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Free Shipping on all U.S. Orders!!!

BULLET – Phantom Smoke eHookah

1 Year Warranty

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3.6ml Tank Capacity

No button, all Automatic

Magnet Design

USB Charger

Refillable for any e-liquid (eLiquid is not included)

Small in size and comfortably fits in pockets


*Not under warranty due to being discontinued*


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Last updated on May 4th, 2020 at 03:14 am

A new line of vaporizers has hit the market, and this time hookahs are the target. The 2014 eHookah Phantom Smoke Hookah Bullet rechargeable vaporizer kit is an ehookah vapers dream. With everything you could need from an automated hookah and then some, this kit is perfect for anyone who is looking for a superior way to vape with great flavor. The eHookah is more than just a way to vape, it is a convenient way to carry your eHookah around with you. The sleek, superior design makes it easy to take with you wherever you are headed to. In fact, the eHookah is the first rechargeable and refillable eHookah to hit the market. Its specifications are superior to most vaporizers and the kit contains everything you could want in a portable Hookah.


Specs from the Phantom Smoke:

Obviously, there are certain things you would expect from a hookah that you wouldn’t normally need in a traditional vaporizer. The ability to pack in different flavored products and to vape for extended periods of time is crucial to hookah vapers. The difference is potent. The bullet pen is not 510 thread however. This means you can not change the atomizer or the tank. You must use the one on the pen which is the middle clear part. Here are the most important specs included in the eHookah Phantom.


Advantages of the Bullet:

The advantages of the Bullet eHookah vaporizer by Phantom Smoke Hookah are obvious. Start with the easy to refill and easy to clean design. Vapers all over the world appreciate the ability to clean, refill, and charge their eHookah with ease. Not only does it make vaping a more pleasant experience but it also cuts back on waste and lost product. The twist off top makes it easy to empty, and the USB cord makes it easy to connect and charge the device whenever and wherever. Other products tend to create a burning smell or even some slight leakage. With the Bullet eHookah there is neither. The design and style prevents leakage and burning smell with a thick rubber seal that blocks out any leakage. Additionally, the eHookah Bullet Vaporizer is also extremely compatible with other brands. Buyers will particularly enjoy this aspect of the eHookah. Of course, King Pen Vapes have to mention the low resistance atomizer that allows you to vape with ease. The easier it is to vape, the more vapor you get in the process. This also contributes to the life of the product. You can get roughly up to 2000 puffs throughout the life of the Bullet vaporizer. King Pen Vapes also wants to let you know the Bullet eHookah comes with two coils, one on the vaporizer ready to go, and another one on the side in case something happens to the first one, because we know you’re going to be vaping on this ALL day!

Its best to use a liquid squeeze bottle to pour your e-liquid in. The side is small and unless you take the atomizer out you will need the squeeze bottle.



You will love the eHookah if you enjoy convenient access to vaping, a sleek design, and a modern version to the ancient hookah. Customizability and superior quality are the name of the game for the eHookah pen Phantom Smoke hookah bullet vaporizer kit.


Phantom Smokes eHookah Pen

 Phantom Smokes is one of the leading ehookah pens in the market. With many celebrity endorsements like The Game, Soulja Boys Red Apple, and Rezito’s pen. This has helped them to earn one of the industries highest standards with these pens. Phantom Smokes the company has recently launched in overseas countries like Russia and Japan.

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Blue, Gray, Dark Green


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