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DipStick Vaporizer

3 Year Warranty

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Unfortunately, the DipStick Vaporizer has been discontinued. We recommend the following three devices in its place.




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DipStick Vaporizer Includes:

  • – Dipstick Vaporizer
  • – 2 X  Nickel plated chrome coils with ceramic wrapped tips
  • – 1 X Magnetic coil covers
  • – 2 X 3.7 volt batteries
  • – 1 X Battery charger
  • – Screwdriver bit
  • – 2 X Glass concentrate covers
  • – 2 X Long cleaning swabs
  • – 1 X Lanyard
  • – User manual

Dipstick Features:

  • Small and Very Portable
  • Simple Maintenance and Easy to Clean
  • Replaceable and Rechargeable Battery
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • NIckel-Plated Chrome Coil
  • Ceramic Heating Coil
  • Stainless Steel Vapor Path (Removable)
  • Made from Medical Grade Material


The Dipstick

The sleek style of this innovative design promotes The Dipstick vaporizer as a top selected choice to meet the demands of wax concentrate vape enthusiast. Styled to perform and deliver, The Dipstick offers this genre of vapers the same level of freestyle on-the-go vaping that is associated with other vaping methods. With the induction of this device into the vaping community, wax vape pens will definitely need to step up their game. The makers of The DipStick haven’t created a dry herb vaporizer yet but just know that when they do, it will most probably be on another level.

The benefits of the wax dab pens are well received as primo sublime levels of intense enjoyment and very popular.. The mess from the residual products was too conspicuous in every sense. The accumulation of the accessories and tools were illogical for mobility. They got lost and they also drew too much attention. Then there was the maintenance levels that was related to the units and the common devices used to consume this type of product.

The Dipstick wax vaporizer is a whole unit designed to deliver wax concentrate vape enthusiasts, almost like an electric nectar collector. The model is a uniform design that doesn’t entail the accessories and tools that encumber a vaper. There is no over production of by-products, and the maintenance that is involved is relatively effortless. This unit is freestyle vaping at its best.


Performance of The DipStick:

As a first of its kind, The Dipstick vaporizer has set the precedence to follow. The designers and the manufactures have covered every angle for attaining perfection in the way this unit works. The tip stays temperate so that you can hit it then hit it again successively. Every time you delve to reap this units bounty, you will get that same great amazing flavor. The vapor clouds are the most extensive and dense you could expect. They stay on that same raucous level from the beginning to the end of every load. This unit is amazing with its ability for the user to partake of a little of his or her wax concentrate now, then it lets you come back and experience that same major vaping producing succession later.

The coil cover and the battery cover are both magnetically charged so that adds a sizable convenience to any vaping on the go efforts. The unit is super slim, small, lightweight, and discreet so it’s very easy to conceivably carry without concern for discovery. You are absolved from the hindrance of multiple tools and varied accessories that usually accompanies wax concentrate vaping. Without that cumbersome ensemble you can easily carry the unit in your pocket, purse, carry along bag, in your dash, or even in your console. You may even be the brazen sort and choose to wear TheDipStick visibly suspended from the complimentary lanyard provided in your kit.

The unit is designed to be easy and conservative. Every part of The Dipstick that contacts your product is removable. Its easy maintenance status is that clean-up simply entails a short soak along with soap and water. The reclamation chamber catches the wax drip and gives you a viable resource for later attention. There are also tools provided that are specifically designed to assist in collecting the full bounty of your reservoir. Not only is this dab vape streamlined, it moves the technique of mobile wax concentrate vaping forward.

The unit is available in a variety of colors that range from black, blue, silver and pink. This unit is the dependable must have for any serious vape enthusiast. You are also given the benefit the 3 year warranty, reaffirming that this is a product you can rely on.



From the beginning of its conception in thought and idea, the designers and manufacturers left no issue of portable wax vaping in discreet. The design is forged on studious forethought that followed through to discovery, compounded by resolution.This unit is a conjunction of super simple mechanics concealed within a strikingly elegant encasement. In combination the result is a device that allows a wax vape enthusiast to enjoy the freedom of their vapor anywhere they want to do it.

