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The Kind Pen Pure Oil Vape

$49.95 Lifetime Warranty

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The Kind Pen Pure Features:

  • Dial Adjustable Voltages(2.6v, 3.0v, 3.4v, 3.8v)
  • 400mAh Battery
  • 510 Thread
  • Pre-Heat Function (2.0v)
  • Multi-Color LED Indicator
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Auto Draw
  • 0.5mL CCell Ceramic Tip Reusable Cartridge
  • USB Charging Port




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Last updated on June 19th, 2020 at 02:18 am

No doubt about it, the vaping industry is currently saturated by an over-abundance of personal vaporizers that have hit the market full force and it doesn’t look like things are slowing down anytime soon. While this can make it difficult for the newcomers to the hobby when it comes to purchasing their first device, the good news here is that there is no shortage of choices available to select from. TheKind Pen Pure represents one of those choices in the sense that it strays away from that pen- style form factor which comprise a large majority of those devices and provides a strong hitting and reliable device in a unique form factor that many can appreciate.

Features of The Kind Pen Pure

Despite its diminutive size, the Kind Pen Pure hosts a healthy feature set which greatly expands on the device’s utility and versatility. For starters, like many devices in its size-category, the Kind Pen Pure uses a convenient autodraw sensor that automatically fires up the device the moment you inhale from the mouthpiece, resulting in a completely button-free vaping experience that is both convenient and easy-to-use, even for the most neophyte users.

Packed within its tiny frame is an integrated 400mAh battery which can prove quite sufficient in providing a long enough lasting and satisfactory vaping experience. The Kind Pen Pure eliminates the need for any kind of external charging and simply relies on a micro USB charging port for easy topping up of the internal battery as long as you have a compatible charging cable (included in the kit) and a powered USB port on hand. Charge up times are practically negligible as well, with the internal battery fully topping up in under an hour of charging meaning minimal downtime in between charging cycles.

The Kind Pen Pure also makes use of a standard 510 connector which means that you’re free to use the base kit with pretty any sort of pre-filled cartridge that you happen to find and purchase. The kit, of course, comes with its own cartridge which is refillable and holds up to 0.5ml of oil or e-liquid giving you a bit of freedom when it comes to the product that you wish to vape. The Kind Pen Pure’s cartridge is CCELL ceramic tipped ensuring high durability and excellent flavor and vapor production. Thanks to the ceramic wicking elements used in the cartridge, it can be used many times before needing to be replaced.

While the portable form factor might lead most users to think that the Kind Pen Pure is a one trick pony and doesn’t offer much under its sleeve, the device actually features up to three voltages to select from, letting you select the best setting for your personal preference, depending on how warm/cool or mild/intense you want each session you want to be. In addition, the Kind Pen Pure also makes use of an ultra-low voltage pre-heat function that primes the cartridge and its contents prior to you taking a puff, ensuring that the first puff is just as good as the last, achieving an overall consistent vaping experience.


The Kind Pen Pure might not be impressive at all from an aesthetics standpoint, considering it looks much like a simple, black, zippo-sized box. But the philosophy behind the design of the Kind Pen Pure is based on functionality and practicality before all else, something that can be easily seen in the rest of the manufacturer’s lineup.

When the product that you’re purchasing features a lifetime warranty, that says a lot about the amount of confidence that the manufacturers have in the reliability and durability of their product. While tiny in size, the Kind Pen Pure is built like a tank. The device feels great to hold to in hand, offering a decent premium feel when used and manages to avoid the most common pitfalls of most portable vaporizers where the device feels toy-like and boring to hold.

The Kind Pen Pure is also one of the few portable vaporizers to incorporate the cartridge into the main body of the device so that the cartridge itself is sufficiently concealed from public view. This doesn’t just make the Kind Pen Pure a lot more convenient to use when on the go, the integration of the cartridge also lends another layer of protection to the cartridge and its precious contents. No longer will you have to worry about dropping the device and potentially shattering the cartridge thanks to it being encased in the Kind Pen Pure’s durable chassis.

The lack of height or length to the device also makes it a lot more portable than your average vape pen since its a lot easier to pocket especially compared to the standard vape pens that tend to stick out awkwardly. The threads on the 510 connector are machined quite well and make unthreading the cartridge from the base a quick and painless affair that doesn’t require any effort at all.


All the fancy functional design and functional features listed above wouldn’t amount to much if the device itself didn’t perform well in the vapor department. It’s no coincidence that the Kind Pen Pure is probably one of the best performing devices in its size and price category. Using the Kind Pen Pure provides a smooth and satisfying vaping experience that feels consistent with every puff. Most of this is thanks to the cartridge assembly that makes use of a high-quality CCELL ceramic heating element and wicking material.

The makers of the Kind Pen Pure also understand that various oils have different viscosities and properties when it comes to vaping, which is why the ability to select a voltage or power output most suited to each oil or e-liquid is so important. To top things off the included pre-heat function keeps the vaping experience nice and smooth especially if you tend to take your time in between puffs so that the air pathways never clog or jam up when not in use.

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