February 19th, 2015

Last updated on May 8th, 2018 at 10:44 pm

Subscription services on daily products have blown up over the past several years. Everything from shaving products to medications can be sent to your home through subscription services. However, with the vaping market dramatically increasing every year subscription services for vaping products and e-liquids are emerging right along with it.

Of course, if you are an avid e-Cigarette user or enjoy vaping in any form, then you might be curious as to what advantages if any can be had from subscribing to these new services. As with any new service, it pays to do your research and read up on what to expect once you sign up for it. Whether you enjoy vaping for nicotine purposes or herbs, consider the pros can cons of using a subscription service.

Big-Name Vaping Subscription Companies

Some of the most popular subscription services for vaping products include Cannabox, BrunBox, 420 Goody Box, and Kush Cargo. First and foremost, each of these companies offers a variety of products in their “burn boxes.” Narrowing down your options really comes down to personal preference. Each burn box includes various brands, so if you have a particular brand you like make sure they carry it before you subscribe. Most of these companies offer discounts on smoking and vaping supplies that customers use on a monthly basis. They also allow consumers to choose the shipping date for their products as well as allow them to mix and match their items in every order.

Here is what you can expect from the top burnbox companies.

  1. Cannabox

Cannabox provides customers with an easy-to-navigate website where they can order their box easily and quickly. In addition to their nifty “Cannaboxs” they also offer “Cannapacks” which include samples of products not previously purchased by the user. This is particularly beneficial as users get a chance to see what else the company offers. Cannabox has an extremely rigid “no refund” policy, so these sample packs are helpful for users who aren’t quite sure if a subscription service is right for them.

All in all, users tend to be slightly disappointed by the items Cannabox offers as their value doesn’t necessarily add up to that of their subscription price. Additionally, it’s good to keep in mind these subscription services tend to auto-renew which can be easily overlooked if you arent’ paying special attention to your bank account.

  1. Kush Cargo

Unlike other vaping subscription services, Kush Cargo offers customers both an online store to purchase products from and several different boxes to choose from. Boxes from Kush Cargo range from around $18 to $36 each. If you prefer to not continue the subscription service, you can always go back to their website and make a purchase of your favorite items from there instead.

  1. BurnBox

BurnBox is one of the most popular boxes on social media. The company offers three different packages which include paper products, glass products, or a combination of both. BrunBox keeps customers guessing by adding a few “surprise” goodies into every monthly re-supply. Interestingly, BurnBox also gives approximately 1% of their revenues to NORML which is unique to their service.  They are, in our opinion, the best subscription service on our list.

These subscription services offer convenience and an endless supply of vaping and smoking products, and are sure to please any dedicated smoker.