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Vapium Lite Vaporizer

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Vapium Lite Features:

  • Ceramic Heating Element
  • Conduction Heating
  • Eight Temperature Controls (365°F – 446°F)
  • 1100mAh Lithium-Ion battery
  • 30 Second Heating
  • Anodized Aluminum Casing
  • Medical-Grade Silicon and Polycarbonate Vapor Path





Last updated on May 28th, 2019 at 09:03 pm

When it comes to most budget vaporizers, there are usually some compromises made, whether that be in the form of overall performance or build quality. There are a few devices that promise to break that mold, however, the Vapium Lite being one of them. Sporting an impressive 8 temperature settings to choose from as well as a sleek anodized aluminum finish encasing the entire kit, the Vapium Lite is a promising little entry into the budget market that just might the device of choice for the budding vaper.


Something we’ve found to be a bit unusual in regards to the overall design of the Vapium Lite is how despite its relatively premium build quality, still manages to give off a retro vibe. We figure this to be due to the old-school markings indicating the various temperature settings as well as the large format icons that populate the front of the device. While this isn’t necessarily a negative against the aesthetics of the Vapium Lite, it’s definitely something which can be considered hit-or-miss depending on the look you’re going for with your first vaping device.

But when looking at what matters, the Vapium Lite does have it going where it matters; the device feels premium to the touch, not to mention construction feels rigid with tight tolerances that manage to eliminate any loose or rattling parts when moving the device around. The lack of a fully functioning display is offset by the array of LED indicators conveniently labeled so even the most uninformed neophyte to vaping will know the current status of their device.

Vapor Quality

Unfortunately one of the pitfalls that the Vapium Lite doesn’t manage to overcome is the rather inconsistent performance it outputs when turned on. While the high-quality materials used to construct the vapor path often results in a satisfactory flavor and vapor output, the entirety of the vapor path, mouthpiece included is all a bit too short. This results in a pretty hot and uncomfortable vaping experience, even when vaping the device at its lowest temperature setting.

If you find yourself to be an actual fan of how warm the Vapium Lite vapes, however, everyday use with this device should feel just right up your alley. The ceramic conduction plate does a great job of quickly and evenly heating up your dry herb so you won’t have to put in much work when it comes to properly grinding and loading up product into the chamber. Wait times are also practically negligible with the device getting up to vaping temperatures within 30 seconds or less, making it one of the quicker devices out in the market despite its budget origins.


The Vapium Lite promises a lot of vaping uptime thanks to its integrated 1100mAh battery and while that sounds all fine and dandy on paper, real-world performance, unfortunately, doesn’t feel up to scratch when actually running the Vapium Lite through regular daily use. Even after charging our unit for the recommended one hour period prior to first-time use, the battery failed to deliver a full or even half day’s worth of power to the vape with the power already cutting off within the 4th to 5th session.

While we’re not sure if this is an issue related to the cable, charging unit or the battery itself is something we’ve yet to ascertain but so far our experience with the Vapium Lite has been a tad unreliable for long-term or all-day use. Your mileage may vary though as other users of the device have reported no such issues with their units which might mean the kit we got for testing is simply a lemon.


Despite its list of shortcomings, there are a few things which we can duly appreciate about the Vapium Lite. Haptic feedback for starters is grossly underused amongst many devices and the Vapium Lite makes good utility of the feature. Having the device vibrate when it reaches the desired temperature is surprisingly convenient as it eliminates the need to constantly check the device when heating it up.

While the Vapium Lite doesn’t use a freely adjustable temperature setting, the 8 temperature presets give more than enough freedom (granted the battery lets you hit those temperatures in the first place). The use of dedicated and clearly labeled LED indicators also make the learning curve of the Vapium Lite astutely small and pretty much anyone can pick up the device and figure out how to use it within 5 minutes.

How to Use the Vapium Lite

Similar to most dry herb vaporizers, the first step starts with properly grinding up your dry herb of choice. After achieving your desired consistency, pack the ground up herb into the ceramic chamber until it’s about ½ to ¾ full. Make sure you don’t pack the herb in too tight so as to facilitate proper airflow.

Hold the Go button on the device until the device vibrates and the LEDs switch on notifying you of the remaining battery level. Pick your desired temperature after which the device will start heating up. Wait 30-45 seconds to allow the Vapium Lite to reach your desired temperature before slowly inhaling through the mouthpiece.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The usual issue that plagues dry herb vaporizers is that the air filter eventually gets gunked up with residue from continuously heating up herb. The Vapium Lite makes cleaning a breeze with the easily removable mouthpiece and filter: Simply pop off the mouthpiece and use the included stirring tool to pry off the filter and brush and pick off any sediment that’s gumming up the filter. Pop the filter and mouthpiece back on and you’re done! The kit also includes a brush which is helpful for removing debris from the chamber itself.


Vapium Lite Includes:

  • 1 x LITE Vaporizer
  • 1 x USB-C Charger Cable
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x  EXTRA Clean Air Intake Drawer
  • 1 x 14/18mm glass adapter / mouthpiece

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Rolando B:

    Perfect size and power. Came quick and just on time for christmas.

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