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If you have not packed a bowl, loaded up an herbal vaporizer or even rolled your own cigarette then you probably never had the opportunity to use a grinder. An herb grinder usually has a cylindrical shape that consists of a top half and a bottom half. Some of them also have multiple middle sections. Inside the grinder are multiple sharp blades teeth or sharp pricks that are presented on both halves. When combined together, they twist around in a circle and grind up any chunks or nugs of herbs.

Grinders can come in many different shapes and sizes though. Even though 90% of them are cylindrical, there are oval shaped ones too. Most are manual but there are also electric grinders too. While the majority are aluminum or stainless steel, acrylic and wood are popular too.


Benefits of a Grinder

There can be many reasons to use a grinder but the two main reasons are for smoking or cooking your herbs. When you want to smoke out of a pipe or a vaporizer, you want to make sure your herbs are getting an even heat distribution. You do not want it to vaporize one area and leave the other parts untouched. This will result in wasted herbs. When it comes to cooking, most people use different herbs for medicinal reasons or for taste. You do not want to throw big clumps in your food.

  • Kief – When you have an herb grinder with multiple levels, you generally have the bottom level have a screen with a scraper. The screen helps the small tiny flakes escape through and build up. Once built up, you can use the scraper to scrape the kief off and add it to your ground up herbs.
  • Heat Distribution – The heat distribution is very important which if done right, it can lead to optimal airflow. If not done right, half your herbs in the bowl can go to waste. You always want to make sure your grind it up nice. This does not mean you need to turn it into powder.
  • Taste – You can really open up your taste buds to better tastes when you grind it up more. Instead of just lighting up the surface, you actually get the whole taste.
  • Save Time – Most people break up their buds anyway with their hands or scissors. Instead of doing it one nug at a time, you can load multiple chunks and break it down all at once.


How to Use a Grinder

First of all get yourself familiar with the type of grinder you have. If it’s a 2 piece set then you don’t need to do much but you still need to follow the initial steps to use. Remove the top part that exposes the teeth on both halves. This may sound counterproductive but if the herbs are too chunky, they may need to be broken down with your fingers. Take apart the stem and break the nug into smaller nugs. Then throw it onto the bottom half where the sharp teeth are. Close the other half and rotate the top part. It will continue to spin in circle non-stop. Do this for about 7 full spins to get a nice break down. When you open it, depending on your grinder it will either be on top of the level below.

On the lower level, you will find your herbs in powder form. You can use the scraper, a coin, or anything small to scoop it up. This will start to build up more and more as you use it.