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Kind Pen Slim Oil Premium

$34.95 Lifetime Warranty

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Kind Pen Slim Oil Premium

  • Quartz Rod / Titanium Coil in a Quartz Chamber
  • Temperature Control 350mAh BAttery
  • 3 Click Variable Voltage (2.8v, 3.3v, 3.7v)
  • LED Lightning
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Universal USB Charging
  • 5 Click On/Off
  • Simple One Button Operation




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Last updated on December 2nd, 2022 at 03:49 pm

With the entire vaporizer industry swelling up and encompassing pretty much everything in its path, it’s no surprise that we’re starting to see vaporizers targeting more niche areas. The Slim Oil Premium by Kind Pen is a personal vaporizer designed for use with CBD coils and to a smaller extent, e-liquids which contain nicotine.

While there are a plethora of already existing vape pens in the market, the vast majority of these are designed around the use of THC oils which produce a psychoactive effect that can sometimes hamper cognitive function. The Kind Pen Slim Oil Premium, on the other hand, is built to vaporize CBD coils at the recommended lower temperatures in contrast to the higher temps that most THC pens offer.


While most vape pens with a standard 510 connector can be used in tandem with the large variety of tanks that contain both either THC or CBD coils, not many offer a low voltage pre-heat setting designed primarily with vaping CBD oil in mind. The Kind Pen Slim Oil Premium features a 2 click pre-heat setting which fires up the device at a low 2.0 volts, great for users who prefer vaping more viscous oils in their tanks that tend to flow slowly.

The Kind Pen Slim Oil Premium also offers up to three variable voltage settings which can be easily cycled to and from by quickly pressing the power button 3 times in rapid succession. With 2.4V, 2.8V, and 3.2V power modes at your disposal when using the Kind Pen Slim Oil Premium, you’re free to discover your preferred vaping intensity in order to achieve the most satisfying and comfortable vaping experience tailored to you and the oils that you use.

Temperature Control is also baked into the Kind Pen Slim Oil Premium which helps prevent dry hits for those who tend to chain vape or take long pulls. As the heating element becomes less saturated with CBD oil, the internal temperatures tend to rise up. The temperature control nips this problem in the bud and lowers the overall output of the device allowing the user to avoid any unwanted harshness on the inhale.

Kind Pen also offers a lifetime warranty for the Slim Oil Premium vape pen, a feature rarely seen in the vaporizer industry given the rigorous wear and tear that these type of devices go through on a daily basis.


What sets apart the Slim Oil Premium from the standard editions is it features a singular button which gives you better control over the device’s operation letting you directly power the vape pen on or off with a simple 5 clicks on the power button. The Premium edition also features a metal chassis which offers an overall superior handfeel when compared to the standard plastic chassis that the standard versions come in.

The cartridge that the Slim Oil Premium uses also utilizes adequately sized oil channels measuring in at 1.1mm which are more suited to viscous liquids such as CBD oil. This, in turn, helps minimize dry hits by a large amount and lets you achieve a more consistent vape regardless of how hard or how often you use the device.
The integrated 350mah built into the chassis of the Slim Oil Premium also guarantees long lasting vaping sessions throughout the day and as the device supports convenient USB charging via the integrated micro USB port, recharging the device is just an arms reach away from any powered USB source you happen to have on hand.


One of the neat advantages that the Slim Oil Premium vape pen offers is the wickless cartridge used. Unlike other conventional tanks or atomizers that use a standard cotton wick that degrades quickly when exposed to heat and high viscosity oils, the Slim Oil Premium utilizes a wickless ceramic rod to directly heat up the CBD coil resulting in a great tasting and more consistent puff.

The ceramic rod is highly durable compared to standard wicks used in your typical atomizer which means you won’t be replacing cartridges as often as you would with conventional cotton wicked atomizers. Durability is key when the Slim Oil Premium is concerned and you’ll find yourself spending less time buying and replacing cartridges and more time enjoying high-quality vapor.

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