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Xvape Vista Mini Portable e-Nail

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Last updated on April 9th, 2020 at 06:54 am

There are some people who vape religiously and who need a handheld electronic dab rig that they can carry around with them so that they always have access to their vape when they need it. On the other hand, there are people who simply like to enjoy a vaping session when they are relaxing in their home and they may prefer a more powerful, permanent rig that is used particularly for that purpose. The X-VAPE Vista Mini combines the best of both worlds, providing users with a desktop vaporizer that can easily be carried to a friend’s house when in need of a powerful vaporizer. However, while this idea might be excellent, does the product itself have the qualities necessary to back it up? Let’s take a look. 


The overall quality of the X-VAPE Vista Mini is a highly-debated topic that leaves some people defending the quality of this portable desktop vaporizer and others complaining about how it just does not measure up to previous models or meet their expectations about how well a home-based vaporizer should perform. While there is this divide in user opinions, we will try to look at quality objectively in terms of vapor and build to give you a more realistic outlook. 


Thoughts on the vapor tend to range from okay to great but the overall consensus is that there are some parts of the vape that are holding back the vapor quality. The biggest issue for most users is that, because the rig is portable, it is unable to give a high quality of vapor because it is such a small rig. Despite percolation systems and extended vapor paths, it simply does not have enough time to cool down the vapors before it reaches the user, making for much harsher flavors and hits. Additionally, some users say that the flavors simply are not satisfying at certain temperatures. 


The build quality is one of the more trickier aspects to cover as there are those who love it and those who do not. Some people have stated that includes all the necessary aspects that we would expect from an X-VAPE product while others have stated that many of the parts of this object felt cheap and did not contribute to a positive vaping experience. If we had to sum it up based on the information out there, “basic” or “decent” would be fair terms to use in order to describe the build quality of the X-VAPE Vista Mini. 

Temperature Control

Another problem that many have with the X-VAPE Vista Mini is the fact that it has such limited temperature features. Many desktop vaporizers give you the ability to fully control your temperature (within a certain range) so that you can experiment with different temperatures to see how vapor flavors change over different ranges of heat. The Vista Mini, however, only gives users three different heat selections to choose from when they start vaping with this desktop vaporizer. It has been said that while the top two selections get the job done, the lowest heat setting often doesn’t do much in terms of vapor production and often leaves it with an unenjoyable taste that does little to keep vape enthusiasts happy. 

How to Use the Xvape Vista Mini

To begin using your X-VAPE Vista Mini, simply click the button three times to activate the device. You can then click the button twice more to cycle through the three preset temperature selections and hold the button for a brief period of time to activate heating once you have settled on a temperature. To load the device, you can either remove the carb cap and load the material prior to heating or apply it directly for a dabbing experience. 


The most unique aspect of this piece is that it is far more portable than other desktop vaporizers. If you want to take your desktop piece with you, you will have to go through the extensive process of packing this bulky device away and shielding it from potential damage as you take it to the next location. The X-VAPE Vista Mini is far smaller than the average desktop vape and can easily be stowed away in a bag without going through the normal fuss of carrying it around with you. However, a portable vape is only as good as its functionality. Does the X-VAPE Vista Mini measure up? 

Battery Life

The good news about this portable desktop vaporizer is that it does have a 2000mAh backing it up so you that you can take a fair amount of hits before having to recharge it again. This means that if you need a vaporizer without a cord that you can share in a large group without having to worry about it dying quickly, the X-VAPE Vista Mini can get the job done. 

Heat Up Time 

Because it is intended to be used as a desktop vaporizer, the added benefit of this piece is that its heat up time far surpasses the heat up time of other products. With the Vista Mini, the battery is capable of heating up your device to the desired temperature in as little as five seconds. 

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