November 18th, 2014

Last updated on May 22nd, 2019 at 09:40 pm

King Pen Vapes is a close knit community of vapers with interest and experience variation who have help make more efficient and create knowledge on vaporizers. By us trying to help and pass more knowledge, we believe we are helping everyone. We take pride with our dedicated, friendly staff and the information we have on vaporizers and vaporizer accessories.

We put our foot down when it comes to inventory. With so much experience from us, we have mastered all the way from vendors, and price to quality and service. We have realized that our competitors try to stick to high end vaporizers that many can not afford or do not need at the moment. Instead of focusing on one thing, we chose to have a wider range of products to attract a broader audience. King Pen Vapes knows that have a wide selection with honest and thorough information on a product can create more efficiency in the market demands. With vaporizers being a fast growing market, its only best to rise with accurate info and honesty. In 2014, it is said the vaporizer market is about $1.7 billion and it will dramatically rise to $2 billion market cap in 2015. Some of the data we bounce back at customers is through other customers itself. We rely on customers too, to help us in the right path to serve future customers as great as we can.

What’s a vaporizer?

A vaporizer is a device, in various forms, that transfers heat through conductive heating. Conductive heating is just heat being transferred from one area to another. This causes your dry herb, concentrates, or e-liquids to create vapor. They do not create smoke like the traditional methods but it produces vapor. If the temperature is too high depending on the substance it will create smoke in a process of combustion rather than vaporizing it. In some cases, you use a honeycomb screen filter for this.

There are many different vaporizers out these days, its gets hard to choose. For the higher end vaporizers there are the desktop vaporizers which are your


Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer

Then there are the portable ones that fit into your pocket and can go anywhere. They are usually travel friendly and aren’t big. They will still consist of a bigger battery than a pen style and can also be considerably expensive. Some of them are

DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer

Finally, we have the portable pen style vaporizers. These can be the inexpensive ones but still good quality depending on what you buy.  These, just like its name, are shaped and look similar to your average ball point pen. Some may be thicker and longer but all are portable and pocket friendly.


black glass globe vaporizer

With portable pens that combust, you can use a screen.

As a company who aims to bring basic to complex vaporizers in a world to start your vaping experience, we always try to add more products. We live in a fast paced world and the next new electronic and gagdet before we even know it.

There is no way we can just stop at our prices and quality. More over we ensure effective and speedy delivery of your vaporizer to your doorstep. King Pen Vapes understands that waiting impatiently for your order can be arduous and difficult. No one likes to wait and we feel the same about your good feedback towards us. These are the exact same reasons why we make sure your vaporizer is delivered to you in no time at all and you never have to undergo long waits for what you want right now. To make it more incentivized and to help you give us a chance, we have FREE SHIPPING on ALL items that we have along with discrete shipping. We believe in win-win situations.

King Pen Vapes is a company that strives to be most trusted name in the industry and believes can only be done with your loyalty. Since this is a fast paced industry, we need to always be changing but sticking to the basics and fundamentals. The best way to keep this process under control is through your support and feedback. King Pen Vapes loves to hear from you and what you think whether its positive, negative or neutral.

Please take some time to come back and check out new updates and let us know what you think!

Your opinion is the most valuable asset we have!