August 17th, 2015

Last updated on August 6th, 2017 at 06:40 pm

If you have asked yourself, “What is the different between smoking cigarettes and vaping” well then you’re the one we had in mind when we created this infographic. There are many important facts to note between the difference in smoking cigarettes and vaping. For one the chemicals that you see in traditional cigarettes are completely missing from an electronic cigarette. Instead you will see vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol in your e-cigarette tank which can also be found in foods. Before we dive deeper into the harmful effects what not, let’s go over what an electronic cigarette is. Hopefully that will change you from smoking to vaping.

What is an Electronic Cigarette?

A very simple device that is created by heating up a liquid to the right temperature to create vapor from it. The user inhales the vapor, giving it a very similar feeling as cigarettes. The liquid can or cannot contain nicotine, depending on the vapers desire. The vaporizer or the vapor device is built up with 2 or 3 parts which contain a battery, an atomizer/clearomizer tank, and a drip tip or mouthpiece.

How does an e-Cig work?

An electronic cigarette turns on usually by pressing the power button five times quickly. This will turn on the battery light up the power button to blink five times quickly, which means you’re all set up. Once your liquid is poured into your tank let it sit and get soaked up by the wick, if your tank has one. Press the power button to initiate the heating process which works almost instantly, turning the liquid into vapor. Take your puff slowly and you will realize whether your liquid is too harsh or the battery’s voltage. Most mods have variable voltage and variable wattage to change the heat of your vaporizer. From here on out you can experience what you like, what works, and what does not.

So is an electronic cigarette healthy for me?

By no means are we saying an electronic cigarette is healthy for an individual but so far tests and studies are showing us that it is doing the trick at a healthier rate than any other smoking cessation products. Some articles say they are 95% better and others say it is only better in the short term but there are undoubtedly more on the pros than the cons. Obviously it is still not that easy to quit smoking cigarettes right off the bat with an e-cig but with proper techniques, you can quit smoking cigarettes.

Main Difference between Smoking Cigarettes and Vaping

Chemical Composition

In cigarettes there are 599 additives put into analog or traditional cigarettes. Once you light up your cigarette, those additives create 4,000 chemical compounds. Here are some of the chemicals that have been found in cigarettes so far:

  • Ammonia: Household cleaner
  • Angelica root extract: Known to cause cancer in animals
  • Arsenic: Used in rat poisons
  • Benzene: Used in making dyes, synthetic rubber
  • Butane: Gas; used in lighter fluid
  • Carbon monoxide: Poisonous gas
  • Cadmium: Used in batteries
  • Cyanide: Deadly poison
  • DDT: A banned insecticide
  • Ethyl Furoate: Causes liver damage in animals
  • Lead: Poisonous in high doses
  • Formaldehyde: Used to preserve dead specimens
  • Methoprene: Insecticide
  • Megastigmatrienone: Chemical naturally found in grapefruit juice
  • Maltitol: Sweetener for diabetics
  • Naphthalene: Ingredient in mothballs
  • Fungicides and pesticides: Cause many types of cancers and birth defects.
  • Cadmium: Linked to lung and prostate cancer.
  • Benzene: Linked to leukemia.
  • Formaldehyde: Linked to lung cancer.
  • Nickel: Causes increased susceptibility to lung infections.
  • Methyl Isocyanate: Its accidental release killed 2,000 people in Bhopal, India
  • & More Additives in Cigarettes…


E-cigarettes have approximately 4 ingredients that make up its liquid. They are propylene glyicol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine (if needed), and flavoring. Depending on the PG/VG ratio, there might be some distilled water added to dilute it. PG and VG are found in food ingredients.

Effects on Health

Respiratory hazard of smoking are due to toxic by-products of combustion, not the active ingredient of the plant which is tobacco. Combustion creates smoke which is the prime cause of lung and many other respiratory disorders. Electronic cigarettes are an alternative that reduce the health effects of harmful smoke and combustion products associated with burning of cigarettes along with its chemicals. Electronic cigarettes don’t burn or use any type of combustion.

Do You Know What You’re Putting in Your Lungs?

Combusted smoke gases consist of mostly non active ingredients that cause more harm than good. In cannabis 88% of non-cannabinoids with 111 different components including a half dozen known also polyaromatic hydrocarbons are in gases from smoke. Holding in smoke allows mor tar and noxious chemicals to be absorbed. Scientists claim the average smoke will lose 15 years of their life due to smoking. Vapo consists of 95% of cannabinoids that were missed out from smoking. The remaining 5% consist of small amount of one polyaromatic hydrocarbons which also goes by the name of pah. No tar or any other carcinogenic substance has been found in vaporizers so far.

Fire Dangers

The fire dangers between smoking and vaporizers are almost put to rest for obvious reasons. Cigarettes are the number one cause of fire related deaths. It is estimated that 10% of all fire-related deaths worldwide are the results of cigarettes. Vaporizers do not require a lighter since you don’t burn anything and no smoke is produced.


Discarded cigarette butts are the single most collected item during environmental clean-up efforts. They get thrown out onto the street with no thought of where it ends up. Cigarette butts with built up nicotine in the butt get washed down from your neighborhood streets into the wash. From there on it goes into our oceans polluting them and killing fishes. Electronic cigarettes don’t get thrown away after a few puffs which makes it eco-friendly. Plus the vapor dissipates. Electronic cigarette cartomizer is the same size as a cigarette butt roughly but lasts about 15-20 times longer. Even disposable e-cigarettes will get thrown into the trash can more so because a cigarette butt needs to be turned off before it is thrown away so it is easier to just throw it away on the street.

Prohibited Areas to Smoke or Vape

As we all know, it is not the 1950s anymore so you cannot just light up your cigarette while having your favorite cheeseburger. Cigarettes have become almost forbidden everywhere but private properties. Many apartment building owners have put no smoking signs in their apartments so you cannot smoke on the premises. This stems from diners not allowing you to smoke inside the restaurant. Vaping is still ok at most places but please be careful and courteous where you vape. Some people still may not like it and we do not want to garner bad reputation along with a bad name.

Why Vaporizing is better for you?

You don’t have to worry about nasty smell from cigarette smoke in your hair, clothes, car, house, fingers or anything. Such a hard smell to get rid of and only gets worse when you douse yourself with cologne. Also no more cigarette burns in your car seat or carpet. The electronic cigarette can’t do anything like that because it does not create enough exterior heat. You don’t have to worry about going outside to smoke, now you can sit back in bed while watching Netflix and vaping. You will heat much less complaints now that e-cigarettes are not prohibited in places like cigarettes are. Apartment buildings are not enforcing smoking laws that are almost ludicrous but hey they can get away with it.

Teach and Educate about Electronic Cigarettes

That about wraps things up for us at King Pen Vapes and hope this showed you the difference between smoking cigarettes and electronic cigarettes. It is important we teach and educate the majority who are either non-believers or simply don’t know much about electronic cigarettes. We have the power in our hands to change the world how they see and think about electronic cigarettes or vaporizers.



*The safest alternative is abstinence of smoking. Vaporizers and electronic cigarettes are still not healthy for human behaviors.