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Kandypens RUBI Vaporizer

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$49.95 Lifetime Warranty

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Kandypens Rubi Features:

  • Compact 4 inch Length
  • Refillable 1ML pod
  • Ceramic Coil with Japanese Cotton
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 8 Second Auto Shut-Off
  • Temperature Regulated
  • Air Activated
  • Developed in the USA
  • Handmade



Last updated on May 1st, 2018 at 06:21 pm

The Kandypens RUBI Vaporizer is an ultralight and ultra-portable vaporizer designed to handle nicotine salts, e-liquids, and oils. Unlike other handheld vaporizers, the RUBI focuses on ease of use and personalization with its unique build and removable sections. As of the moment, it is considered one of the best vaporizers available.


What Comes With the RUBI Vaporizer?

Besides the vaporizer itself, the RUBI comes with a micro-USB charger and one refillable one-milliliter pod cartridge. The KandyPens company also provides a lifetime warranty for the RUBI’s battery.


Features of the RUBI Vaporizer

The RUBI has made quite a splash in the e-cigarette industry since its release last year.

  • The RUBI has a compact, lightweight body that is approximately 4-inches in length and weighs in at less than a quarter of a pound.
  • There is no power button on the RUBI. In order to use it, all you have to do is inhale and the device will do the rest.
  • The device has a removable one-milliliter pod cartridge that allows you to refill it with a variety of flavored oils.
  • The RUBI is leak-proof and prevents any liquids from escaping while you are vaping.
  • This vaporizer regulates its own temperature and there is no need or option to adjust it yourself.
  • There is an auto-shutoff feature that saves battery and turns off the device after eight seconds of not being in use.
  • The time that it takes to charge the RUBI is fairly short and the battery itself lasts for at least 30 to 50 inhales before you need to recharge it again.
  • The RUBI uses ceramic coil technology that is wrapped in Japanese cotton, allowing it to perform better than other vaporizers and give its users an improved vaping experience.


Most of you have either heard of or own a Pax JUUL. Until the RUBI was released, the JUUL dominated the industry. Why has that changed? While the JUUL revolutionized the way people vaped, the RUBI improved it by allowing smokers to vape with a variety of flavors using their refillable cartridge. It’s also desirable because of its small size, quick charging abilities, and affordability.


How to Use Your KandyPens RUBI?

Since the RUBI turns itself on and off, it is a relatively simple device to use. The only thing that users need to know how to do is how to refill the cartridge. To do this, follow these steps:


  1. Remove the mouthpiece from the top of the vaporizer. This mouthpiece contains the cartridge that houses your e-liquids.


  1. Remove the rubber stopper from the side of the cartridge, choose your liquid of choice, insert the end of your e-liquid container into the hole of the cartridge, and fill most of the cartridge. Once you’ve filled it, replace the rubber stopper. The cartridge is rather small so you need to be careful when you fill it to avoid spilling e-liquid.


  1. If this is the first time that you are filling your cartridge, allow your e-liquids to soak the wicks for at least 15 minutes before you start vaping.


  1. If this is not the first time, there are still preparatory steps that you need to take before you begin vaping. Prior to replacing the mouthpiece in the body of the RUBI, make sure that you inhale on it at least 3 times. If you forget to prep the mouthpiece, it may result in a burnt wick, which will ruin your vaping experience.


  1. Once you’ve filled and prepared the cartridge, place it back into the body of the RUBI and inhale.


Additional Information

The life of the battery inside the RUBI may last longer for some and may be shorter for others. Depending on how often you smoke and how long your inhalations are, you may have to deal with frequent recharging and a shorter vaping experience. Keep this in mind when you first begin using the RUBI.

The battery will only last 30-50 pulls while other sources state that it will last somewhere around 250 pulls before needing to be charged. However, almost all sources state that the battery will take around an hour and 20 minutes to charge fully.


Kandypens Rubi Vaporizer Includes:

  • 1 x Micro-USB Charger
  • 1 x Refillable 1ML Pod Cartridge
  • 1 x KandyPens RUBI Vaporizer


Additional information


Black, Gun Metal, Red, Pink

2 reviews for Kandypens RUBI Vaporizer

  1. 5 out of 5


    i love the kandypens rubi! my friend had the pax juul and i didnt want to have the same one. the kandypens rubi hits just as hard

  2. 5 out of 5

    William Beeter:

    perfect size and the pods last a good 2-3 weeks so far

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