January 5th, 2015

Last updated on May 1st, 2018 at 08:26 pm

Mechanical Vape Mods, mech mods, or simply vape mod, are basically a more advanced and better version of vape pens. They are more powerful and offer greater functionality. Their batteries are typically much bigger because of this. Vape Mods provide a wider variety of flexibility in comparison to vape pens.

Mechanical Vape Mods are regulated by several different kinds of batteries. There are far too many products, heating elements, batteries, and functions to cover here but we’ll do our best to detail the basic summary of what vape mods offer vape users.

blue-kamry-k100Who Uses Vape Mods?

That question is obviously based on personal preference, but in general vape mods are used by experience vapers who craved greater flexibility and power from their e-pen. Vape mods produce greater hits and make it easier to achieve optimum vape. They are not, however, good for individuals looking for a portable device as they are too bulky to take on the go but not all of them. If you find the right one you can have one to take around with you. There are some vape mods specifically made for portability but the majority of them are intended for at home use. This may be disappointing to individuals who are looking for superior power, but with plenty of options available for vape mods there is sure to be a product to fit each vape user.

Why Vape Mods?

Vape Mods were developed out of necessity. During the first few years on the market, electronic cigarettes didn’t have the power or functionality that users required. As users started modifying their own devices to fit their needs along with sending complaints to manufacturers about the lack of options, the market responded by releasing vape mods. These new vape mods were more powerful, stayed working longer, and were overall more functional then previous models.

Today, vape mods make up a good portion of the e-cig industry. There are over 100 different styles and versions of the original vape mod and the industry continues to release new products every single year. Personalized options are available in mass such as unique heating elements, batteries, and tanks. Consumers have many more than one single option when it comes to vape mods.


KPV Guide to Vape Mods


Is it best to start with Vape Mods?

The answer to that question is really up to you. Typically, vape mods are designed and crafted for experienced vape users who wish to power up their stainless-steel-teslahobby and get more out of their device. The power and technical functionalities of vape mods are tailored towards the needs of experienced users, and these devices cost much more than standard e-pens. In other words, it might be a waste of your money to purchase a vape mod right out of the gate since you won’t really know what to do with the product once you get it.  There is also several safety concerns that you need to understand before purchasing a vape mod.

Vape pen mods are an excellent investment, however. The battery alone is well worth purchasing the product. But it is important to keep in mind that vape pen mods are essentially the advanced users preferred vape product. Whether you choose regulated or unregulated mechanical mods, you’ll feel the power and the difference when you use it.