead of smoking it is that vaping produces much less odor compared to smoking. This can be very helpful for those who share their living spaces with other people. The characteristic smell of smoking will permeate throughout your home.

The reduced odor produced by vaping is also helpful to prevent the familiar smell from sticking to your clothes, your other belongings, and most of all, in your house. This can be valuable when you’re the type who routinely has guests over (or housemates who have guests over) as it’s much easier to keep your recreational hobby as discreet as possible.


Better on your lungs and throat

Due to the lower maximum heat involved when vaping, the vapor produced is a lot cooler than the smoke produced by conventional combustion. This makes every vaping session you have a lot easier on your throat as you’re not habitually inhaling hot smoke through your throat. This provides a more pleasurable and comfortable vaping experience.

Another potential health hazard that’s avoided by vaping your dry herb are the multiple toxins which are released upon combustion. Just like smoking cigarettes, combustion of dry herb does result is potential tar making its way into your own lungs. Vaping your dry herb totally negates this effect making it safer and healthier by a large margin. To avoid this with vapes, make sure you get a convection vaporizer unit.

Convection and conduction heating methods are very important to understand. Convection is true vaping where your herbs do not touch the heating coil directly. Instead, the heat from the chamber vaporizes your herbs. Conduction is where your herbs are touching the coil directly, therefore burning it into char. To give an example, conduction is touching the hot pan on the stove and getting burnt, convection is getting burnt from the steam coming from your pan. If you have any throat or lung irritation, watch out for this.


Easier to dose your herbs

Thanks to the ability of electronic vaping devices to accurately heat your dry herb within a specific temperature range. This makes it easier for those who use dry herb more for its medicinal effects. The high temperatures involved in combustion or burning dry herb usually mean that the active ingredient is instantly released in one burst, creating a more intense hit than what some are looking for. However, the high temperature can also destroy some of the active ingredient.

The relatively lower heat of vaping gives you more control over how much of the components inside your herbs are release. This helps allow you to experience benefits such as pain relief and relaxation, without too much. Some claim they switched over from smoking to vaping because they can handle it better.



Not only is vaping much more discreet when it comes to smell, it’s a lot stealthier in terms of appearance as well. Thanks to the popularity of e-cigarettes designed to vape nicotine e-liquids, it’s not uncommon to see personal vaping devices being used in public. While there is often some confusion between vaporizers designed around herb and those for e-liquids to the uninformed public, in general, portable vaporizers are generally accepted by the public eye.

What this means for you is that by vaping, you aren’t constrained to toting attention-grabbing cigarettes. You’re also much less likely to attract the disapproving looks of your neighbors or housemates who might not agree with your recreational habits either.


Save money in the long run

While purchasing your first dry herb vaporizer might prove to be a costly investment, it’s well worth it in the long run. However, they don’t need to be. Herbal vapes start from $20. There is very little waste involved when using a vaporizer. This is especially true if it has an enclosed convection oven when compared to smoking your herbs. All that precious vapor is directly inhaled instead of dissipating into the air in between puffs.


Produces better flavor

One of the biggest advantages of vaping is the much-improved flavor you’ll be getting out of it. When smoking, it’s not surprising that the end result in terms of flavor is often the characteristic burnt taste with small hints of the slightly familiar flavor of dry herb.

Since vaping doesn’t burn the herb at all, that means all the vapor you’ll be inhaling is only full of the pure flavor of your chosen strain. This way you won’t be tasting or inhaling of that nasty tasting smoke. If you think you like the taste of smoking your herb, just wait until you try vaporizing it.


Senior Citizens Prefer Vaping

senior citizens vaping old peopleWith the ability to help ease chronic pain, glaucoma, arthritis, stress relief and sleep issues, it is surprising that seniors 55 and older haven’t become interested in cannabis sooner. Part of the stigma attached to cannabis for this generation stemmed from the 1930’s Reefer Madness phenomena that used fear tactics to make parents think that cannabis would make them sex crazed lunatics. This was actually part of a marketing campaign to stigmatize the utility hemp industry that has finally begun to lose steam in this modern age. With vaporizing as an option seniors are finding no reason not to utilize this natural medicine and stop taking prescriptions with side effects that lower their quality of life. Seniors are finding power in their lives again because they are able to remove the prescription haze that once hindered their daily life. Vaporizing is an amazing option because it drastically reduces the risks of lung cancer and respiratory illness. It is also a less harsh way to inhale the flowers which is preferable for seniors. Vapes simply make medical cannabis more accessible to seniors.


Athletes find Vaping More Attractive

Cannabis can help to reduce stress in the mind and body which will help an athlete’s recovery team after a workout. Unfortunately smoking is not ideal for an athlete who cares for the health of their body. Edibles could be an option but most edibles are made with fattening or sodium filled ingredients. Similarly trim for making your own edibles is hard to get ahold of with wax becoming such a craze so that option isn’t always available either. Some might even replace smoking cigarettes with chewing tobacco which can cause a whole plethora of other problems including jaw and tongue disease. Dry herb vaporizers are the healthiest option for any intelligent athlete and it actually makes the cannabis more effective.



