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Honey Dabber 2

$39.95 1 Year Warranty

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Honey Dabber 2 Includes:

  • 1 x Honey Dabber II Wooden Body
    1 x Quartz or Titanium Heating Tip

Honey Dabber 2 Features:

  • Two Straw Options: Quartz and Titanium
  • Magnetic Connection
  • Cherry Wood Exterior



Last updated on October 20th, 2022 at 09:39 am

Simple, convenient and effective is the most ideal way to sum up The Honey Dabber II from Honey Labs. Developed from delightful cherry wood, this smart straw is the ideal instrument for making the most of your waxy concentrates. To utilize the Honey Dabber II, just warm the straw with a light or fire, dip it in to your most loved waxy oil concentrates and enjoy! The strong beautiful design and quartz straw holds the special kind of your concentrates, enabling you to appreciate it to the fullest extent.

For security the Honey Dabber II accompanies an attractive connection and a removable, protective wooden sleeve that additionally covers the warming tip after you’re finished. The gadget measures 20.5 cm/8 in lenght, has a strong form and uses fantastic materials, for example, cherry hardwood, CP2 Titanium, and neodymium magnets in its development without the utilization of chemicals or glues. The wonderful wooden body highlights ornamental Honey Dabber II decal.


The cherry wood work for the Honey Dabber 2 feels strong and solid and gives the Honey Dabber 2 a decent hold when you’re taking a touch. The outside of the Honey Dabber 2 has the honeycomb logo and the wooden sleeve has a solid magnetic connection for better keeping.

Simply pull the sleeve off, dab, at that point slip it back on. The magnetically wooden sleeve gives you a chance to protect the Honey Dabber 2 stay safe in your pocket notwithstanding if the tip is still as yet hot..

Vapor Production

For the vapor production of Honey Dabber 2 expect to be smoother, cooler vapor since the vapor way either on the titanium or glass straw is five inches long so in each hit the vapor has room to cool off.

For the Glass straw, it removes essential flavours of your wax really well giving you no obnoxious flavor or scent. While the titanium straw conducts heat better so expect greater and more delicious vapor. Performance

Expect smooth, dab like vapor from the Honey Dabber 2. The vapor path is around five inches so the hits have room to cool off. In any case, this unit is unquestionably for those accustomed to dabbing. In case you’re searching for smoother, cooler vapor, stay with a vaporizer.

The quartz warming tip specifically makes an awesome job with regards to extricating the basic kinds of wax concentrates. Quartz is inert, so it doesn’t respond to warm, emitting no unpleasant flavor or smell.

The titanium straw conducts heat better so expect good amount clouds


When you plunge the Honey Dabber 2 into a dish of wax, make a point to hold the warming tip at an edge or it may go about as a straw and suck up hot waxy oil into your mouth and at any rate obstruct your straw. Each hit from the Honey Dabber 2 is lung-expanding and brimming with flavor. The dipstick style delivers huge mists that are very powerful.


Nectar Dabber 2 is of a decent quality as it gets. Indeed, even compared with other dipstick-style concentrate straws it’s a breeze. The wooden sleeve separates it as a concentrate straw you can put in your pocket directly after use. That by itself makes it more compact than the normal nectar collector.

There is the potential drawback of sucking hot oil into your mouth on the off chance that you hold the Honey Dabber 2 upright, making a seal between the lip of the straw and the base of the dish, however this is a flaw found in all concentrate straws. Simply make a point to keep the Honey Dabber 2 tilted at whatever point you take a shot and you’ll have no issue.

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Quartz, Titanium


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