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Aspire K4 Kit with Cleito Tank

1 Year Warranty

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Unfortunately, the Aspire K4 Vaporizer has been discontinued. We recommend the following three devices in its place.




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Last updated on November 7th, 2022 at 11:30 am

Aspire K4 Kit Includes:

  • 1 Aspire K4 Quick Start Battery
  • 1 Aspire Cleito Tank
  • 1 Pre-Installed 0.27ohm Cleito Coil
  • 1 Replacement 0.27ohm Cleito Coil
  • 1 MicroUSB Carble
  • Instruction Manual


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If you are a vape enthusiast who plans to elevate your vaping style to an open source type of electronic cigarette then the Aspire K4 kit is more than just a viable option. The K4 from Aspire is easy to use and delivers maximum levels of satisfaction right from the start. It offers you the alternative of not using tobacco or any combustion source, but still allows immense levels of the same satisfaction. Not many vaporizing units can brag that they can do that.



The Aspire K4 gives you a full thrust direct lung experience. This is a tube mod, and that is the first defining key factor that makes this unit unique, but by-far not the only. The expulsion levels of this unit is comparable to the density that you get from drips, the mechanicals, and even real cigarettes. The Cleito atomizing tank that this unit uses is the latest advanced version in atomizers. It is a hybrid version that has an atomizer chimney. This unique atomizer is equipped with an organic cotton wrap around the coil.The design is so well thought. The chimney top extends to the entire length of tank. The resistance of this particular coil is 2.7oHms and it is advanced enough to work with, in simultaneous conjunction the K4 battery.  This unit is explicitly designated for vaping in that super sweet spot range of 40 to 55 watts.

The tank on the K4 is totally rebuildable. It is 40 inches tall, including the bore drip tip, and it is 32 mm wide. This tank holds 3.5 ml of your choice or preference of liquid vaping product. The tank is made from high temperature resistant tempered glass and a Cleito kanthal Clapton coil. This unit carries the designation of easy use even further in the ability to be disassembled into several different parts. The tank itself is a five part assembly that disconnects for making cleaning time fast, easy, and extremely efficient.

The unit has an open airflow system that is wide open. That is a development from the design of the unique coils and their wide inner diameter. This is a beneficial feature that keeps this unit open and extra easy to draw with every puff. The 200 mAh battery is rechargeable through a USB connection and it has an original awe inspiring carbon fiber design on the cover coating. There is also the advantage of the standard 510 connection, that includes four airflow inlets.

Since this is a sub-oHm vaping designation the unit is noticeably equipped with the usually associated bigger coil and wick. These are features that spread the heat more evenly over a bigger area. That  is a bonus feature that produces massively to enthrall vaping veterans. This unit is also fully transportable and it operates with a one button mechanic.

The tank is secured to the battery by an un-adjustable 510 connector. The unit’s recharge port is found on the bottom of the device. You can charge the unit by connecting to a wall or car adapter but if you do not have one then you can connect it through a laptop or a computer.

There are no choke points to cut off your airflow in the design of this units air passage. The static chimney has been upgraded to a full length coil head. The chimney actually extends from top to base.  The tank is assembled in five component parts. The top and base are 305 stainless steel that are sealed with grommets or o-rings thereby decimating the risk of leaks. The middle section is a tempered glass cylinder that the coil head runs through. The contact pin at the bottom of the tank is a gold plated version that connects the coil to the battery without interruption or delay in the circuitry route.



The Aspire K4 kit is a Sub-oHm vaping system that delivers a primo direct lung vaping technique. This is a bonus attribute for vaping veterans because the inhale will be very warm and very strong, but it may pose an occasion for adjustment for beginners. The coil and the wick in this type of vape pen are bigger than it’s alternate vape pens. Added in to amplify the intensity of the flavor and the cloud density that you get from that is the direct coil contact as the coil runs up the center of the units chimney from top to the bottom. The production from this unit gathers accolades for its warm temperate vapor. It is also getting rave reviews for producing highly dense clouds that are as aromatic as they are affluent in full robust flavor.

