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Sticky Wax Vape Pen

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1 Year Warranty

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 Unfortunately, the Sticky Wax Vape Pen has been discontinued. We recommend the following three devices in its place.




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(1) 510 Rechargeable Battery
(2)  Mouthpieces
(2) Wax atomizer
(1) USB charger
(1)  Dab tool


Sticky Wax Vape Pen Overview

We are proud to say the sticky wax vape pen is the sleekest, portable and most lightweight concentrate vaporizer we offer for its price. It is really the most convenient and discreet vaporizer pen due to its size. It is literally as thin if not thinner than your average pen. That’s the reason this discreet wax pen was our first sell out product. Also it is our economically cheapest vaporizer starter kit we offer. What else would you need in a discreet pen for an extremely low price? All in all it is durable and real easy to take it out with you. Included in this sticky wax vape pen starter kit is one battery, two wax chambers, one dab tool, and one usb charger. It’s so small it doesn’t even require a carry case! It can be easily throw in your purse, pocket, bag, etc. Who knew something so small can make such HUGE clouds? The wax burner vaporizer pen comes with an extra chamber just in case you burn one out or lose it. Do not over pack them or overheat them as they will burn out. Especially after many uses, the coil wrapped around the wick will get brittle and more sensitive. The more you poke it with the dab tool it will continue to get loosened. Its best to drop the source straight into the chamber. Each sticky wax burner vaporizer pen is made with high quality standards to make sure it heats thoroughly and evenly, giving it a good thick vapor.

Sticky Wax Vape Pen Features

Your discreet wax burner vaporizer pen will soon become your best buddy. The fact that it is leak proof and is ready as soon as it is taken out the box is wonderful! It is ready to use in seconds of receiving it in the mail. Other similar sticky wax vape pen burners have been known to leak. It causes such a mess especially when you are on the go. When a vaporizer needs to show its true colors, this vaporizer pen will shine in convenience and portability. The fact that this specific sticky wax vape pen is a 510 thread helps it significantly. This means you can put your favorite dry herb, wax, or eliquid tank on it. It doesn’t even matter if the dry herb, wax, or eliquid tank is a chamber or clearomizer. The battery thread connector is pretty much universal which makes it really convenient and practical.

We recommend this as your first starter kit if you are getting introduced to vaporizing as an alternative. It’s cheap, reliable and convenient. With so many positive reviews about this wax burner vaporizer pen that our team knew we had to add this to our own line up.

Sticky Wax Vape Pen Q & A

 Is sticky wax vape pen starter kit or will I need anymore accessories to use this?
Yes, this is the starter kit. That means this is ready for use right out of the box set. Just click the power button five (5) times to turn it on and you are ready to go. We suggest using it the first time until the batteries drain, then doing your first charge on this battery.
The mini pocket pen wax vaporizer comes with two coil chambers ready to go in case you damage or lose one. However, we do have other coils and chambers for concentrates and wax in our Vaporizer Accessories

Can this be used with a variable voltage battery connected to the chamber?
Yes, but we advise on not going above 3.8V on the battery when using this specific attachment. This can cause a quick shortage due to it being too strong of a current for the coil.

 How long does the battery last before my next re-charge?
One great reason this first sold out was not only because of its price point but long lasting between charges. It lasts for about 8.5 hours of continuous use. This means when you fully charge it, it will take 81/2 hours of using it until the juice in the battery is dead.

 Does the sticky wax wax vape pen come with any kind of warranty?
Yes, here at King Pen Vapes we offer a free full one (1) year warranty on all vaporizers and Dead on Arrival parts or accessories!

 What is the different between the two (2) chambers it comes with?
They are the same chamber with the same coil. This vaporizer comes with an extra replacement chamber because we believe that eventually something will be out of commission after so many uses. The coils that are tightly wrapped around the wick with no screen. Since it has no screen, it helps the wick get wet to keep the coil alive longer. One thing about the coils are they can get brittle after too much use. We advise not to poke using the dab tool/pick too much.

 Is the sticky wax vape pen a 510 thread?
Yes, this is why we sealed the deal and added it to our lineup. 510 threads are the most practical and universal threaded connection for vaporizer batteries. Our vaporizers almost all come with the standard 510 thread. 510 thread connection is almost universal to about 95% of vaporizer batteries. You can use Kangertech ProTank2  for e-juice or even dry herb attachments.

*Please don’t over pack or overheat the chamber.

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8 reviews for Sticky Wax Vape Pen

  1. Jay M.

    I was recommended by a friend who has many different buy this good battery lasts and very discreet

  2. Joe W.

    I received my item promptly and in good shape. I have been enjoying it for 2-3 weeks and have noticed no quality issues. Would buy again with no hesitation.

  3. Donna S.

    Great price’s too

  4. Raymond R.

    take care and this pen lasts

  5. Rickey P.

    It sucks doesn’t produce enough smoke it waste ur product and it doesn’t stay charged long enough I think u get better results if u wax ur car with it really disappointed with it

  6. Dillon G.

    Great for beginners, my friends and I highly recommend it

  7. Jonathan G.

    Highly recommended. Love these guys. They are kings and this product is perfect for easy vaping!

  8. pegstermm7 (verified owner)

    I just got mine. it was ready to use and I can use oil cartridges with it just fine. good heating and good vape. slim and sleek and looks really classy too.

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