July 8th, 2015

Follow these steps and tips to travel safely with your vaporizer throughout the world. Especially now that summer has arrived, traveling is going to be at an all time high.

  • Going Through Security

Taking E-Cigs on PlanesMost airline companies are fine with your eCig liquid travelling through security as long as remains under the usual 100mL mark for liquids. Also make sure to put your juice in a plastic baggie just as you would with any other carry on liquids. Obviously if you are carrying over 100mL of eJuice in your carry on you should avoid the hassle and place your sealed up juice in your checked bag.

Vaporizer batteries are banned worldwide in checked bags on flights, so make sure to put all of your batteries in your carry-on bag. Also do check with your airline to check how many batteries you can bring, I know that EasyJet allows two vape batteries to be carried on their flights.

Be sure to have your battery charged, many eCig users have found issue when going through customs of countries that aren’t familiar with eCigarettes yet. In one horror story, a woman’s eCigarette components were mistaken by customs for a bullet. If you are travelling to a country (not the US or UK) that isn’t as familiar with vaporizers, make sure to have your battery charged to be able to show security how the piece functions and that you aren’t carrying a weapon.

  • While Flying High

King Pen Vapes eGo Carry CaseThere have been issues with leakages from tanks or Clearomizers when flying due to the change in cabin pressure. If you unscrew your tank from your battery you will avoid any functionality issues with that component. When changing pressures with your vaporizer around, always try to unscrew all of the components to help them last a longer amount of time. Also remember you cannot charge your components on the flight.

It is probable that it is highly illegal to vape on your airplane, but feel free to check with the airline. Some airlines started the vaporizing trend allowing vapers to puff with no problem. There are some airlines that throw vapers right into jail when caught red handed with their pens, not risking it is your best option. And for those looking to rebel against the system, it’s a 50/50 chance that your vaporizer will set off the fire alarm in the bathroom.

There is one airline, Ryan Air, that sells their own eCigs on board. You cannot vape your own piece, just the ones provided. We have never tried them ourselves but we hear they aren’t the most delicious of options for eJuice. Your best bet there would be to just wait until landing and hit your own piece.

  • Hanging at the Airport

With eCigarettes being a semi-new craze, the legislation on vaping in airports is mixed. Heathrow airport has a vape lounge, and many airports allow vaping as long as you stop before you reach the gateway. The bans in countries are mostly on importing products for sale so that the countries in question can keep stock in the tobacco industry. Those specific countries, like Indonesia, generally won’t have issue with you vaping your own eCig.

In the US there is no major legislation referring to vaporizing in the airport while you wait or when you get off of your plane. However, do check with your individual airport before vaping just to avoid any hassle, the regulations can vary from port to port. Airports are not a joke so do not take this situation and case lightly.