August 8th, 2015

Last updated on May 2nd, 2018 at 03:33 pm

There is a new uprising in dry herbs and traditional smoking communities, vaporizing is all the rage. One new aspect of vaporizers is eCigarettes with liquid nicotine to help tobacco smokers quit. Also available are dry herb vaporizers and aromatherapy vaporizers that work with both dried herbs and wax concentrates. Since the world of vaporizers is so expansive, you must sort through some essential basics before jumping in to vaporizing head first.

Vaporizing: The Very Basics

When smoking with a lighter you apply the heat to the herbs and they create smoke using combustion method that you will eventually inhale. In this process of combustion, the buds are being burned but vaporizers vaporize the active ingredients only which gives you the effects of your chosen herbs. The problems with smoking can be the parts per million of butane that you inhale from the lighter, causing coughing for those with sensitive lungs. You could also gain a stronger effect if you vaporize because you’re activating active ingredients that burn off with traditional smoking. Vaporizing helps you to get more from your herbs while also using a healthier intake method.

While smoking is a combustion method you are directly applying heat to the flower, wax or oil. When you vaporize you are utilizing a convection method, meaning that the heat is usually never directly applied to the herbs. Generally a vaporizer will have a mechanism to heat the air and then run the air through the herbs to deliver true vaporization. Some vapes will have a fan that runs the heated air through the piece. Other models use an inhalation method, meaning that the user inhales through the mouthpiece to run the heated air through the device. These methods of vaporization create the most efficient way to vaporize your herbs or concentrates. Within the vape family you can find countless different models that are both home devices and portable for vaping on the go.

Portable Handheld Dry Herb Vaporizers

Portable, or handheld, dry herb vaporizers are pieces that can travel with you functionally. Most of these travel pieces will require no cords or wires, they generally rely on a lithium ion battery to operate. Usually the piece will charge with a mini USB port plugged directly into the unit and then to a power source. Since they are travel pieces most of the portable vaporizers on the market come with a car charger. If you are going to charge your piece in the car only do so if you are provided with a charger by the manufacturer. Do remember that just because a charger fits the female electronic piece it might charge too much wattage for your specific battery. If you use a battery that didn’t come with your unit from your manufacturer it is possible to experience spontaneous combustion.

If this option of vaporizer sounds adequate for you, take into account the different basic customizable tweaks available. Some pieces will allow you to set the temperature to specific levels, others have a digital screen to show the exact temperature that the unit is heated to or how much battery is left. Another wonderful feature of some vaporizers is their ability to vaporize both wax and flower, a great feature for the intermediate to advanced vaper. Weigh out the options between at least two pieces before choosing one, you’ll be glad that you did.

So some vaporizers run on rechargeable batteries, some run on plain batteries but there are options that are butane based vaporizers. Butane vaporizers heat the dry herbs utilizing a flame less butane torch. It sounds unhealthy but butane vapes actually may be better for you. The hydrogen is exposed to immediate flame and thus burns off, then the oxygen burns off the carbon to leave just the oxygen for inhalation. Sometimes these vapes can even smell like gas while you’re using them but this is just an added smell so that you would know if there was a leak in your unit. I would recommend this type of vaporizer for someone who is used to utilizing dab torches or refillable lighters since refilling the piece can be quite tricky at times.

Dry Herb Vaporizer

Boundless CFX VaporizerPortable dry herb vaporizers are wonderful for vaporizing dry herbs when you are mobile and on the go. They usually come in the form of a vape pen which make it easy to put into your pocket or purse but can vary and be a bit bulkier. The coil on a portable dry herb vaporizer is much different than that with a wax concentrate attachment chamber which can be tightly wrapped coil around a wick. However, dry herb chamber attachments tend to be circular coils. Your choices for a dry herb vaporizer are much more expansive than any other model because there is so much that goes into it from different material herbs to different sizes for different scenarios.


Wax Concentrate VaporizerGrey Glass Globe Vaporizers

Wax concentrate vaporizers are much easier to pick out and choose than an e-Cig or even portable dry herb vaporizer. There are not too many to choose from and they are all fairly cheap as they have a similar model with a tightly wrapped coil around a wick or sometimes a ceramic rod. Most of them are simple with a five click button to turn on or off along with a detachable mouthpiece that exposes the wax concentrate coil.


Electronic Cigarette

Black Kamry K100Electronic cigarettes are exactly what they sound except they don’t burn anything. You pour a concentrated nicotine liquid into a tank that slowly heats it up and vaporizes. The liquid nicotine can come in regular tobacco flavors or fruity or dessert flavors. The main point of electronic cigarettes are to help quit smoking cigarettes.

Table Desktop Dry Herb Vaporizers

These kinds of vaporizers are used while they plug in, so as their name implies they generally sit on a table. Desktop dry herb vaporizers, also called table desktop vapes, are a perfect fit for someone who wants to vaporize solely at home. Many of these units can not only vaporize dry herbs and concentrates but they can also vape essential oils for aromatherapy purposes. This style comes with a couple of different functionalities between brands as well as different aesthetics to fit the personal style of your home.

Tabletops will have a couple of different customizable options. Some units, like the Volcano Classic Vaporizer allow you to control the temperature. You Volcano Classic Solid Valve Setcannot see the exact temperature measurement with some but once you get used to your unit you can precisely heat it to your standards. Other desktop vapes like the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer have digital readouts and manual temperature settings. These vaporizers allow precise temperature vaping, which is ideal for an intermediate to advanced vape user.

Different pieces differ in the intake method, some use a tube-like whip and some have a bag intake. With the whip mode vapes you generally fill ground herbs directly into the vape and inhale the heated air through the piece into your mouth. Certain tabletop devices will have a fan that blows the vapor hit into your mouth or continuously blow the air into a balloon bag, these are a great option for a patient with lung or throat issues. With the bag method you generally load a chamber with your ground herbs and place an empty plastic bag mechanism on top of the chamber. When you turn it on they will blow air through the chamber and blow up the bag with herbal vapor, then you simply place the mouthpiece mechanism on the bag and inhale. This is a great option for sharing your vapors or for a user who needs a thicker draw.