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PUFFiT X Vaporizer

1 Year Warranty

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Unfortunately, the PUFFiT X Vaporizer has been discontinued. We recommend the following three devices in its place.





Last updated on June 19th, 2020 at 03:23 pm

PUFFiT X Vaporizer Includes:


PUFFiT X Features:

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • New and Improved Heating Chamber
  • 75% Longer Battery Life
  • Removable Battery
  • Works with Herbs and Waxes
  • Haptic Feedback Technology



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Who doesn’t enjoy a secret gadget that makes you feel like James Bond? Well, Discreet Vape has done it once again with their newest portable dry herb vape. PUFFiT X Vaporizer, this forced air portable herbal vape is every bit as discreet as something Mr. Bond himself would carry on his next mission. As the latest invention from Discreet Vape, PUFFiT X offers a host of features that cannot be found anywhere else.


Upgrade from the last PUFFiT Vaporizer

This unit is primarily an improvement on the previous PUFFiT vaporizer, but it does bring a whole new element to the vaporizer market. Using a revolutionized forced-air system, the unit has its very own internal fan that pushes hot air over dry herbs and creates a significant and steady vapor flow. Vapor is released in 10 second increments, similar to medical inhaler devices that it is fashioned after. This is incredibly popular with avid vape users, as it provides a delicious taste and experience from start to finish. Other portable dry herb vape products use a heating element such as a coil to vaporizer herbs, but obviously the PUFFiT X Vaporizer is unlike anything we have ever seen on the market before. As a forced air portable herbal vape, this version certainly hits all the bases quite nicely.


Magic Flight and Puffit X Difference


Portable Discreet Dry Herb Vaporizer Packed with Technology

In addition to the internal heating fan, the PUFFiT X Vaporizer X also uses a silicone heat shield that prevents heat from escaping from the inside of the unit. This contributes to the stream of vapor it pushes out when you inhale. This same silicone heat shield keeps the vaporizer’s exterior temperature cool to the touch, so burns are never a concern. This portable dry herb vape keeps your safety and comfort in mind at all times. Of course, you can’t leave technology out of the equation either. As if the forced air portable dry herb vaporizer technology was not enough, the PUFFiT X also has its own temperature sensors and a microprocessor that keeps everything running smoothly. Combined, they work together to adjust and monitor the temperature over 100 times every single second. An internal gold plated heating chamber also keeps things steamy while you inhale.

Discreet Vape used patented technology to make the PUFFiT X Vaporizer extremely efficient. Take the amount of time it takes to fire up this bad boy. According to tests, the device can heat up to vaping temperatures within just 60 seconds. This is considerable for a dry herb vape. The unit also comes with several safety features to ensure a smooth experience. A 90 second auto shut off prevents burns and maximizes battery life. If the unit shuts off too quickly you can easily touch the top of the unit and within a few short seconds it will roar back to life ready for you to enjoy. This type of technology simply is not available in other forced air dry herb vaporizer products.


Temperature Control Feature of the PUFFiT X Vaporizer

As with most vaporizers on the market today, customization is incredibly important. Buyers want the option to control the products they buy. The portable dry herb vape market is no different. Thankfully, the PUFFiT X allows vapers to control the temperature according to their preference. This is a major selling point. One that Discreet Vape was well aware of when designing this device.


Additional Features

Additional features to consider include a removable stir tool, incredible sleek and compact design, a one year manufacturer warranty, and a 90 day warranty on the battery as well. Fast charging via the wall adapter enables you to get up and on with your life in as little as an hour. Check out this unique, discreet, amazing vaporizer and experience freedom and secrecy with this all encompassing forced air portable dry herb vaporizer.


Discreet Incognito Vaporizer

Since Discreet Vape created and manufactures this insane vaping device, you know its design has to be incognito. By using a design that mimics modern asthma puff medical inhaler device, the vaporizer keeps things undercover while you enjoy your dry herbs. Since it is a portable herbal vape, its design was kept considerably smaller than other devices and is easy to take with you in your pocket or purse. This forced air portable dry herb vaporizer gets major brownie points for both discretion and technology.


How to Use the PUFFiT X Vaporizer

To start using the PUFFiT X Vaporizer, unscrew the top cap to show the heating herbal chamber to load your favorite ground dry herbs. Make sure not to filled up tight all the way to the top as its best to leave some open areas for the heat to vaporize evenly. Once you pull the mouthpiece cover off, the vaporizer will automatically turn on, exposing a red light inside the mouthpiece. Hold down the silver top part and hold for two seconds then let go to allow the heating element to start up. Once the light starts flashing red that means the portable dry herb vaporizer is warming up to your desired temperature. When the red flashing light turns green that means you are ready to go. Press down the silver cap again to turn the fan on, letting the vapor of your herbs blow out the mouthpiece. After a few seconds from when you press the top cap, to avoid overheating the green light will turn yellow and it will stop blowing the fan along with lowering the PUFFiT X Vaporizer temperature. To restart this process and get your vaporizer back up to your desired temperature, click the silver top again to start the process over.

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