March 16th, 2015

Last updated on May 1st, 2018 at 09:54 pm

Electronic cigarettes, commonly referred to as E-Cigs, are electronic devices which produce a nicotine inhalant by heating the liquid with a coil (or atomizer) which turns the liquid into vapor to be inhaled, making them an alternative to traditional cigarettes which are normally smoked. The popularity of E-Cigs is growing every day and there are various types of E-Cigs: some look like traditional cigarettes while others look more like futuristic pens with sleek designs and even LED lights. Some people choose to wear their E-Cigs around their necks and others tend to keep them in carrying cases similar to those used for cigarettes.

Safety of Electronic Cigarettes

In regards to their safety, nothing containing nicotine can actually be deemed a hundred percent safe but several studies have suggested that E-Cigs are nearly ninety-nine percent safer than traditional cigarettes. That means that even if E-Cigs have not been cleared as a hundred percent safe, there is still a huge health advantage for switching to E-Cigs from smoking tobacco. It’s important to note that nicotine itself is often considered no more dangerous than caffeine. Also, the amount of carcinogens found in E-Cigs are significantly lower than the levels found in an average cigarettes and there is no proof that E-Cigs cause any damage similar to that of second-hand smoke.

Electronic Cigarette Myths

As with any product new to the market, there are many urban legends concerning E-Cigs. One urban legend that has become quite prevalent is that many cartridges contain anti-freeze which originated from a report by the FDA where trace amounts of diethylene glycol were found in a small amount of cartridges. Not only was only one percent found in a couple of cartridges, but diethylene glycol is nearly harmless as it is used to make anti-freeze safer and is also commonly found in the liquid used in fog machines. In other words, the chemical is no more dangerous than inhaling the fog in a haunted house on Halloween.

White eGo-T 1100mAhElectronic Cigarettes for the Use of Cessation

E-Cigs are tobacco products according to the FDA which means that the sale of E-Cigs to minors is strictly prohibited. While considered “tobacco products,” many studies have suggested that E-Cigs offer next to no risks of cancer because the user is not inhaling many of the harmful chemicals found in cigarettes, benefitting a tobacco user greatly if they were to make the switch to electronic cigarettes. E-Cigs make no claim regarding their purpose as a cessation device (like the nicotine patch) but several studies have shown that many smokers who have switched to E-Cigs have successfully dropped the habit while other E-Cig users have successfully lowered the amount of their daily nicotine-intake.


Conclusion on Electronic Cigarettes

At the current time, hundreds of thousands of smokers have made the leap to electronic cigarettes. There are many flavors of E-Liquids but it’s highly unlikely that a smoker is going to be able to simulate the smoker’s experience with an E-Cig because vaping is very different from smoking. E-Cigs have a tendency to taste more aromatic which is great because while smoking has a tendency to diminish the sense of smell, E-Cigs can actually enhance it.

Don’t let scare tactics get to you, E-Cig’s are safe, so discover what they can do you for your body by trying them out. You might just be surprised at the results.