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Kamry K100 Mechanical Mod Telescopic Kit

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Kamry K100 Mechanical Mod  Kit Includes:

(1) Kamry K100 Telescopic Mod
(1) 18350 ICR battery
(1) 18650 ICR battery
(1) Premium zipper case
(1) Polished drip tip
(1) Battery charger
(1) One stainless cartomizer (2.0 -2.5 ohm.)

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Last updated on March 1st, 2020 at 05:38 pm

 The Kamry K100 Mech Mod Kit has just been released on the market and offers avid vapers a semi-technical yet highly functional new vaporizing device. With so many e-cigs and vaporizers on the market today, the Kamry K100 Mech Mod provides everything users are looking for with the added bonus of power, stability, and a sleek design. Flexibility is the name of the game for the Kamry K100. Because it is a fully mechanical device, it is considered to be “No strings Attached”, which is a plus for regular vaporizer users. To get an insider’s look on the technicalities of the Kamry K100 Mech Mod Kit, check out the following specs and tips for use.

The Kamry K100 Mech Mod Kit includes:

Kamry K100 Mech Mod
18350 ICR battery
18650 ICR battery
Battery charger
Stainless steel cartomizer
Decorative shield
Polished drip tip

Virtually everything a user could want is contained in this one, beautiful, all encompassing mod kit. Unlike other vaporizers, this mechanical vaporizer makes it easy to vape on the go without any need to keep the pipe plugged into an external unit. The kit also comes with a built-in anti-spill guard that prevents leaks and lost liquid, saving money in long run. Of course, many users have complained about the lack of flexibility with other mechanical vaporizers but the Kamry K100 is different. Unlike its counterparts, the Kamry is compatible with a wide variety of batteries including 18650 and 18350. This makes for easy use, recharging, and overall functionality. The easier it is to vape out of, the more popular the vaporizer.

Customizable Kamry K100 Mech Mod Kit

Once again, customization plays a factor in the popularity of vaporizer brands. Luckily, the Kamry K100 Mechanical Mod Kit comes in several different color options including marble, marble blue, and pink. The telescopic design in and of itself creates a unique customization option that allows users to choose from either long and large capacity for the avid vaper, to short with less capacity which is suitable for the average vapor user. However, regardless of your vaping capacity the telescopic pipe will blend to fit your needs.



General Specs on the Kamry K100 Mech Mod

  •  Stainless steel body.
  •  1” 510 Chrome Drip Tip.
  • Protection Tip.
  • Cartomizer shield.
  • Lockable Fire Button.

This device is incredibly sturdy for the type of vaporizer it is. Obviously, sturdiness is extremely important when it comes to vaping, so users will be pleasantly surprised by the ease of handling and smooth intake this device has.

Tips for Using the Kamry K100 Mech Mod Kit

For better perspective on what makes the Kamry k100 Mech Mod Kit a solid well built kit, consider the following tips that will help you get the most from this incredible vaporizer. Do not use a non-rechargeable battery in this vaporizer. Using any type of battery other than the ones listed above could result in serious injury to yourself or someone else. E-cigs and vaporizers are crafted to handle only certain types of batteries, so it is critical to pay attention to labels and avoid any other battery. Take advantage of the unique on/off button. Unlike other on/off switches, the Kamry K100’s switch is located on the bottom of the device. You can lock the button by screwing up or unlock it by screwing down. This gives you plenty of flexibility while vaping. Use the incredible venting holes for ultimate vaping. The design of the Kamry K100 includes three holes drilled into the body of the vaporizer. Since it is a telescopic device, there are 9 holes in total for the pipe. This gives users ultimate functionality and overall use.



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Features of the Kamry K100 Mech Mod Telescopic Kit

The Kamry K100 Mech Mod Kit has everything that you could need in a vaporizer.

Flexibility – The Kamry K100 Mech Mod has the flexibility of using a 18350mAh battery or a 18650mAh, which gives you the flexibility of switching them out when needed.

Customization – You can easily customize the Kamry K100 Mech Mod by making the top half longer or shorter based on your preference or battery. This is why it is called a telescopic mod. When using a 18350mAh, slide the top chamber to screw down and get smaller. Vice versa if you want to make it longer for a 18650mAh.

Intake holes for increased vaping quality – This helps with clogging when you purge out the vapor left inside. It also helps it not create moisture inside the vaporizer.

Strong and sturdy design – The Kamry K100 Mech Mod is built with a metal casing that keeps it cool and reliable. Screw the bottom power button to the on position and vape away.

If you are looking for an easy to use, durable, high quality vaping product than you will love the Kamry K100 mechanical mod telescopic kit. Whether you need something you can take with you on the go, or are in need of a more polished vaporizer, the Kamry K100 could be the perfect fit for you.

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1 review for Kamry K100 Mechanical Mod Telescopic Kit

  1. 5 out of 5

    Courtney C.:

    I already owned one of these same devices, the item arrived quicker than expected and works as expected, only negative is the bottom connecting, the spring ignitor is crooked so when standing up the device slants and falls over easily, but for the price I can’t complain.

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