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PAX by Ploom Vaporizer

1 Year Warranty

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Unfortunately, the Pax Vaporizer has been discontinued. We recommend the following three devices in its place.




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Pax by PLOOM Kit Includes:

  • Pax Vaporizer
  • Screen
  • Mouthpiece
  • Oven Lid
  • Charging Dock
  • Charging Cord
  • 5 x Cleaning Wipes
  • 5 x Cleaning Tools
  • 2 x Lubricant Packets
  • User Manual


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Authorized Reseller – 10 Years Warranty




The original Pax by Ploom dry vaporizer changes the way that you expect to taste dry herbs through a vaporizer. It is a quality vape that was manufactured by a reliable company that actually offers a 10 year warranty, showing the pure confidence that they have in their product. Where some vaporizers have impeccable style and falter in function, others fall short in design but function like champions. The Pax dry herb vaporizer can claim both a stylish body and a chamber that heats loose herbs flawlessly.


Body & Design

Standing at just 4’’ tall and 1’’ wide, the Pax by Ploom dry herb vaporizer is definitely a pocket sized portable vape. The vaporizer comes in many colors: blue, purple, black and green. Pax vaporizer makes it easy to find a vape to suit your own style and personality. The mouthpiece is made of plastic and pops out of the piece when pressure is applied, this action also turns on the vape. The dry herb chamber is located in the bottom of the vape, revealed when you push into the side of the lid which causes it to pop off. There are four separate LED lights displayed on the front of the vaporizer in an arrangement that Ploom, the maker of the Pax, calls a flower. The lights indicate battery life, heating temperature and standby mode.



The Pax by Ploom utilizes a 2600mAh lithium ion battery to heat the oven containing the dry herbs. It charges on a charging dock included with the kit for your vaporizer. The battery will fully charge when on the dock for 2 hours, when properly on the dock the light will charge orange. After about 90 minutes the battery will have reached 80% and the LED flower will shine green. You should receive about 5 full sessions before the battery runs out. To check the battery life simply shake your vape up and down, if the light shines red then your battery is very low.

  • Green – Full Battery
  • Yellow – Partially Charged
  • Red – Low Battery


Heating Element

Pax by Ploom dry herb vaporizer has a high quality heating chamber that measures approximately 10mm deep. This wide, shallow style of chamber will help get a more even singe on your loose leaves. There are three temperature settings with this vaporizer which can be changed with slight pressure applied to the mouthpiece. Don’t push the mouthpiece all the way down, just about halfway and you will feel a slight click. Each pull will take a little bit extra because of the engineering of the unit. It takes a large pull to get a thick vapor so that the chamber can maintain solid control of the temperature. The temperature settings are as follows.

  • Low = 370 ºF (188ºC)
  • Med = 390 ºF (199ºC)
  • Hot = 410 ºF (210ºC)


Portability & Discretion

The Pax is only 4’’ high, a suitable size for portability. It fits easily into your pocket or bag. Each vape emits very little to no odor or smoke when being used. If left motionless for 30 seconds it will go on standby, which helps if you have to tuck it away quickly while vaping out and about. In standby the flower will shine blue.


Quality of Vapor

Vapor output from the Pax vaporizer is a fantastic, tasty treat. It takes an immense pull to deliver a thick vapor. If you don’t want to have your piece turn into standby for a group session you can activate party mode. To activate this and override your standby roll the vaporizer over horizontally in your palm. While in Party Mode the lights will change color from petal to petal of the flower. To turn standby mode back on turn the vape on and then off again.


Cleaning and Maintenance

To clean the Pax by Ploom, you’ll only need a few items. Before a full cleaning it is necessary to maintain the piece. After every 3-5 sessions, wipe out the chamber and wipe down the body of the unit while it is still hot. Full cleaning will require a bit more.

First, moisten a q-tip with alcohol and wipe down the inside of the heating chamber. Use an alcohol wipe to clean the lid of the oven and the mouthpiece. Moisten a pipe cleaner with an alcohol wipe and push the pipe cleaner through the airway, this will pop out the screen. Soak the screen in ISO overnight and rinse fully with warm water. The most important piece to make sure your mouthpiece doesn’t stick or stop functioning is to clean the area underneath it. Use a dental stick lightly soaked in alcohol to very lightly clean the area around the airway.


How to Use the Pax by Ploom Dry Herb Vaporizer:

  1. Charge the piece on the unit for 2 hours for a full charge.
  2. Finely grind your loose herbs.
  3. Pop open the bottom of the unit to reveal the chamber, pack ¾ of the way full or about .3-.4 grams.
  4. Push the mouthpiece in until it pops up and the LED light flower lights up, it will be fully heated in 60 seconds.
  5. The Pax will light up with a pulsing purple then shine green, once green it is ready for vaping.
  6. Now simply apply lips to the mouthpiece and draw in, this will deliver a vapor.
  7. Stirring the oven about ½-¾ of the way through your session for most even vaping.
  8. When finished with session empty the chamber and push the mouthpiece in.


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