December 29th, 2017

We are seeing a very large increase in the popularity of wax vaporizers. The 2 main reasons for this are the increase in quality of the models available on the market but also people are obviously getting smarter when it comes to all the health risks of smoking. Did you know smoking is not only very unhealthy but is also wastes up to 30% of your herbs? Nobody likes to waste money or their favorite herbs.

Are you ready yet? If you are looking to make the switch or simply looking for an upgrade we have a great selection for you right here. This Vivant Dabox portable wax vaporizer review might just knock your socks off! Based on our own private testing as well as tons of feedback from our customers this just might be the most powerful portable wax vape in the world. You will have 40 watts of power to deliver a very intense vapor cloud and you can still get good very flavor from your herbs. Let’s take a look at some of the features that make this a great choice.


  • Vapor Quality: The vapor quality delivered by the Vivant Dabox is simply awesome. It may be the most powerful portable wax vaporizer in the world giving you huge vapor clouds if that is you want. You will also have a choice of different coils for different effects.
  • Portability: This thing is very portable and fits in your hand. Basically you can take it anywhere you want to go and still get premium performance. It is built strong and definitely not one of those cheaply made units that you worry about taking out with you to the party, concert, party or any other kind of special event. Or you can just sit in the park and enjoy!
  • Ease of Use & Maintenance: The Vivant Dabox is very easy to use, load and clean. There is only 1 button to use, making it very simple. You simply push the button and start to inhale. You may want to be careful, as it is very surprising when you get a huge blast from a vape. The “swing door” is also very cool which makes it very easy to open, load, close and get started vaping!
  • Temperature Settings & Controls: If temperature control is important to you there is no reason to worry. There is 1 button, which makes it very easy to use and you have the option of holding the button down for maximum performance. Also, you can simply press then let go (then repeat) of the button to control the heat and ultimate make sure you are always getting the perfect amount of vapor.
  • Efficiency: This really depends on how you choose to use it. Most people choose the Dabox because they want the biggest and thickest vapor clouds. But you can control the process with the push of the button. For thinner vape clouds simply push/release the button and repeat until you are satisfied.
  • Battery: This thing comes with a 1500 mAh battery and also has a quick charge system, which will allow you to go from a completely drained battery to fully charged in a very short time. It takes just about 1 hour. You also have the luxury of using the USB cable, which that can plug in almost anywhere, adding to the portability and convenience.
  • Construction Quality: It is made from aluminum making it lighter than most other units the same size. Most users really like the “swing door”


Generally speaking this is a top of the line option for wax enthusiasts. It has a futuristic design that looks really cool and delivers awesome performance. We get tons of feedback from real customers who say this is the easiest, most powerful, and cleanest wax vaporizer.



Overall review of the Vivant Dabox portable wax vaporizer and why people like it so much.


We are very impressed here as are most of the people who offer us feedback. This is not just based on some random web ratings and reviews, but is actually based on feedback from real users. Many of these people are long time customers and we very much appreciate their feedback. You are getting an extremely futuristic and well-designed wax vape that is extremely simple to use. With the Vivant Dabox portable wax vaporizer you will have the option of getting huge vapor clouds unlike just about any other vape on the market today. It delivers a serious punch for people who are looking for extremes.


With the hidden door, it is very easy to load and very discrete to use. It just swings open allowing you to pack it. The design is very futuristic and the Dabox make it feel a bit like a vape mod opposed to an dab vape. The price point of this wax vaporizer is a good deal and the lowest I’ve seen for a device that performs great.