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Hydrology 9 Vaporizer

3.67 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
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$249.95 2 Year Warranty

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Hydrology9 by Cloudious9 Features:

  • Newest Vape Design
  • Leakproof Water Filtration
  • 2000mAh LiPo Battery
  • Porcelain Oven Chamber
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Integrated Stir Tool
  • Borosilicate Glass


**Free 4 Piece Grinder AND Glass Jar with Each Purchase**

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Last updated on September 19th, 2019 at 10:07 pm

The Hydrology 9 Vaporizer by Cloudious9 exhibits uniqueness with its light saber design. This dry herb vaporizer boasts a built-in water filtration system which is one of the only one of its kind. This model showcases advanced technology by simply looking at its visual appearance. This vape is made from high quality borosilicate glass alloy which is a very sturdy piece of glass. It has a patented stirring mechanism that is known for its efficient burning capability. As you take a closer look to this vaping device, you will be amazed that is has five accurate and precise temperature settings, giving any user pure comfort while using it in any vaping session. The Hydrology 9 Vaporizer is also equipped with LED indicator lights that will indicate to users of the progress of the preferred temperature.

The Hydrology 9 Vaporizer is one of the most technically advanced vaporizer in the market. This vaporizer is made up of high quality materials and contains a borosilicate glass along with alloy. It delivers a great and incomparable vaping experience. This device does not only supersede its competitors in terms of its vapor quality and materials but it also features a precise temperature control. This dry herb vaporizer is a necessity for tech lovers and geek gadgets.

When it comes to heating your herbs, the Hydrology 9 works the same way as many conductive vaporizers, except that it has an integrated water cooling system that reduces the temperature of the steam and further improves comfort and pleasure by using it.


Design of the Hydrology 9

Hydrology 9 has an elegant and futuristic design and it is as unique in its design as in its functionality. With its height at 7 inches tall, it’s taller than most portable vapes. However, with its impressive appearance and functionality, it could easily be the centerpiece of any group or party session at home or away. The detachable Borosilicate mouthpiece come with a leak-proof liquid valve feature. There’s no need to worry about overflows and the addition of a magnetic tip makes everything stay in place permanently.

The unusual and innovative design of the Hydrology 9 has meant that it is called the “Lightsaber Spray”. It’s perfect for those who enjoy the bong-style vape experience but would like to move away from the harmful effects of smoking.

It is surrounded by a thick glass tube which fits the water in the middle. The Hydrology 9 by Cloudious9 stands at 7inches in height by 1.5inches in diameter. The mouthpiece is made from borosilicate glass which has a spill-proof and anti-leak feature on it. It has a magnetic cover on top of it for easy assembly. The top and bottom of this portable herbal vape are made from spacecraft grade aluminum which is guaranteed to not rust or leak either.

The 2000mAh battery lasts around 15 sessions on regular temperature levels. Unlike most units, it charges at just about an hour which is surprisingly fast. One of the newest innovations on this is the “tunnel tube” which is the built-in water filtration system it has to allow the vaper to get cleaner and smoother vapor.

Build Quality

The build quality is a top-priority to the Cloudious 9 group. The build result of the Hydrology 9 is something that looks absolutely amazing and feels like a very nice piece of vaporizer when you hold it in your hands. The magnetic mouth cover prevents water from escaping when you are moving, no matter how it is stored. The herb ceramic chamber in the base is simply accessible by unscrewing the bottom cover. It’s also built with a stirring tool in the base so you do not even have to open it. You turn simply the knob at the bottom of the device and it stirs the bowl for you.

Vapor Quality

With the unique system of Hydrology 9, you will get one of the most unique vapors on the market. What you get is the crisp taste of a bong, with all the fresh water filtration to match. No other vaporizer has incorporated filtration and cooling of this kind so every draw inevitably attracts attention. The vapor density is very light at low temperature and average on the first two settings.

Battery life

The LED lights are responsible for displaying the battery level of the vaporizer:

  • Red – Weak
  • Blue – Medium
  • Green – Full Charge\


The Hydrology 9 vape is equipped with a 2000 mAh lithium polymer battery. it is able to recharge completely in two and a half hours. The battery lasts about 15 sessions. This unit reaches its initial temperature in about 60 secs, a relatively fast heating time compared to other herbal vaporizers.

Most portable vaporizers are easy to hide or put in your pockets. They’re also generally discreet but not the Hydrology 9 vaporizer. Even though it’s portable meaning you can leave the house with it and still use it, it may not be the most comfortable vape to take around with you. It can be bulky and big compared to other units with its size. It can be assembled in public or out in the open but it takes more time than most other devices. Overall it can be discreet if it’s played off as a water bottle.


The use of the device is quite simple even with its advanced features. To charge the Hydrology 9 Vaporizer, simply remove the bottom cap, which includes the built-in stirring tool. This will reveal the porcelain oven, and you can load your material directly into the chamber. Do not overload the vaporizer and be careful not to over-tighten the material, which may cause a jam or failure of the stirring tool. After replacing the lower cap, the mouthpiece must be removed to allow the water tank to be filled. The tank should only be filled halfway.

Everything you need to keep the Hydrology 9 in perfect working condition is included in this kit and cleaning the unit is very easy. All components that lack electrical parts can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and a q-tip. The kit includes cleaning brushes to help in maintaining the porcelain oven.

First of its Kind – Hydrology 9 Features

As mentioned before, not much was happening in the vape world before the Cloudious9 came out with the Hydrology 9. It came out with loads of new features that we will start seeing being implemented on newer models from different manufacturers.

