January 20th, 2017

Last updated on September 12th, 2017 at 06:33 pm

Vapor Cup ButtonsAlong with the sweeping transition to portable vaporizer units has come a whole new set of questions and quandary. The main source of this exciting predicament is fueled by the desire for vapers to do what they love or need on-the-go. Especially in the wide-open spaces without drawing everyone’s attention into their business.

Stealthy Vaping

Manufacturers have heard this outcry for a better way to vape where they want and this dilemma has geared the campaign for stealth vaping technology. This race has called out the best technological engineers to work in conjunction with the most creatively artistic designers for the market. These developers came to bat already on top of their A-Game. That inspired drive served its purpose and these creators have outdone themselves. The result was the release of this product that is far ahead of the rest. The Vapor Cup Vaporizer leads the pack in stealth vaping creativity by leaps and bounds. The creators have surpassed every conspired expectation and contrived the most innovative design yet to be seen.

The Vapor Cup Vaporizer doesn’t just accommodate lifestyle, it embraces it. This unit incorporates the realism of acquiring art then inter-mixing it with the latest cutting-edge technology. This is the affirmation you were waiting for. The Vapor Cup is a dry herb vaporizing unit that delivers all the answers you sought with every day easy living aplomb.

Design of the Vapor Cup

Th design of the Vapor Cup is exactly what the name says. This herbal unit looks just like any travel mug that any of take along for convenient on-the-go refreshment every day. The outer casing is crafted of an alloy mix that ensures this unit can hold up to the testing trials of travel along with any heat. The unit also comes with an optional collection of draw stems that you can use to vape with. There are silicone, rubber, and glass options available but the glass seems to be the highest recommended option. There have been complaints that the silicone options seem to affect the quality of the taste that the unit remits, regardless of the grade of the dry herb that you choose. The starter kit comes with a full array of attachments that you can opt out to use if you are inclined to be the daring vaping enthusiasts.

PerformanceVapor Cup Deluxe Vaporizer

The Vapor Cup is also equipped with a temperature control and an LED panel display. The temperatures range in averages of around 200°F to a high temperature of 400°F.  The selection that you need or choose as your optimal degree is readily displayed on the LED screen located on the side of your device. That is the only physical feature that portrays the real designation of this universally crafty design. The unit maintains a regulated heat level that holds out for the endurance of your vaping session every time you use this device.

The Vapor Cup is powered with a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. This battery holds out for an easy two-hour status of vaping enjoyment when it is engaged from a full charge capacity. The charge time can be a little extensive. From empty to full it averages around three hours. That makes this unit fit more soundly into the category of never letting the battery fully exhume its charge. Beyond the lengthy charge time though the two hours of vape time capability is outstandingly consistent.

This device is notoriously building its manufacturers reputation for its capacity at high performance duration and quality performance. The taste is consistent, but it is affected by the selection of the mouthpiece that you choose. The cloud consistency is always massive with dense constitution. This unit is designated to deliver its owner with the bragging rights that they aspire to reach. Of course, the grade of the dry herb that you choose will affect the delivery of the clouds that you get, but there are consistent reports of great performance levels on every level for the Vapor Cup as the whole report.


All-in-all this unit is designed and equipped for the vape enthusiast that aspires to do what they do and keep their privacy intact. The unit is a little pricey but the performance and durability that integrated with that transportable acquisition make the device well worth the price that you pay.   The design is simple to use for every level of vaping establishment and there is a no draw resistance addition to its design. After all else is said and done this is by-far the most innovative action available on the current market that includes every level of discretion into your vaping endeavor.