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Arizer ArGo Vaporizer

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Arizer ArGo Features:

  • Small and Compact
  • Accurate Temp: 112°F-428°F
  • OLED Display
  • Convection Heating
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Quick Heat Up
  • Replaceable Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Glass Aroma Tubes



Last updated on December 25th, 2022 at 09:15 pm

The ArGo Vaporizer is the latest evolution in portable dry herb vaporizer from Arizer. This newest design incorporates the same all-in-one style glass mouthpiece and herb chamber as the popular Arizer Air and Solo 2 model, recessed fully inside the unit rather than sitting on top, keeping the device compact during use and the flavor chamber protected during transportation.

The ArGo features a large digital display and precise temperature control in the range of 50°C – 220°C (122°F – 428°F). The removeable 18650 cell lasts roughly 1.5 hours per full charge, and can be swapped out of a fresh battery or charged onboard the device in 3.5 hours via micro USB.


Ease Of Use

The use of the Arizer ArGo is simple and efficient. Pack your aroma tube with your chosen herbs making sure that nothing falls out when loading it into the vape. Once the stem is packed and loaded, your herbs are ready to be vaporized by the heated element just below the mouthpiece.


Along with being the most portable Arizer units available, we would also say the Arizer Go is the most discreet. The boxy nature of the device will have most on-lookers assuming you are using some sort of mod-style e-cig.

In addition, the lack of huge clouds allows the user to be even more inconspicuous. Even if people do notice, the shape of the ArGo is reminiscent of many popular e-cigarettes.


Arizer ArGo Vaporizer Includes:

  • 1 x ArGo Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer
  • 1 x Li-on Battery
  • 1 x USB Charger/Power Adapter
  • 2 x Glass Aroma Tubes
  • 1 x Belt-Clip Carry Case
  • 2 x Silicone Stem Caps
  • 1 x Steel Tool
  • 4 x Stainless Steel Screens
  • 1 x Manual



Build Quality

Arizer is a company well known for producing some of the longest lasting vaporizers on the market. Where the ArGo really differs is the innovative pop-top that covers the glass mouthpiece. Unlike anything seen from Arizer before, we think this cool new feature could be the only potential build drawback. The more moving pieces, the more likely something is to break. In addition, the glass stem-protecting top feels a bit flimsy when fully extended.

Vapor Quality

The ArGo gives off some great quality vapor offering a thicker texture. This thick texture is accompanied by little draw resistance so you can really get a large volume of vapor production when pulling for a long time. The heating unit is made of stainless steel and ceramic for longevity along with quick heating. In fact, it heats up a surprisingly quick. It hits temperature of around 365°F in under a minute. For this, we can thank the hybrid heating style of primary conduction with a hint of convection. Since the ArGo heats with conduction and convection, you will not lose vapor by letting the herbs sit between pulls.

Battery Life

The Arizer ArGo comes with a replaceable 18650 battery. It can be charged via USB or any outlet. This lets you keep the party going until you run out of charged batteries. You should be able to get through 8 or 9 bowls without needing to charge the batteries. That’s a good run time for a vape of this size. You can always throw a charged battery in your bag and swap it out when you get low on power.



How to Use the Arizer ArGo

The Arizer ArGo is simple enough to use with just one hand. Here’s how you gert started:

  • Load the mouthpiece by dipping the end of it in your herb supply. Gently tap it to loosen the herb so that air can pass through.
  • Place the weed-filled end into the ArGo and press down the top of the device so that the mouthpiece is exposed.
  • Power up the device by holding down the plus and menu buttons simultaneously.
  • Use the plus and minus buttons to select the desired temperature.
  • The ArGo will beep twice once the selected temperautre is reached. Start slowly inhaling from the mouthpiece.
  • The ArGo has custom session settings so you have different options for how you want each session to go. You can also adjust the temperature while you’re vaping if you want further customization.


Temperature Setting

Another great feature of the ArGo is that you can control the temperature to extremely precise levels, 1° increments. The range of temperatures is very adequate ranging between 112°F and 428°F. The level of control offered means you can always get the most out of your vaporizer.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Arizer Go is extremely straightforward and easy to use. If you have any experience with an Arizer vaporizer, getting started with the Arizer Go should be a breeze. Cleaning the ArGo is also fairly simple, if you pack the stems correctly and don’t allow any herbs to touch the heating element. To clean the glass stem, simply put it in a zip lock bag with isopropyl alcohol and salt. Let is sit for about 20 minutes then rinse it warm water.




  • Extendable glass mouthpiece included for cooler vape temperature
  • Runs on an easily exchangeable Lithium-ion battery
  • Temperature range from 112°F to 428°F
  • USB charging


  • Full vape session takes around 15 minutes
  • Unit gets hot by using it without breaks.


Overall Experience

The Arizer ArGo is a dry herb dual heating vaporizer meaning it heats your cannabis via conduction and convection. The ArGo operates like it’s predecessors – a glass draw aroma tube which contains the herbs chamber at the end. Your glass tub’es herb chamber is filled with your select choice of plant and then fits nicely into the heating element.

To turn on the device, press the “M” button and the “+” button together. It will countdown on the LED display and when it reaches 0, your vaporizer is on. To adjust temperatures, just hit the + or – button. The ArGo has a temperature range of 128°F to 428°F (53.3°C to 220°C). This is quite the range for a dry herb vaporizer and offers you a wide range of flexibility for how you enjoy your vapor.

The ArGo will last you roughly 10 session or 75-90 minutes on a single charge. Even better, Arizer outfit the ArGo with a removable 18650 battery. So swapping out your batteries when on the go is not a problem. The removable battery also makes charging faster if you have an external charger. If charging via the mini USB cable recharging the ArGo will take a tad over three hours.

3 reviews for Arizer ArGo Vaporizer

  1. Samantha K.

    What a big difference from any other Arizer. It hits like a champ and heats up quick. The vape itself may get hot after using it for a while without stopping but thats kind of obvious. Other than that, A+ dry herb vape.

  2. Jennae

    Hands down, its one of the best units ever. The argo is super small but big enough to fit in your palm. Very powerful. Shipping was also fast. thankz!

  3. Gretchen

    Arizer is hands down the best. Best canadian dry herb vape manufacturer. The argo is the perfect size and hits HARD…

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