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What is a Vaporizer?

Vaporizers are electronic devices that help you vaporize your material into vapor for cleaner inhalation. The material can consist of dry herbs, e-liquids, oils or concentrates. They can come in different forms and sizes but for the most part they are made of a steel encasement which holds the battery inside. Batteries can come in all sizes (mAh) but are generally cylindrical and vary from 300mAh to 3500mAh which some of them being removable and others just re-chargeable.

A vaping pen can be used by many people whether they want to replace their current form of smoking or by others who want to stay discreet. People looking to quit smoking cigarettes are the main reason behind vapes. They can help cigarette smokers cut down from their current limit and slowly help them lessen the amount of cigarettes smoked until they have ceased to continue smoking. Medical marijuana users are often looking into vaporizers too as it helps their current ailments. Smoke can be harsh on the throat and lungs but vapor is smoother and much thinner.


Different Kinds of Vapes

Usually when someone doesn’t vape, they are confused as to what it is and ask “What is that person smoking?” Before they ask, “What is a vaporizer?”


Dry Herb Vapes

Volcano Classic Vaporizer Easy Valve SetDry herb vape pens have been around for some time but are coming under the spotlight now as a form of inhalation. Whether you want to vaporize lavender to help you relax or tobacco because you want a cleaner way to enjoy it. What herbal vaporizers do is heat up the active ingredients to a certain temperature, which is usually picked by you, which then turns it into vapor rather than smoke. Going with a convection heating over a conduction heating is the best way to go. Conduction heating usually give off more smoke than vapor which is why a honeycomb glass screen is used for best practice. It is very important for your device for dry herbs to have a temperature control setting where you can make sure you control the temperature that vaporizes it. Too low of a temperature and you won’t get enough vapor and too high of a temperature can burn your herbs which will result in smoke rather than vapor. Herbal vapes are either portable or stationary desktop which are only meant to be used while it’s plugged into an electrical outlet.



X Max V2 Pro – One of the newest and best triple use pens is the X Max V2 Pro. It comes with the ability to use it as a 3 in 1 which means you can use herbs, wax or liquid/oil as your material. The cylindrical shape was made with the users comfort and grip in mind. It fits in your palm very comfortably. It also comes with the ability to change temperatures from 356°F to 374°F to 392°F to 410°F to 428°F which comes in handy when you’re switching materials often.

Volcano – The German made Volcano Vaporizer is easily the most known and efficient herbal vape. It is a stationary desktop unit which means you plug it in to the electrical outlet to use it. You have the choice of the solid valve set or the easy valve set with the option of the classic or digital Volcano. When you start vaporizing your herbs, a fan blows the vapors inside a balloon bag which then you can detach and take it with you around the house.


Wax Vape Pens

Wax vape pens or concentrate pens are made to vaporize concentrates. They are a concentrated form of dry herbs. They come in different forms and are placed directly on the atomizer coil. They are all portable vape pens and are very efficient compared to dab rigs. It’s the moreblack glass globe vaporizer discreet way to go as it can be used incognito fairly easily. Dab pens come in titanium, ceramic, or quartz coils and usually have a static temperature setting but it’s best to go after temperature controlled batteries. Different coils like the ceramic disc plates can take longer to heat up than some other coils.


Linx Hypnox – One of the best portable pens for dabs is the Linx Hypnos Zero. It is one of the nicest units as it has a sleek stainless steel design with a glass mouthpiece. It uses no glue, paint or fiber so you can ensure half the toxins some companies use won’t be on this. The new upgraded Zero coil is a ceramic plate disc where you can dab onto. This does not have any coils, wires, wicks or anything like that. It is a small plate made of a ceramic atomizer which heats up to your desired pre-set temperature.

Glass Globe Vaporizer – Our top selling and biggest bang for your buck wax vape pen is the Glass Globe vape pen. It has been our companies best-selling unit for 4 years. It is very simple as all it consists of is battery, a globe and atomizer along with its base. Simply dab onto the coil, put the globe back on and blow clouds as you see the vapor form while you inhale.


e-Cigarettes or Personal Vaporizers

Electronic Cigarettes or e-Cigs are what jump started the craze of vape pens and brought them to the lime light. Even though they had been around since 2004, popularity started rising since 2011. They are mainly used to replace and eventually quit tobacco/nicotine all together but many use it as just a past time hobby. E-Cigs are used to vape e-Liquids which is a thick liquid oil that usually contains propylene glycol, Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0vegetable glycerin, flavoring, and sometimes nicotine. E-Liquid or e-Juice can be bought with different doses of nicotine, depending on how heavy of a smoker you were. As you get used to it, the point is the slowly drop the nicotine level, helping you ween off cigarettes and nicotine all together. Many people use a personal vaping pen to just blow non-nicotine vapor for the fun of it or even as cloud-chasing or competitive vaping. Those are not the same battery or set up as a regular electronic cigarette. People who have been vaping for a while usually use mods which are much more powerful and they let the user modify the voltage, wattage and even battery.


eGo-C Twist – The perfect liquid vape pen for those who are getting started and want to learn more about temperature control or vaping in general. The eGo-C Twist comes with all the necessities to get started minus the e-juice. Just simply open the mouth piece on the Ce5+ Clearomizer it comes with and drip the liquid down the side, not getting into the middle needle. Screw it onto your battery, give it a minute for the oil to soak in then slowly take a hit. Switch the battery voltage to your liking.

Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 – One of the most well-known portable devices in the vape world is the Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0. It has the ability to be modded so you can use a more powerful atomizer with it, change voltage and change wattage. It is very durable and reliable. There is even a video on YouTube with someone trying to destroy through different means and it lasts through a lot.


How a Vaporizer Works?

Depending on what material you are vaporizing, they generally work in the same. The atomizers or chambers will definitely look different and thats fine but the process is generally the same. The way vapes work is when you heat up something up to its boiling point, it does not burn it but heats it up to the right temperature where it doesn’t release smoke but vapor. Whether its liquids or solid herbs, your device should be able to heat it up to its boiling point that it only vaporizes the active ingredients rather than the whole thing. Anything more is combusting or burning the herbs which is why we recommend the option for temperature control settings.


Benefits of a Vaporizer

  • No smoke – Smoking creates smoke which as everyone knows, it’s not good for our bodies. Vapor is much smoother and you don’t end up smelling like what you’re smoking.
  • Discreet – Vapes are discreet and can be used in incognito. If you are craving a cigarette, going outside and taking a couple quick draws from your pen will go farther than taking smoking a cigarette.