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Aerospaced 2 Piece Grinder

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Aerospaced 2 Piece Grinder Features:

  • 2 Piece Grinder
  • Razor Sharp Teeth
  • Magnetic Lid
  • Includes Pouch


1.2 inches (30mm)


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Aerospaced realized the market is so vast with many different options available. With that thought, the prices had to vary too. This is the entry level grinder. It is a 2 piece set that gives you all you need in a grinder. No sifter, scraper, multi-levels or any of those bells and whistles. Measuring at 1.2 inches or 30mm, it is a pretty small grinder but it is big enough to get the job done. The aerospaced 2 piece grinder will fit in your pocket, purse and just about most places. It is made from one solid black of aluminum and so are the diamond cut teeth. It is anodized metals with a final coating to ensure you don’t have any metal shavings fall into your herbs. So unlike some other grinders, there is no paint on this. The 2 piece grinders top and bottom pieces are held together by a really strong magnet that gives you an easy rotation but ensures it won’t open up in your pocket.

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Black, Blue, Green, Red, Silver


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