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Elips Meshless Heating MicroG Pen Coil

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Last updated on September 25th, 2019 at 06:27 pm

MicroG Pen Coil will probably fit exactly what you’re looking for. This elips shaped coil will fit your MicroG Pen and Action Bronson batteries. It will also fit Atmos, Cloud, Perfection, Elips, Eclips, Mini Clip, Perfection Pen, 710 Pen, Pulsar, Oz Pens. They do not come with a mesh screen so just drop your source directly on the coil.


Elips Meshless Heating MicroG Pen Coil

This is a replacement heating element for MicroG Pen style portable wax vaporizers. The original microG pen coil is very expensive due to its make. The microG pen coil has had been famous due to its constant heating quality and durability. Now, this elips meshless wax heating coil which is very similar to the coil, works the same. It works with almost all but some of the electronic vaporizers. Apart from that, it has been built by using high quality parts which do not break apart easily. Nowadays, you will find plenty of coils in the market but they will lead you to a paradox of choice. And, most of the times they are made up of cheap Chinese parts and give away very easily. These microG pen coils have been made sure that this elips wax heating coil stands by its reputation without being too expensive. You can get the amount of ohms that’s needed to last and experience great hits using this one, that’s for sure.


Compatibility and Features

The parts used in the whole microG pen coil device are of top quality. If you are a vaporizer connoisseur, you may be familiar with the quality of differet vaporizers. King Pen Vapes has been in the business for quite some time now and they know their way around the market. Just like any other product of theirs, this coil in their product lineup is also a hit within the vaporizing community. What’s even more exciting about elips style meshless wax heating coil is that, it can connect easily with almost all makes of electronic wax vaporizers and batteries.

In addition to that, Action Bronson batteries can also be fitted with elips meshless wax heating microG pen coil. This baby is meshless which means you will get the most out of your herb juice or oil. Meshless coils do not have screens therefore require you to place your herb/oil etc. directly onto the coil. This leads to full burning of the material resulting in strong and fulfilling smoke hits. Put any of your desired herbs onto the coil and see magic happening. There have been complaints about the coils with the mesh screen. Some people say it doesn’t wet the wick enough causing it to dry and burn out quicker. Elips wax heating coil is a match made for pen style vaporizers. Just like the any other great coil, the oil conservation with this one is very great. You won’t need to reinsert material after every other hit. It completely consumes any oil which is on the coil, not allowing it to flee! Be it single-coil or dual coil, what really matters, is the quality of metal and other parts. This is the promise of Elips. The heating element is reacts to the vaporizing material in such a way that all of the flavor and extracts get squeezed out of it.

As you all may already know that pressing the button will turn your vaporizer on and holding it will ignite the heating element. That’s where this elips wax heating microG pen coil comes into play and because of the absence of mesh, your oil will come in contact with the hot coils and hence providing you with sensuous vapors.


Price against Value

Elips meshless wax heating microG pen coil comes with only the most decent features and a very reasonable price. You can buy this elips wax heating coil for the cheap low price compared to others selling it for two or three times the amount. It has been gaining popularity among the vaporizing community due to its price and compatibility options. Whichever portable vaporizer you may like to use, we would highly recommend using this coil to heat up your material. Though there are few of the companies which are making top quality vaporizing products and accessories, many of those few offer a very expensive array of products. Elips is now renowned for its quality and price. Not everyone who likes to vape can afford microG Pen. Elips wide range of products such as e-cigarettes, vaporizers, coils, chargers and tanks are very good and reach the bar that has been previously set. You can also buy the whole Elips set which includes all of these products.

Coils can become brittle and very sensitive with the more use they go through. This is why we don’t recommend you use any dab tool or pokers with these. The microG pen coil is tightly wrapped by a thin coil which can easily break off or short circuit if there’s constant poking at it.


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