X MAX V2 Pro

$99.95 1 Year Warranty

XMAX V2 Pro Vaporizer (2017 Version) Includes:

1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Packing Tool
1 x Tweezers
1 x Pack of replacement chamber screens
1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
1 x USB Wall Charger
1 x ICR18650 – 2200mAh Battery
1 x User Manual


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Product Description

The X Max V2 Pro is a 3 in 1 or as some call it, is a triple use vaporizer which means it vaporizes dry herbs, concentrates and liquids. It is impressive in many ways including its temperature control setting, isolated air path, replaceable battery and ease of operation. If you are a medical marijuana patient with arthritis, this is a really good portable dry herb vaporizer for you. No need to worry about so many buttons and clicks. The X-Max has made a name for itself in the portable vaporizer market. Another great part about the X MAX V2 Pro is the vapor quality it produces with such a small unit. Based off the discontinued Atmos Astra, the X MAX V2 Pro comes in almost the same exact body and shape.

It stands at 6.5 inches and is .75 inches in diameter which shows the X MAX V2 Pro is really a portable vaporizer. It is also pretty discreet as it does not look like an object out of the ordinary.  It includes 5 pre-set temperature settings which are implemented onto the pen itself so you always know which temperature setting you are at.


X Max V2 Pro Vaporizer Review


Triple Use 3 in 1 Vaporizer

One of the major key points about this vaporizer is that it has the ability to vaporize dry herbs, concentrates and liquids all in one vaporizer. No more having to carry 2 or 3 vaporizers around or even having a pocket full of different chambers. Everything is all done in one vape. When you want to pack your dried herbals in there, make sure to grind your herbs up pretty fine. If you use a grinder, make sure you grind it up manually a bit more before placing it into the herbal chamber. This also helps give it an even heat distribution. Another reason it has a good heat distribution is the chamber that is made from ceramic. It contains the heat well and at the same time does not give off toxins due to its high heating point. This also helps with the conduction process so your herbs don’t burn up but rather vaporize. The herbal chamber is enough for about 0.2 grams of herbs.

A new feature on on this X Max is that it stays on for 5 minutes and does an automatic shutoff to preserve batteries.It also has a new redesigned mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is made from food grade silicone which helps with a longer, cooler vapor path. The old version had 4 holes in one screen but this one has a new mesh screen with more air flow. The isolated air path is another genius idea which makes sure the air that travels does not get in contact with any other electrical parts which may cause them to moisten up. It has its own air path to travel through from the herbs to your mouth. This also helps with lower air resistance which gives you more control of your hits. This is a great safety feature.

Temperature Control Settings

Once you start the X MAX V2 Pro, 5 LED lights will light up letting you know the dry herb vaporizer is on.  When it stops, only one of them will still be lit which will show the temperature it is on. The temperature settings range from 356°F to 374°F to 392°F to 410°F to 428°F. To change temperature from one setting to the other, simply leave your finger on the power button for 2 seconds and it will cycle to the next temperature setting. Temperature setting controls don’t always come in a herbal vaporizer at the price range. It takes about 30-45 seconds to fully heat up depending on the temperature you selected.

Replaceable battery

Each kit comes with its own 2200mAh 18650 Lithium Ion battery but the the X MAX V2 Pro comes with replaceable batteries which most portable herbal vaporizers do not do. This makes carrying the vape on the go so much easier. Each battery has about a 1 continuous hour of usage on the highest setting. Having an extra battery or two on your can go a long way.

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance like keeping the X MAX V2 Pro clean is very simple. It comes with a brush you can use to clean inside the chamber. Simply brush all around then turn it around and dump the remains. After this, soak a q-tip with isopropyl alcohol and slightly rub it around. Dry it thoroughly with a tissue and you’re set to go.

Best Portable Herbal Vaporizer Under $100

How to Use the X Max V2 Pro

The X MAX V2 Pro turns on with 5 quick pushes on the single button. All 5 LED lights will turn on. Once all the LED lights turn on then turn off, you can change the temperature control setting by clicking the power button 3 times quickly. It then cycles through each temperature. Grind up your herbs and fill it in the chamber. Put your mouthpiece on and heat it up. When you want to use it for concentrates, use the Nickel Net Tray.


Benefits and Features:

  • Works With Dry Herbs, Concentrates and Liquids.
  • Ceramic Glass Chamber
  • 5 Temperature Settings:
  • New Designed Mouthpiece with Mesh Screen
  • Compact and Portable
  • USB Charger. 2 hour charge time
  • 5 Minute Auto Shutoff
  • Removable 18650 Battery
  • USB charging and optional external battery charging
  • Simple updated operating process (5 click turn on / 3 clicks to cycle temps)
  • One Button Temperature Control System
  • Made of the finest materials for a safer and healthier vaping experience


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Black, Grey, Silver, Gold

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