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Grenco Science Original Wax G-Pen Dual Quartz

1 Year Warranty

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Unfortunately, the Original Wax G-Pen Dual Quartz has been discontinued. We recommend the following three devices in its place.





Last updated on February 22nd, 2020 at 12:19 am

   Whats In The Box?

– G Pen Vaporizer Battery
– Original G Tank with Cover
– Mouthpiece
– G Tool
– G Charging Kit
– 2 x Glass Containers
– User Manual





The Original Essential Oil G Pen became one of the most popular pens on the market pretty quick. The G Pen coil that the pen is based off of is crafted for use with thick essential oils. Although the design is strikingly different to the MicroG, the Original G Pen is much more compatible and functions perfect with many different coils and tanks that were produced for it. Commonly known for its sophistication as a world class vaporizer, the Original Essential Oil G Pen is perfect for both the traditional and more modern vaper in the market.

The size and design of the pen is perfect for on the go function. Fitting perfectly in the palm of your hand, the Original Wax G Pen is perfect for travel and can be used for at home vaping as well. The power of the product also makes it perfect for vaping. You can pull the vapor from the pen with ease in a single touch draw tip. In just a few short seconds you can heat up your liquid product and vape away. It’s that simple!

Specifications of the Original Wax G-Pen

Each product has its own advantages and unique specifications, and the advantages of the G pen are many! Obviously, flexibility and ease of use are two of the most important advantages to consider but the specifications are what really interests avid vapers.

Rechargeable Battery – The Original Wax G-Pen comes with a fully rechargeable battery. That means you won’t be searching for a replacement every time your pen runs low on juice. Instead, all you have to do is charge up your battery in between use and enjoy the pleasure of the pen. The battery is a 650mAh which means it lasts roughly about 6 hours of continuous vaping which is very long for a small battery of this size. It is not 510 thread unfortunately which means it cannot fit on just any chamber unless its by G pen.

Metal Casing – The metal casing keeps the vapor right where you want it, in your mouth. The sleek design of the metal casing also makes it easier to handle and vape with. This also helps the outside stay cool by not getting too hot whether its the bottom battery or the wax heating chamber tank.

Wall Charging Adapter – This goes hand in hand with the rechargeable battery for overall superior function. This is only for US standard wall plug outlets.

USB charging connector – The USB charger included with the vape pen makes it much easier to charge your battery on the go. You can hook the pen up to your laptop or other USB compatible device to restore the power to your pen. Just unscrew the battery from the chamber and screw it right into the USB connector.

Essential oil containers – The main use for the vape is with essential oil. Fortunately, you can use it with some essential oils for an aroma filled vaping experience.

One Draw Tip– One of the most important features included in the Original Essential Oil G Pen is the one draw tip function. This enables you to get plenty of vapor in a single draw. No longer do you have to suck and pull vapor out of the Pen. One draw and done.

One Tank – The single tank of the Original G Pen is superior to other vaporizers in that it holds more liquid and enables you to get more bang for your buck.

Zero Flame – Unlike other vaporizers, the G Pen has zero flame. In other words, it doesn’t burn hot. A few seconds after depressing the button, your liquid is heated and turned into vapor ready for vaping. This is caused by the heating element coil on the wick in the tank. Once you put your wax or concentrate on the top of the wick, it will vaporize almost instantly.

G-Coil Tank – With the purchase of this original wax g pen, you get an additional g coil with each order. G-coils are known to last longer due to the coils being wrapped around the wick tighter. Be careful when using the dab tool, as this can break the coils after it has been used many times. It can get a little brittle after using it for a few weeks.


Easy to heat up and immediately cooled so you can vape with intensity, the vaporizer offers you everything you need in one small, modern, and convenient vaporizer. Although it is not intended for use with dry herbs, the Pen does offer the perfect platform for vaping with essential oil products. Essential oils are easily heated up leaving an aroma that rarely lingers in the air. With a rechargeable battery it is easy to take the Original G Pen with you no matter where you travel to. If you need an easy to use vaporizer with a modern and sleek design, then this is the right G Pen for you!

Original Essential Oil G Pen Review


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