January 29th, 2015

Last updated on May 8th, 2018 at 02:42 pm

DaVinci Ascent VaporizerThe business behind the ever popular DaVinci Vaporizer line, Organicix, has recently released their first portable vaporizer commercial on an airplane. This marks a history crossover for vaporizers and their corresponding brands. It is also a huge leap forward for Organicix as a company and is a breakthrough for them in their own right. It sets them apart as an industry leader who is breaking down barriers left and right. Of course, Organicix is hoping that this is just the first in many breakthroughs the company will experience.

In addition to this development showcasing Organicix as an industry leader with dry herbal portable vaporizers, it also highlights the emergence of a new market and the recognition of that market amongst some of the biggest companies in the world. Virgin American Airlines are not only recognizing this emergence but are also welcoming it whole-heartedly. This is obviously a plus for the new vaporizer companies popping up all over the place. The DaVinci Portable Herbal Vape themselves are creating a new trend within marketing where promoting the healthier advantages of alternative vaping to traditional smoking methods are clearly visible.


DaVinci Portable Discreet VaporizerAmongst these advantages include the reduction of second-hand-smoke risks and also the improvement of vapor consumption. No longer do you need to burn your lungs from the inside out to achieve the pleasant taste of aromatherapy herbals or even nicotine. Now users can enjoy their herbals with safe and effective vaporizers.

Despite these distinct benefits, however, it is important to realize that the real power in the new Virgin American Airlines commercial is the direct indication of where the Davinci Vaporizer company stands within its market. Of course, it takes much more than just a few commercials to become a trend which is why Organicix is educating the public on the difference between smoking, vaping, and how users can properly utilize their products. This puts them in the forefront of their audience.

However, no company is successful without a bit of support, and Organicix is no different. They benefit from their partnering blog Boing Boing which is also an award-winning airline network. The Boing Boing Network educates viewers with interviews from well-respected bloggers who know the ins and outs of the business. Of course, their plug of DaVinci Vaporizers hasn’t hurt Organicix marketing efforts and has in fact been the catalyst for the company’s current endeavors.

In general, DaVinci Vaporizers consist of highly efficient advanced aromatherapy devices that are perfect for both dry and oil based herbals. The new addition of the portable vape to their line-up is sure to have customers in a tizzy ready to get their hands on it. With a premium lithium ion rechargeable battery, a digital temperature control setting, and a 2 year warranty what’s not to love?

As the industry continues it’s upwards trend towards more efficient, more powerful, and better designed products the competition will only increase. Organicix’s industry takeover has likely just began with their new commercial aboard Virgin Airlines, and as they add more advertising spots to their line up the results are likely to be significant.