The battery for the K4 kit is a specifically unique design that was created not to just simply power the unit–which it does extremely well- but it also elevates the look of the unit. The barrel of the unit is made from 100% stainless steel and is covered in a special coating. That is what gives this battery its unique carbon fiber look that remits total visual appeal. It is powered by a lithium ion cell that is rechargeable. The battery emits up to a 200mAh capacity that is converted into a fixed 5.5 voltage. The battery has a 510 connection port for the tank on top of it and that is surrounded by four little inlets that give an additional air flow level to the already unrestricted delivery.

The Aspire K4 is a one button push vaping operation system. The fire button is located up near the battery and that is all of the mechanical technique that this unit requires to be operated with fluency. The mode and power set of the unit is indicated by a ring that surrounds the fire button. When you are powered on or the unit is ready for you to begin vaping the ring will turn an ambient blue to let you know.

The tank on this unit is a tempered glass cylinder that will not retain all the flavor of yesterday’s preference. The atomizer design around this component is cutting edge innovation. There is no static chimney but a full length coil head instead that runs the length of the unit. The atomizer contains an organic cotton wrapped wick that saturates the Clapton style Kanthal coil. The coil for this unit is a uniquely designated .27 oHm resistance with a range of 40 to 55 wattage output. The tank disassembles into five parts for easy cleaning and replacement, as well as the feature of a refill port located on the top. The top cap and the base of the tank are stainless steel that is secured with rubber grommets to reduce the risk of leaks. For this transportable cylinder mod you simply unscrew the top of the tank to refill it and you unscrew the bottom to change out your coil head. The tank will hold a capacity of 3.5 ml of any type of eliquid that you prefer to vape and it is specifically designed not to retain flavors as it produces maximum cloud production with intense density.




  • The unit is stainless steel for durability with a carbon fiber coating for looks.
  • The unit has a pronounced fire button that is easy to feel.
  • Standard connector outlet and four extra airflow inlets.The unit is 84mm long and with a circumference of 22mm.
  • No choke points.
  • Full length coil
  • Direct vape that delivers fully intense flavor consistently.
  • 5 mm cross section airflow method of delivery.
  • Organic cotton wick.
  • Tempered glass.
  • Top fill tank.
  • Adjustable bottom airflow.
  • Gold plated contact pin.
  • 510 threaded connector


  • Blue LED indication ring.
  • 200mAh battery capacity.
  • Automatic shutoff.
  • Short circuit, low voltage, and overcharge protection.
  • Micro USB charging capability.
  • .27 oHm coil that is installed when you get it.


  • 1 Aspire 3.5 ml Cleito tank.
  • 1 2000mAh battery
  • 1 already installed Cleito coil and 1 replacement.
  • 1 Cleito cuff
  • Micro USB recharging cable.


Battery and Temperature Controls

Since this is an open airflow module, the Aspire K4 is a non-temperature controlled e-cigarette , but the battery that Aspire has constructed for it is absolutely awesome. It is powered by a lithium ion core that is rechargeable. The 84mm X 24mm battery produces 2000mAh. The battery also has a fixed output rate of five and a-half volts that do not deviate or change from its original designation. The barrel is a durable stainless steel that is covered with a fiber carbon print coating to give it its unique brand of visual appeal and good looks. The battery is simply engaged by pressing the fire button five times in rapid succession. The ring around the fire button will glow with an ambient blue hue that indicates the battery is powered on and that it is ready to deliver.The battery has an non-adjustable 510-type connector on top for securing the tank. The battery charging port is located on the bottom of the unit. It only takes the included micro USB charging cable, but you can hook it to various power sources such as a wall adapter, a car adapter, and either a laptop or a computer.


How to Use the Aspire K4 Kit

When you get your unit, the first thing you will need to do is install then fully charge your battery. Once you have that done since the .27 Cleito coil is already installed all you have to do fill the tank on top of the coil with your preference of e-liquid product, engage the power by pressing the button five times in rapid succession, put the mouthpiece in your lips then bask in the satisfied pleasure that you receive.

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