This is simply a heat and treat method of letting the element heat, which happens very quickly. Then you connect the glass wax concentrate attachment and enjoy your experience by indulging from the mouthpiece. The wax chamber is glass and the contact coil is nickel plated chrome with a ceramic tip. That means no plastics releasing harmful chemicals and no foul tasting rubber/ silicone components. All this means no loading and reloading into a wax attachment. You will receive the same level of great taste every time you wrap your lips around the mouthpiece of this device. The pull is a free air flow system so you have full control over the mass of your vapor. Perfecting the technique that best delivers you to your perfect elevated level of decadent plateau is fully in your control.

The heat up time is almost instantaneous for this The DipStick, spanning a short 5 second duration. The entire unit can be easily disassembled for cleaning and reassembled with finesse. You have the product options that range from solid wax concentrates or oily wax base. The vapor path is a bacterial resistant stainless steel so that even if you are to busy to clean immediately you still retain a measure of safe inhalation. The unit boasts a long vaping consistency.

The batteries are removable, replaceable, and fully rechargeable. The unit is powered with the basic 5 click power up method and the 5 click power down. It also features an installed automatic shutoff feature that will power the unit down within 10 seconds of dormancy.


Features and Benefits of The DipStick Vaporizer:


  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Color options – Black, Silver, Blue and Pink.
  • 3 Year warranty
  • Easy maintenance
  • Constructed with high grade materials
  • Transitions between solid and oily wax forms of vape concentrates.


  • Ceramic heating tip.
  • Nickel plated chrome coil.
  • Batteries are rechargeable, removable, and replaceable.
  • The stainless steel vapor channel is removable.
  • No need to load any concentrates.

Temperature Control Settings:

The Dipstick vaporizer is pre-set at the optimal temperature for vaporizing your concentrates. That takes the hassle of guess work out of your hands. All you have to do is insert you concentrate into the jars, wait on the tip to glow red and begin your session. The risk of burning your product can be avoided simply by disconnecting the concentrate bowl from engaging with heating coil or by powering the unit off.


How To Use The DipStick:

The Dipstick is a futuristic concept based in simplicity. The design delivers a unit that that is super convenient in the easy use ability levels and performance. For starters to access the batteries, remove the magnetic mouthpiece and unscrew the battery cap. The batteries always are inserted positive end first. That is more simple than most children’s toys. The unit is powered on by pressing the button five times successively and powered off the same way. There is also an automatic ten second shut off in a dormant state that is implemented for safety and product preservation.

First off, turn on your vaporizer by pressing the button five times fast. The LED light will blink three times.To begin you wax concentrate vaping experience, attach the magnetic mouthpiece with the air chamber, screw on your coil, but do not over tighten it. Then you load your product into one of the glas chamber jars that are provided, power your unit up, wait for your coil to glow red, insert the tip into your concentrate and begin your session. When you are done or want to turn it off, press the power button five times quickly. It really is as simple and easy as that.

With a quick heat up time of one second, it lights up by keeping your finger on the button while bringing the vapor-tip close to your concentrates. As soon as it starts creating vapor, slowly inhale. After ten seconds of max heat, it automatically turns off to prevent overheating. You will know this because the light starts blinking.

Cleaning The DipStick:

The cleaning that comes with this portable dab vaporizer is extremely easy. With the cleaning requiring disassembling, ease was definitely in mind when thinking of the vaper. First remove the mouthpiece which will show the airway and then unscrew the tip. Remove the reclaim chamber screw and the reclaim chamber itself, which should show the other side of the airway. Take off the stainless steel airflow tube. Take all the pieces and soak it in alcohol for a bit then clean it thoroughly with warm water. Make sure you do not run any water into The DipStick itself. put back all the piece and you are ready to go.


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Black, Silver, Blue, Pink


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