August 26th, 2015

Last updated on August 6th, 2017 at 06:46 pm

E-Cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, e-Cig or personal vaporizers are a smoking alternative that reduces health disorder effects of harmful smoke and combustion products associated with burning cigarettes. It is proven to be an awesome smoking cessation product with much less negatives risks than previously thought. Electronic cigarettes produce a vapor and not smoke, ash or other harmful combustion effects. They are battery powered atomizers which means they do not need to produce fire, just enough heat to vaporize the liquid nicotine. The liquid nicotine which is usually called e-liquid or e-juice is created by propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine and flavor. When heated up to create vapor, it is nearly odorless most times but does not create any nasty and smoke smell that lingers on clothing. An e-cig or personal vaporizer is smoke-free and even has much less second hand smoke to others compared to cigarettes.

e-Cig Survey

A survey asked people, “If someone was using an electronic cigarette in close proximity to you, would it bother you?” The conclusion that the younger generation have more of an open mind has never been more true.

70% of people from ages 18-34 said they would not be bothered by someone using a e-cigarette in close proximity. 46% of people from ages 65 or older agreed also.eGo-C Twist Vaporizer Kit 1300mAh Starter Kit

54% of people from ages 18-34 gave an opinion and said e-cig use was ok in a restaurant or bar. Only 28% of people from ages 65 and over agreed.


How an electronic cigarette works?

Electronic cigarettes do not burn tobacco directly. They deliver either no or some concentrated nicotine into a liquid concoction, which is heating through an atomizer coil. This heating is what creates the vapor. The vapor is drawn into the body in the same way as a regular cigarette is smoked. Just press the button or inhale and the atomizer heating coil will activate.

An electronic cigarette is made up of a lithium-ion battery, and an atomizer. Something there may be a cartridge or mouthpiece on the atomizer. An LED light will blink or come on when it is in use, usually a blue or red color.

How to Refill e-Liquid and e-Cig maintenance?

To fill up your atomizer tank with new liquid is very easy. Simply unscrew the drip tip (mouthpiece) from the atomizer. Fill it up about ¾ of the way with your favorite e-liquid. This is usually about 1.2-1.4mL, depending on the tank it can vary. Do not pour the e-liquid into middle of the atomizer which is a needle pointing up. This is where the heat goes through the air flow. Once it gets clogged, simply wash it out and let it dry before refilling it. Once you refill it, screw the mouthpiece back on and let the e-juice sit to dissolve into the atomizer coil.

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How to turn your vape on?

With e-cigarettes looking like a cigarette, simply just take your drag and inhale from the e-cig. It will automatically turn on since it’s air-forced. For personal vaporizers, click the button 5 times quickly which will blink 3-5 times letting you know it is on. To turn it off, go ahead with the same process.

Why People are Using Electronic Cigarettes?

Below are rough estimates of how many people have made a similar comment.

Current Smokers:

  • 48% said they use e-cigs; “To help me reduce the amount of tobacco I smoke.”
  • 37% said “It saves money compared to smoking tobacco.”


  • 71% of people said “To help me stop smoking entirely.”
  • 48% of people said “To help keep me off tobacco”

When we asked how they feel now after quitting cigarettes by using an electronic cigarette they said, “we feel better, our cough is gone, shortness of breath is gone, better sense of taste and smell. We don’t smell anymore!” We sleep better, no more wheezing, better lung capacity, and have more energy.”