January 7th, 2015

Last updated on June 8th, 2019 at 05:00 pm

Ever since cannabis prohibition hit the United States, marijuana users have gotten a very distinct reputation for being lazy and all around useless. The typical image of a hippie accompanied by the constant joint hanging out of their mouth was blasted across the country to represent what a “stoner” looked like. However, as technology has advanced so has the cannabis culture.

Today, the tech world has aided cannabis users in obtaining the purest inhale possible with a variety of technologically advanced vaporizers. In fact, some would even say that cannabis vaporizers have forever altered the negative view point of marijuana users within society. The once stoner college student has since matured, and has replaced his appetite for cheetos with a taste for something far more mature. That appetite can only be satisfied by cannabis vaporizers. There are several favorite high-tech cannabis vaporizers available, aiding to the positive vibe within traditional society. But why the marked difference? What do tech vaporizers offer that traditional joints don’t?

For one, cannabis vaporizers are safer. Unlike traditional cannabis smoking devices like joint paper or water pipes, cannabis vaporizers reduce and even eliminate the majority of dangerous carcinogens and unhealthy particles found within organic substances like marijuana.

By filtering dried herbs through the device and heating it into a vapor, the result is a near odorless exhale that goes unnoticed by others. This is yet another way that cannabis vaporizers are changing the reputation of marijuana users. For years, smokers reeked of marijuana smoke and could not shake the smell in their homes and wherever else they used it. Now, thanks to electronic vaporizers, marijuana users don’t have to worry about offending their friends and family who don’t partake.

purple-puffit-xNew portable vaporizers like the Arizer Solo 2 for example, are extremely discreet and can be taken anywhere. That discretion allows marijuana users to cuts down on the perception that all they do is sit at home and enjoy their herbs. Business trips and traveling is also much easier with these nifty devices. A couple other portable favorites include the Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer which is incredibly small and fits right in your pocket, and the PUFFiT X Vaporizer.

Another reason cannabis vaporizers have become so popular is because of the amount of money they save marijuana users. Many people see electronic vaporizers as a waste of money, but for marijuana users they cut down on both carcinogens and wasted herbs. By investing in a $100-$400 vaporizer, users are showing their intelligence in understanding the dangers associated with ingesting non-filtered smoke, thus altering the perception of the “average” marijuana smoker.

Of course, these new devices may not be appealing to some classic smokers. The task of transforming an entire culture will not be an easy one, but higher-end well designed vaporizers are breaking down barriers left and right thanks to a plethora of functions and gizmos that make them attractive to a younger generation of tokers. Some features are the automatic shutoff which helps the vaporizer not burn out by having the heating element stay on. The main and best one is the temperature setting which you can change and it varies from vape to vape.
Whether you choose to enjoy your herbals in a classic bong, joint, or through healthier cannabis vaporizer alternatives, one thing can’t be denied, the way cannabis users are viewed has largely been altered and is only going towards to greener and brighter future


The Help of Legalization

The help of marijuana legalization has very easily changed the negative views of marijuana users. With 5 states open to legal recreational marijuana and more on the way, marijuana must be a positive mindset. Vaporizers definitely helped with being discreet and they still do. Most states are against recreational marijuana use but there are still many citizens within those states who smoke marijuana. Marijuana vaporizers are not being created to hide the smell of dry herbs but to keep things more lowkey.