Top 3 Dry Herb Vaporizers of 2017



Travelling Medication with Discretion

Sure there are some vaporizers that still emit smoke and a cannabis smell but these are usually combustion style vapes which we’re not talking about here in this article. A great benefit of dry herb vapes is that you can take your meds on the go without attracting any extra attention like when you travel with your vaporizer. Dry herb vapes won’t leave any residue smell on your clothes or breathe which adds another level of discretion to the process of medicating. For true discretion wax and oil pens are truly great for the super duper necessity discretion like a concert or family event. Vaping has the best economical and health benefits to remain properly medicated in absolutely any setting or situation

Dry Herb Vaporizer Health Benefits

Aside from the benefits of a dry herb vaporizer for these niches it also has some super practical benefits. First of all it takes less dry herbs to enjoy or relieve pain because you’re not burning out all of the cannabinoids and terpenes. This will inevitably save you money after not needing to re-up on meds as quickly. Without burning all of the terpenes out of the bud by vaping it at the prime temperature you’ll be able to get the full flavor profile and enjoy a more cooled down smoke that won’t burn your throat. Simply stated, you’ll just feel better after switching over to vaping because you will cease inhaling horrible carcinogens from the combustion. Combine this with the fact that dry herb vapes will simply get you feeling effects quicker and it just makes sense to switch over from tradition smoking.


Portable Units

Portable dry herb vaporizers are exactly that, a vaporizer for dry herbs that is portable. It can be your go-to buddy when you’re out and about or your best friend when you are doing house cleaning. It can be charged and vaped wirelessly.  Portable herb vape pens can also be slim vape pens but those are not preferred as those can sometimes give off some smoke.


Haze Dual Chamber Vaporizer V3

Haze Dual Chamber Vaporizer V3The Haze Dual Chamber Vaporizer V3 is one of the best portable vaporizers for more than 1 reason. Once you get past the price tag you realize what a gem this vaporizer truly is. One great thing about the Haze Vaporize V3 is the temperature settings you can change around. With a touch of a button, you can change it from 365°F to 380°F to 395°F and finally 420°F. The lower temperatures are for dry herbs and the higher temperatures are for concentrates. It also comes with two slots for the small cans that fit into the side. Each can be used for concentrates, dry herbs or both. Another feature the Haze Vaporizer has that gives a real big value to the vaper is the ability to use conduction and convection. You can use whichever you prefer or even both.

DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer

The DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer is an extremely beautiful portable dry herb vape that shows it’s perfect at DaVinci Ascent Vaporizerfirst glance. It’s one of the most ergonomically efficient vaporizers from feel to looks. This can also vaporize concentrates and dry herbs with a switch of the jar. A good benefit to the Ascent is that is has a glass mouth piece so the heat does not cause any plastic to burn and give off toxins. It can easily change temperatures from a wide range starting from 38°F to 430°F. The Davinci Ascent also has an automatic shut-off feature which turns off after 10 minutes of non-activity to save battery life. The battery life is actually pretty good with 3 hours of continuous use on one charge. There isn’t a whole lot of maintenance with this portable vape but it is good to keep it clean.

Desktop Units

Desktop dry herb vaporizers are vaporizers that vaporize dry herbs but can only be used when it is plugged in, unlike the portable dry herb vape. Desktop vapes are much more efficient and powerful with the way they are built. Due to this reason, they are a bit pricier at times. The great part about these vapes is they are all convection style vapes so they do not burn your herbs.

Volcano Classic VaporizerVolcano Classic Vaporizer Easy Valve Set

The Volcano Classic Vaporizer is a desktop herb vaporizer that has been around for many years and is made in Germany. The Volcano can be vaped with a balloon bag which is a see through bag in which the vapors go inside. Once it is filled up, you open it from the Volcano Vaporizer and inhale from it. There’s a fan and a heating element on the bottom the bag which causes the dry herbs to turn into vapor and fill up. The base of the unit must be plugged in to fill up the bag but once it is filled up, you can take the bag with you around the house or outside. It starts at 266°F and goes up until 446°F.

Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer

The Arizer  V-Tower Vaporizer is a digital desktop dry herb vaporizer with its signature cyclone bowl. The Arizer V-Tower Vaporizercyclone bowl sits right side up and creates an efficient heat distribution for all the herbs inside the bowl. The temperature settings on this are changed digitally and ranges from 122°F to 500°F. The Arizer V-Tower uses a whip for a mouthpiece which is a 2-3ft medical grade tube that you can inhale the vapors from. It comes with an oil dish too for potpourri.