  • This is the first vape that is completely water filtered and still give an even heat distribution. It heats up from the bottom and has it travels up through the tunnel tube to the mouthpiece, it gets cooled down by the surrounding water. Then it starts making its way back up to you.
  • Underneath the mouthpiece there is a wire in the shape of a “J” that gets fed into the herbal chamber. This is a stir stick which works when you spin the mouthpiece. The inside wire will stir your herbs around to make sure your vapor is efficient.

How it works

First, use a grinder to grind your herbs up. When you have it nicely ground up, pack the oven chamber and close the bottom portion. Click the power button 3 times to turn it on and 3 times will turn it off. For every one time you click it after that, it will toggle throughout all the temperature levels. Purple has been said to be the best temperature setting according to most reviewers.

To check the battery level on the Hydrology 9 vaporizer, hold the power button for 3 seconds while the unit is off. It will start flashing the color of its battery life. Red means Low. Green means Full. Blue is in between those two.

How to use the Hydrology9 by Cloudious9

Make sure the Hydrology9 is fully charged. This means plugging it into the included USB charging cable and letting it charge for two to three hours.

  1. Unscrew the top cover of the Hydrology9 vaporizer.
  2. Fill the water about 3/4 full in the water chamber.
  3. Turn the unit over.
  4. Unscrew the cap at the bottom.
  5. Fill it with your dry herbs to vape.
  6. Toggle the air intake to your liking using the section above the chamber opening.
  7. Press the power button five times quickly to turn it on.
  8. Press the button once to change the temperature settings. The lights inside the water tank will show you a color indicator of what the vape is currently at.
  9. Press the fire button to vape. You can vape up to 90 minutes or about 15 sessions at a time.

Temperature Settings

Hydrology 9 vaporizer comes with 5 different temperature settings. Each one has its own color displayed on the LED indicator. Simultaneous click on the single button 3 times. This turns on and off the vaporizer, with a solid green color indicating it is on. This vaporizer will take about 1 minute to warm to the high temperature settings (redLED).

Temperature settings of hydrology 9 LED light:

  • Blue – the lowest
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Red – the highest

As a bonus, the Hydrology 9 features an impressive lighting option that is activated when the button is held down for three seconds.


Cleaning and Maintenance

It is recommended to empty the water when you have finished your session. Hydrology 9 can be easily dismantled, making the task less stressful. Just empty and dry. You can target problem areas with a q-tip soaked in isopropyl alcohol. A light brushing of the ceramic chamber is recommended after each time you pack the herbal chamber. This simple maintenance will ensure the longevity of your Cloudious 9 vaporizer.




The Hydrology 9 vaporizer contains a ceramic heating chamber. The ceramic chamber is located at the bottom to move air through the chamber for convection heating. To make vaporization of your herbs more effective, Hydrology 9 includes a built-in stirring tool to promote the movement of your materials. This stirring tool can easily be accessed from the bottom of the vaporizer. This heating chamber is effective at delivering flavorful hits.

Benefits of the Hydrology9

Without doubts, the most amazing and exciting aspect of hydrology 9 is fully integrated water filtration. The aluminum magnetic tip cover protects the borosilicate glass mouthpiece by a quarter of an inch of thickness and prevents Hydrology 9 from leaking while on the move. It will not leak, no matter how it is stored, which makes it totally leak proof. The ceramic herb chamber can be opened by simply unscrewing the bottom cover to reveal the oven itself.


Other features of Hydrology 9 include:

  • Compatible with dry herbs
  • Tunnel Tube integrated water filtration system for cleaning and smooth inhalation
  • Leakproof and rust-resistant aluminum alloy body with leak protection
  • Magnetic Mouthpiece cover for protection against dust and unwanted spills
  • 2000mAh battery capacity that can last up to 15 sessions with a heating time of 60 secs
  • Borosilicate mouthpiece with anti-leak protection
  • Accurate temperature control with 5 preheating settings



The Hydrology 9 Vaporizer comes with 2 year limited warranty coverage. It covers only parts from the time of purchased and only applied to the original buyer. If a claim is made within the warranty coverage, the customer will receive whatever is deemed right for their situation.

  • Replacement of defective parts from the time of purchase until the period of warranty of 2 years or repair of the defective part.
  • Replacement of the product.



• Water filtration system
• Ceramic Chamber
• Long battery life
• Relatively short charging times
• Clean flavor and good quality of vapor


Hydrology9 Vaporizer Includes:

  • Hydrology9 Vaporizer by Cloudious9
  • USB charging cable
  • A/C adapter
  • Loading tool (air intake adjustment tool)
  • Cleaning brush (1 short and 1 long cleaning brush)
  • 2 spare screens
  • Customer manual

3 reviews for Hydrology 9 Vaporizer

  1. 5 out of 5

    Roy Alcon:

    My brother and I were looking for a new vape. Came across this and it looks nice. We got it and have been using it for 2 days straight. it’s so easy to set up and looks complex but its the best. The hits are smooth because it gets filtered through water first. No need to open the chamber until its fully done because you can just use the stir thing to turn the herbs around. I already recommended it to my friends. Its not even that pricey compared to other expensive herbal vapes. Its definitely worth it.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Ryan Z.:

    Got this for my birthday from my girlfriend since she always knows what to get me haha. I opened it up and packed it. Took one hit and instantly loved it. I have tried other vapes before for herbs but never one like this. It’s so smooth but that’s because it’s a water pipe vaporizer. When you want to flip the dry herbs around, just twist the top and have the stir thingy stir it. Take a couple more hits then re-pack. Perfect vape for someone who enjoys quality.

  3. 1 out of 5

    Cheryl Haag Phelan:

    Worked for a few months then it wouldn’t draw at all and I sent it back. They found a heating defect and are giving me back $149. Buying a Ghost MV1 asap:)

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