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Vape Pens

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Smokers can now enjoy their herbs, liquid oils or concentrates with ease and comfort, all thanks to vape pens. These small devices are quickly becoming a safer and preferred way of consuming different materials than the traditional way. 

What is a Vape Pen?

A vape pen is a slim pen-shaped electronic device used to vaporize herbs, waxes, liquids or oils. The use for them is usually for healthier inhalation but other uses can be for discreet measures or for smoking cessation. It consists of a battery, a tank or atomizer, and a mouthpiece which when they all attach together, can resemble a pen-like object. Unlike bigger vaporizers, the battery on a vaping pen is generally smaller ranging from 350mAh to 1300mAh, sometimes a bit bigger. Micro vape batteries are usually 350mAh.

Ago G5 Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizer Pen

Benefits of a Vaporizer Pen?

The benefits are definitely far more than smoking in just about every way.

Saves Money

Using a vape pen will save you a lot of money. This is one of the most important benefits you can get from a vape. But how does it save you money? Vapes have definitely dropped in prices over the year. Also, since they don’t burn your herbs or oils, you also get to save more. One bowl vaping can last you much longer than a bowl smoked.

No Nasty Smell

Everyone knows smoking produces odors and can make life uncomfortable for non-smokers. You can use these compact devices real discreetly. You can take steps to stop worrying if the smell would disturb the next person.

The smell from vape pens is not as offensive as smoking neither would it stick to your cloth. Since vapor is much thinner than smoke, vapor doesn’t stick to clothes or furniture like smoking a cigarette or cigar would. 

Can Help Quit Smoking

The use of vaporizers could help you quit smoking. Many smokers have quit by using vapes through a process. With so many e-Liquids

It Produces Vapor Instead of Smoke

You don’t need someone to tell you that smoking is bad for your health. When you consume traditional tobacco, it produces smoke which is harmful to the lungs and throat. However, Vape pens help to remove all form of smoke production by heating the cannabis materials instead of burning them.

Different Kinds of Vape Pens for sale

Weed Vaporizer Pen

An herbal vape pen is the ideal way to inhale cannabis without worrying about the negative effects. Simply grind up your herbs and place them inside the chamber. Set it to the optimal temperature for your specific herbs. Temperatures for vaporizing an herb can vary depending on what you’re using but most devices come with the ability to change from 356°F to 428°F. For cannabis, you want to be around 360°F -390°F. This allows your vaporizer to heat up the herbs enough to vaporize the active ingredients and turn into vapor rather than smoke.

When purchasing a dry herb vaping pen, make sure to go with a convection heating method rather than a conduction. The difference is the conduction method will require your herbs to sit directly on the coil causing it to burn rather vaporize. A convection unit will heat up the chamber without applying any direct heat on your herbs.

cloud penz paragon vaporizer pen

Wax Pen

Wax vape pens are the newest out of all the vapes and it is used for concentrates. The coils on a concentrate vape are completely different. They can come in quartz, titanium or ceramic. The most common one that is starting to get phased out is a white silica with a coil wrapped around it which were found in a g pen vaporizer. When using a wax vape pen, use your dab tool to dab a bit of concentrates onto the coil. Concentrates vaporize immediately so you don’t need to wait for it to heat up like you do with weed pens.


Electronic cigarettes are mainly used for one of two reasons. Either as a smoking cessation tool or as a portable hookah. Instead of dry plant material or concentrates, the atomizers are filled with liquid vape juice which usually consists of nicotine. The nicotine can come in doses so it is a good idea to test out different strengths to get the feel of it. When the liquid is filled inside the tank, a simple click of a button will turn the liquid into vapor. This eliminates a lot of tar and carbon monoxide that you get from smoking cigarettes.

Aspire PockeX Pocket AIO Vape PenParts Of A Pen Vaporizer

The parts of vape pen vary with the type of vaporizer. However, the most common components include the mouthpiece, battery, atomizer, and coil.


Every vape pen relies on a battery for power. You can enjoy using your vape for a long time if it has a powerful battery that can last long. Most cheap vape pens come with internal batteries, while some use removable batteries. This makes it possible for you to own more than one batteries if you want extended vaping sessions.


This is the open end of your vaping device. You place your mouth on it and inhale the vapors. They are generally removable which makes it easy to clean. Some mouthpieces are also called drip tips.


An atomizer is the part of the vape pen that heats your concentrates and converts them into clean, tasty vapors.  The atomizer, also called a tank is a general term that we used to describe the piece that consists the coils and the wick. It is used on all types of vaporizers.

How To Clean a Cheap Vape Pen

One of the many ways you can also save money with vaping is by cleaning and maintaining your cheap vape pen regularly. Once you master the right techniques, there won’t be any frequent need to replace the atomizer or the entire device.

  • Clean the connecting point to enable you to detach and attach your vape pen easily. When the threading becomes too dirty, it can strip off.
  • When cleaning, avoid soaking the entire unit (especially if it is made of plastic) inside iso or other cleaning liquid. Make sure none of the electrical pieces like the battery or atomizer get submerged into water.
  • Timely and regular cleaning is far better than cleaning it whenever you feel like. This would ensure that dirt does not build up and become too messy to remove.
  • Ensure the parts of your vape pen is completely dry before reassembling them.
  • You can also warm up your atomizer before using it. This helps heat up the reside which makes it easier to scrape off then clean.
  • After using your vape pen for a long time, it’s best to replace the vape atomizer and coils to maintain quality vapor production.