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The Kind Pen Dream

$99.95 Lifetime Warranty

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  • Touch Sensor 1500mAh Lithium Ion Battery
  • Temperature Option Setting (350°F, 390°F, 430°F)
  • Glass Mouthpiece with Airflow Control
  • Deep Ceramic Chamber
  • Dual Quartz Rods/ Titanium Coil
  • Coilless Chamber with Ceramic Dish (Zero Combustion)
  • Elevated Air Flow System (No Clogging or Leaking)





Last updated on July 13th, 2020 at 02:35 pm

The Kind Pen has always been about providing good quality and reliable personal vaporizers at an affordable price point and their entry into the wax vaping category is no exception to this rule. The Kind Pen Dream is Kind Pen’s personal and portable solution for those who prefer vaporizing wax and other types of solid concentrates. Awarded the Best Vaporizer of 2016 by High Times Magazine, its got an impressive spec sheet to back it up. Let’s take a closer look at the details down below see what the buzz is all about.


One of the more impressive items on the Kind Pen Dream’s feature list Is its integrated battery rated at 1500mAh. While the rating of the battery might not seem that large in comparison to bigger and bulkier devices, given the dimensions of the device and how it comes close the form factor of your standard vape pen, 1500mAh is well above the curve in terms of providing long-lasting vape sessions throughout the entire day.

While high-end manual dabbing rigs are still well-loved among the community for their exceptional performance, getting the hang of controlling dab temperatures can be a bit of work especially for a beginner. Luckily, the Kind Pen Dream makes all of this effortless for the average user with its 3 built-in temperature settings that effectively lock the temperature at 350°, 390°, or 430° depending on your mood or preference when it comes to vaping.

While more premium vaporizers or dabbing rigs opt for a more expensive quartz mouthpiece, the Kind Pen Dream makes a smart decision to go with a much more affordable and easily replaceable glass mouthpiece. The mouthpiece also features a built-in airflow control dial which is rare among portable wax vaporizers and lets you dial in the ratio of air to vapor you get with each inhale.

The Kind Pen Dream also uses an impressively sized ceramic chamber to hold your wax or concentrate of choice. The use of ceramic in this scenario promises a much smoother and flavorful inhale with zero aftertaste which is commonplace when vaping with other materials such as titanium. The large chamber size also means you can cram in a lot more concentrate into it without having to stop and refill often, resulting in longer lasting vaping sessions.

Something that is considered rare in the personal vaporizer industry is the Kind Pen Dream’s inclusion of two types of heating elements that can be swapped out at a moments notice, One is a coil-less chamber that terminates into a ceramic dish that results in a combustion-free vaping experience. Thanks to the threaded design of the included atomizers, you’re free to quickly and easily swap them out by hand and give the second atomizer a try. The Quartz rod atomizer features titanium coils that heat up more slowly for a relatively more relaxed vaping session.

The device itself is charged by a micro USB charging port. A high-quality cable is included in the kit along with a few accessories to help facilitate your vaping sessions such as a packing tool, an extra mouthpiece in case you lose or break the first one, as well as some extra o-rings to help you get a proper seal between the chamber and the glass mouthpiece should the pre-installed o-rings ever loosen up over time,

Like most of the Kind Pens product lineup, the Kind Pen Dream also comes with a lifetime warranty, so you’re never going to have to second guess the reliability or durability of your device knowing that the Kind Pen has got your back. Also, take note that this is considered somewhat of a rarity in the vaping industry and not many other companies offer this kind of service with their product line.


While high-gloss finishes aren’t exactly a fan favorite in terms of aesthetics (regardless of what kind of device is involved), the Kind Pen Dream manages to pull off the look quite well. Unlike other high-gloss finishes that end up looking cheap and plasticky, the Kind Pen Dream manages to look and feel premium, something we believe can also be associated with its no-nonsense approach in terms of design.

While the glass mouthpiece doesn’t really deviate from the norm, this is usually a good thing as finding replacements is a lot easier when using a standard or non-proprietary design. It’s not the most premium glass in the world but for what it costs and how it works, it’s really difficult to find any reason to complain in this regard.

Something that is also quite unique and we daresay one-of-a-kind is the Kind Pen Dream’s implementation of a touch sensor on the power button. Practically an industry first, it took a while to get used to the positioning of the button/sensor which places it at the bottom of the device. While this doesn’t really affect much of the functionality of the Kind Pen Dream, it does give the device an exceedingly sleek look that is almost unrivaled by any other device in the market.


What’s pretty compelling about the way that the Kind Pen Dream works is its totally wickless or cotton design, resulting in longer lasting coil and atomizer life that should prove to provide better flavor and vapor over a longer period of time. It’s difficult to recommend one of the included atomizers over the other as most of that simply boils down to personal preference. Both atomizers give off similar flavors but the main difference comes down to how warm the vapor gets when inhaling (ceramic being the more intense in terms of heat and vapor production while Quartz being a bit more laid back)

Another noteworthy aspect is just how quickly the Kind Pen Dream heats up. Compared to other devices in the market, the Kind Pen Dream feels almost instantaneous when firing up the device and the temperatures quickly reach your desired setting without much wait times involved. All three temperature settings felt great to vape on which is something that can be attributed to the strong battery used, although its recommended that beginners to vaping wax concentrate try out the device on the lowest setting first to get a good feel of how the setup operates.

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