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Tesla Mechanical Variable Voltage Mod

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$69.95 1 Year Warranty

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Unfortunately, the Tesla Mechanical Variable Voltage Mod has been discontinued. We recommend the following three devices in its place:





Last updated on May 2nd, 2020 at 06:00 pm

Whats In The Box?

  • Tesla Mechanical Mod Body
  • Charger Station
  • User Manual




Vapers looking for an easy to use vaporizer with a quality body and amazing features will quickly fall in love with the Tesla Variable Voltage Mod. The name says it all. A Tesla based product means it is bound to last and made from the highest quality products available. From the way it heats up quickly to the smooth vapor taste, the Tesla Variable Voltage Mod is one heck of an e-cig.


The Features:

E-cigs have a long history for being powerless, hard to vape with yet expensive. But the Tesla Variable Voltage Mod has everything you could want or need from a powerful mod. The most prominent features included are:

Variable Voltage and Wattage. You get to choose how much power this baby will use to help you light up.

Couple different aluminum finishes are available. Flexibility to choose your own finish is a huge plus for many vapers.

Durable, tough, and unbreakable. The quality of the body and design are incredible, albeit slightly bulky.

Some of the most avid vapers rave about the build quality of the Tesla Variable Voltage Mod, while others go crazy for its power. Whatever floats your boat you will likely truly enjoy using this particular e-cig vaporizer.



What are Mechanical Mods?



It’s in the Details

Of course, more dedicated vapers will want to know the vaporizer’s details prior to making a purchase. We wouldn’t want to leave them out of the equation, so we have gathered the most important details of the new Tesla vaporizer just for them. Enjoy.

  • Height  138.15 mm
  • Diameter 27.96mm rather bulky as you can see.
  • Thick aluminum alloy body
  • OLED screen function
  • Battery voltage check
  • Ventilated body and bottom cap for easy flow
  • Atomizer check feature
  • PWM Chip adjusted to a RMS setting
  • Constant voltage and constant power setting
  • Over 25 different power settings
  • Superior safety features

As you can see, the Tesla Variable Voltage Mod has plenty to offer, even though its design is not exactly the sexiest that the company could come up with.


Biggest Draws for the Tesla Voltage Mod

Tesla always does an excellent job of making sure their products do exactly what they claim they will, and the Tesla Voltage Variable Mod is no different. A clean, smooth, and powerful vape is the result of a powerful battery that sits at 3.7 volts which is considerably powerful for a vaporizer.  Coming with a standard IMR 18650 2000 mAh batteries, there is plenty of juice to get going.

Obviously, charging and recharging batteries is one of the most hated activities for any vaper, but when you purchase the Tesla Voltage Variable Mod there is no need to constantly charge your battery. The powerful battery lets you vape all day long without ever having to stop and replace your battery. This is by far one of the longest lasting batteries on the market.

The Tesla Voltage Variable Mod is also extremely comfortable to hold in your hand. This can also be a serious winner for vapers who tire of holding small e-cigs that slide through their fingers. This vaporizer fits nicely in your hand and is easy to hold for as long as you need to.

The 510 threading for the smooth fitting of the atomizer is just one more feature that keeps people raving about this e-cig. Of course, this threading can become a bit noisy but a bit of oil will keep things running along nicely.

However, the biggest enticement of the Tesla Voltage Variable Mod is by far its price. Inexpensive and extremely efficient, this vaporizer is by far one of the best on the market.


Pro Tips to Remember

Before you build any complaints against the Tesla, first consider a few pro tips that will help you see through the fog to remedy your situation.

Remember that the higher the power setting the quicker your battery will die. Adjust accordingly.

There are 31 possible voltage settings on the Tesla.

Keep in mind that when your battery cell is low or going dead the display will read “Low V” and will cease to work. Recharge prior to this warning for the best results.

Navigate through Tesla’s voltage, resistance, and battery options by pressing the minus sign.

Although the Tesla Voltage Variable Mod might not come with all of the glitz and glam that many new vapers are used to, it does have the power and the draw necessary for a great experience.

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Stainless Steel, Black

1 review for Tesla Mechanical Variable Voltage Mod

  1. Paul Z.

    I’ve used these for two years now, and was forced to retire my last one when it began acting crazy after 6 months hard use. They are well made and rugged, and slip into a pants pocket easily.

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