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Aspire Archon Vaporizer (150 Watt Box Mod)

1 Year Warranty

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Unfortunately, the Aspire Archon Vaporizer has been discontinued. We recommend the following three devices in its place.




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Aspire Archon Box Mod Vaporizer Includes:

1 x Archon Mod
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card




Designed for the vaping enthusiast that prefers the mod style of a personal vaporizer then you will find the Aspire Archon 150 Watt Box Mod is an ideally haute styled vape. Inside and out, this device is going to deliver a whole new level of mod style vaping for your portfolio of vaping repartee’.  The Archon is uniformly molded with sleek curves. This design conforms to your grasp for an easy holding comfort that has approachable appeal for long term use in multiple vaping sessions.



The dual battery bay’s of this mod unit allows the Aspire Archon to operate at 150 watts of power and the battery compartment is easily accessible. Installing the batteries in this unit is as simple as sliding off the magnetic compartment cover, inserting the battery, then replacing the lid in an opposite action. The operation designation transitions easily between the wattage and temperature control modes with a single button function.

The ejuice atomizer connects to the unit by engaging the spring loaded connector attachment. This feature is enhanced with a universal compatibility that is defined with a 510 thread adaptability. The OLED screen brightly displays the mode of operation and the temperature that you are vaping at. This is a feature that removes any and all guess work from your every vaping session. The fire button engages the units ability to heat the ejuice as you pull your mod unit and allows you to set the standard for your vapor cloud, helps extend the life of your ejuice product, and preserves the taste of your flavor per vaping session with every pull.

Everything you need is built-in onboard. This unit remits you to full control of your vaping experience at every level. You can personalize the device to reflect your style and refine the standard for the grade of vaping experience that your Archon mod vaporizer delivers.



The Aspire Archon 150 Watt Box Mod is powerfully featured as it is attractively designed as well as available in three optional colors. The unit receives its power source from the addition of two 18650 amp batteries. It is constructed from molded aluminum alloy in a durable uniform module. The Archon is easy to use because it is equipped with a spring loaded connection port and there is an option of four variant modes for you to choose from. You also get the flexibility of interchanging the coil type that you vape with with a few simple adjustments of the “T” labeled button. You can vape with a Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Steel, or three varied TCR modes.

The interface buttons are located on the bottom of your mod unit as is the USB port for recharging. You can use the firing button to increase the heat instantly by ramping up the wattage but the atomizer resistance will be set by the draw force that you apply.




  • Spring load 510 thread connect pin system.
  • Compact design with contoured curves.
  • OLED display screen.
  • Magnetic sliding panel battery access.
  • Range of three color options.


  • 1 – 150 watt range
  • The voltage ranges from o to 8 and a half amps.
  • Coil selections of Nickel, titanium, stainless steel 316, and TCR.
  • The vaping temp options range from 200 to 600℉.
  • Uses two 18650 amp batteries.
  • Child safety lock.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Features a stealth mode.
  • Auto cutoff feature.
  • Short Circuit, overheat, overcharge, and overdischarge protected.
  • Low resistance.

The batteries for this unit do not come included and you the atomizer is only connectable with a 510 count thread.


Temperature Control Settings:

The Aspire Archon is powered by two 18650 amp batteries. The “T” button indicates the select function for changing the temperature mode from one level to the other, and the exact increment is adjusted by the + or – buttons. The “W” button controls the lock/unlock features, transitions the wattage and amps, as well as controlling the child locking mechanism.The fire button will ramp up the power and give you a rapid heat boost. That feature will define the definition, density, and stability of your vapor cloud and your products flavor.


How to Use the Aspire Archon 150 Watt:

Of course the beginning of this process will develop with the installation of the batteries into your unit. Then you will need to install you eliquid atomizer that you have chosen. Beyond that power the unit up by clicking the fire button five times successively. The “W” button in conjunction with the + is the formula for unlocking your unit, and the “W” and – will lock it back. The “T” with the – will change the logo on the OLED screen and the “T” with the +to differentiate between the TCR settings. Power down by pressing the fire button three successive times. Then press the fire button while installing the battery to select your preference of language. Simply pressing the “W” will defer the unit between the VV, VW, BYPASS, and CFBP functions. The “T” alone will change you to the coil preference for any individual vape session. The + and – will also adjust the voltage and the wattage of the unit. Then the fire button will confirm and/or boost the unit. The unit allows you to set the preference that you desire and control the standard of every vape that you indulge.

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